NEW YORK (AP) — Fans worldwide who want to bid Whitney Houston farewell will be able to watch her private funeral on the Internet. You can watch it right here on

Her publicist, Kristen Foster, announced that The Associated Press will be allowed a camera at the Saturday ceremony in Newark, N.J. The AP will stream the service on . The event also will be available to broadcasters via satellite.

Houston died in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Saturday at the age of 48. Her body was flown back to her native New Jersey on Monday. Some fans were disappointed when they learned that the funeral was private and no public memorial was planned.

Houston was born in Newark. The service will be at New Hope Baptist Church, where she sang as a child.

Jean Ross and Derrick Boazman will anchor WAOK’s coverage of the funeral beginning at noon on Saturday.

Comments (6)
  1. Ken says:

    Let the circus begin.

    1. gwen says:

      Thats whats wrong with the world to many haters.Whitney was a great singer this is not a circus,this is a celebration of life which the Bible says we should no we all have our demons to fight yours must be the fact that no one will remember you when youre gone

      1. Ken says:

        It’s funny how you quote the Bible, then say something about me so ugly “no one will remember you when your gone” …….and for what? Saying my opinion? That’s not what I learned from my Bible.

  2. ames says:

    I’m a little confused because it doesn’t say anything on this page about hate? If I can I will watch. Hopefully it won’t turn into a circus and everyone can stay calm and cool about everything. Police already urged fans to stay home and watch from t.v.They wouldn’t of done this if they, too, weren’t afraid it would turn into a circus. Ms. Gwen, please stay cool and don’t jump to conclusions, it’s understood you care about her too, otherwise you wouldn’t of been on this page. Your respected for careing, o.k.? Lashing out takes part in a circus.

  3. dajr says:

    For everyone who has felt the passion of love,hurt and pain for Whitney,let`s remember the music she brought us all. Like so many singers before her,we were blessed to hear her angel like voice here on earth in our time. So let`s celebrate and prepare for the next one to come and I personally think we had a glimpse of that next voice in “Rachel” from the X-factor. For that last song she did (Etta James`s At Last) was indeed Whitney like.

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