Welcome to Makeup Mondays with me Princess Monique! Each and every Monday I will be giving you tips, tricks and the latest trends in makeup application. As a producer/ director of TV & film, radio talk show host of  “The Princess Monique Show” and makeup artist I get a chance to be apart of entertainment behind the scenes as well as in front of the scenes. It’s really great to have a space and place that is all about makeup! And this is it!

Makeup Mondays has been created to focus on makeup like never before. I will be coaching you in being a makeup artist or for just making your own makeup fierce. I will be posting video tutorials that will help you to make your makeup look better than your favorite stars! This blog is just for you so ask questions, make comments or just watch and learn. We will be having giveaways, contest and that feature your finished photos on our site. Each month will have a theme or focus to help you bring out your inner makeup artist. So let’s get started!

We are approaching the end of award season and there have been some great looks and some not so great looks. But I want to focus of the trend of makeup this award season. The no makeup, makeup looks or “natural” look still goes head to head with the smoke eye and red lip look. Here are some celebrities I think did it best!

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Jennifer Lopez is becoming known for her smokey dramatic cat eye, glowing skin and natural lip. Eyes- 4 to 5 shadows, liquid eyeliner, mascrea and lashes. SKIN- primer, 2 foundations (lighter and exact match to her skin) with bronzing powder, CHEEKS- 2 blushes, and lips- liner and lip tone gloss. J-Lo doesn’t seem to miss with her makeup!

Angelina Jolie has made Marylin Monroe’s iconic look her signature look. Natural eye and popping red lip. EYES- 2 shadows, lashes, mascrea and smug eye liner, SKIN-primer 2 foundations (lighter and exact match to her skin) & lips a pink rose red gloss. I like this look for Angie but I think she should switch it up a little more. It’s a bit predicable.

Viola Davis is wearing her natural hair with a cinnamon color which can make makeup a little tricky. But I liked the hint of emerald green black that helped create her “natural smokey’ eye. EYES- 3shadows, black water proof liner, lashes, mascrea, BROWS- filed in with a light  brown, SKIN- primer, 2 foundations (lighter and exact match to her skin), CHEEKS- one blush, LIPS- liner & gloss. I liked everything about her look except for her lip gloss. When you have natural lines in your lips you have to be careful with some glosses. I would have preferred a matte lipstick for her.

Halle Berry is so beautiful you can put moisturizer on her face and say done! But Halle does a good job keeping it simple and not letting makeup overshadow her natural beauty. EYES- 3 shadows, macrea and liner, CHEEKS- soft touch of blush, LIPS- liner & gloss. Perfection!


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