Today on Powertalk with Lorraine Jacques-White, we discussed the issue of women wearing the pants in the relationship, and providing too much nurturing to their mate.  Our special guest was Deborrah Cooper from, and the Author of  the article “Black Women-Stop Nurturing Grown Men”.

Deborrah states that black women have hindered black men from being a strong man because, they have nutrured them too much. In addition, she stated that women accept to many excuses from men, and should hold them to a higher standard of achievement.  During the interview Deborrah stated “Black men are lazy and want to be breastfed by women”, and it is time for black women to put and end to this active of  treating grown men like babies.

Powertalk male audience was in rage by Deborrah Coopers philosophy, and called in and gave her a piece of their mind.  Take a listen as Lorraine tried to bring peace between the listeners and her special guest.

Stop Nurturing Black Men Part 1:

Stop Nurturing Black Men Part 2:

Stop Nurturing Black Men Part 3:

Stop Nurturing Black Men Part 4:

Stop Nurturing Black Men Part 5:


Stop Nurturing Black Men Part 6:


Stop Nurturing Black Men Part 7:


Comments (4)
  1. pOetiQ rOses 27 says:

    When we don’t Nurture them, we’re accused of being Gay and this, that, and the 3rd. Can’t Win from Losing hahaha

  2. pOetiQ rOses 27 says:

    If you Nurture Black Women, then. She wants to compare body weight. Whether your light or dark. Y’all Black Folks are very difficult but I Love You. LMAO

  3. Tarik says:

    Everyone has their own individual experiences to speak on and as a race we bring any un addressed psychological damage to our relationships. Relationships are the biggest addiction in the black community as said by Dr Umar Johnson. If a black woman is looking to be in a power couple then one of the 1st things she should know is her potential man’s DNA. What does he live for? A man with a purpose is looking for a partner to help him fulfill it not a beast to suckle on. Check out for more info on forming a Black Power Couple

  4. Gerry from Loganville says:

    These are the women that sisters have wanted and molded since the time of birth, now here it is some 40 years later same said miseducated females want the wage earning or business initiator class of man of the community. Get the heck out of here where this woe ist me nonsense. Only a fool would see a turtle impaled on a fence and believe it got there on its own accord!!!!!

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