Winner of the James Cleveland Lifetime Achievement Award at The 27th Annual Stellar Gospel Awards, Pastor John P. Kee has released a new single called, “Life And Favor (You Don’t Know My Testimony).” Check out the single and tell us what you think!

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  1. Lawinda Brackin says:

    I love this song. I heard it on the radio coming to work and I have listened to it several times since. It speaks volumns because no one knows your story or what you go through. In order to have a testimony you have to endure the test. Pastor Key made another hit because everyone should be able to relate to this song. I really enjoyed listening to it over and over again.

  2. Yolanda Parker says:

    I attend NewLife Fellowship Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. When the choir sings this song. I can so relate. Everyday, I am not ashame to say my heavenly father is so awesome he can deliver us anytime, anywhere and no one can ever tell your testimony like you can. I am grateful for the LIFE and FAVOR upon me and my family. I thank God for Pastor Key, for not just singing and bringing forth the word of God but also speaking in my home church. A man of God who dont mind separating the two. We praise and worship and receive understanding. This song is so awesome.

  3. YorkHigh1990 says:

    Good Lord, I heard this song on my XM radio on the way home from work and I had my son find it online so I can listen. Awesome testimony, powerful words and so encouraging. Going to pass on to all my friends and dance ministry at church. I pray God continues to inspire John P Key to keep blessing us with song.

  4. bigdbrown in TX says:

    Pastor Kee has done it again. wordds can not describe how a song like this testifies for you on behalf of all that you have gone through! LOVE IT! can not WAIT for the album to drop!!!

    1. LARRY LEE says:

      If people only knew my story.

  5. LARRY LEE says:

    God knows who loves him and forgives us like no other.

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