Today on Powertalk with Lorraine Jacques-White we took a look into the growing trend of African-American being put in jail for marijuana charges. In a recent study done by Channel 2 WSBTV it was revealed that over 90% of the people arrested for marijuana charges were black.   This trend is the same in many Metro Atlanta counties including Douglas County with the highest number of black arrested on marijuana charges.

This issue brings many people to believe that African-Americans are being racially profiled by the police for marijuana arrest, along with other criminal charges.  Our special guest Sgt. Davis or New Jersey gave us an exclusive in site on the inside operation of the police department, and why black get arrested more than whites for marijuana and other charges.

Do you think African-Americans Are Racially Profiled by The Police for Marijuana Arrest and Other Criminal Charges?

Racial Profile Part 1:

Racial Profile Part 2:

Racial Profile Part 3:

Racial Profile Part 4:

Racial Profile Part 5:

Racial Profile Part 6:

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  1. sirwinston1941 says:

    Profiling of blacks drivers is nothing new. It is just being surfaced to be a big problem which was and has been a problem for a very, very long time. How do you think police make their quotas monthly. Its been a problem long before the story broke. It is now high on media attention.

  2. The Black Falcon says:

    Dr. White you sure do know how to throw red meat to you audience and get them chomping at the bit. The topic of racial profiling is always good for ratings. The reason I am responding, however, has nothing to do with the topic but rather are YOU the person to talk about it. Why do I say this? A few weeks ago you had Black human resource manager on your show who admitted that she discriminated against people who looked to Black. She did NOT hire people because of the way they looked. This is a form of profiling as well as discrimination. However, NO outrage from Dr. White. No coming to the aid of Black folk. This was your exact response to the people who challenged the manager’s discriminatory practices, “We can disagree without being disagreeable.” The discrepancy between your responses between that show and when the police are involved leads me to two possible conclusions:

    1)You have a negative bias towards the police and will find fault in whatever they do. Or

    2)You have no problem with Black folk being discriminated against (as indicated by your response to the Black human resource manager) as long as it is not the police doing the discriminating.

    Which one is it Dr. White?

    1. Porsha says:

      Shoudn’t the topic or real; conversation be about why are so many young black men selling and or using marijuana. The fact of the matter is if they were not selling or possesing the drugs, they would not be in jail. Douglas county built a new jail to house all the black children whose parents are not actively involved in their lives. They just let their kids fend for themselves, not get secondary educations, aspire to be rappers, not work jobs of any kind, just basically hustle their way through life.

      It never ceases to amaze me how we as a people can always jump on the band wagon for all the wrong battles. I say if you are stupid enough to sell drugs when you know it is a crime then your stupid A$$ deserves to sit in jail and pay for the crime. No one has to sell drugs, things havent gotten that hard, its usually the lazy quick money fool that will risk his or her freedom for a $10 bag of weed. Well i guess now they will have a job, picking up trash along the road like the chain gang.

      Black lazy parents get off your a$$’s and raise your kids BEFORE the law gets a hold of them!

      1. Gerry from Loganville says:

        The last time I checked Black males were not getting the jobs because there are very few entry level jobs available in metro areas nationwide. To just say selling drugs is wrong and yet there is no feasible options to earn an income is the root of ignorance from my point of view. The problem is the norms of the community and the reactive tendency as a whole.

  3. Porsha says:

    Gerry your theory has many holes in it. The feasible option is for black males to get good solid educations, and arm themselves with that along with self motivation and drive. Work any job while you go to school, and give up this pipe dream fantasy of living the life of a famous rapper. This is why many end up with rap sheets rather than record deals.

    Your comment is an insult to all the black men that made good choices and are doing things the right way- the legal way. My dad used to tell us this saying when it came down to personal choices, and i find it to be so true:

    He said, if you have a weak mind…………… you had better have a strong back!

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