ATLANTA (AP) A Georgia judge has rejected a complaint that sought to keep President Barack Obama off the state’s ballot for next month’s presidential primary.

Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi filed his decision Friday. The complaint contended Obama isn’t a natural-born U.S. citizen and therefore should not be on the state’s ballot. Malihi said in his decision that it has been determined that Obama was born in the U.S.

Similar complaints have been filed in other states with no success.

Obama’s local attorney Michael Jablonski did not attend a hearing last week in Atlanta.  Plaintiff’s attorneys urged Malihi to hold him and the president in contempt. The judge said in his decision he doesn’t condone Jablonski’s conduct but did not hold him or the president in contempt.

Posted by Veronica Harrell

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  1. Coinguy1945 says:

    Is there no law? Is there no justice? How can the president be above the
    law? The judge that made this ruling need to be impeached. Then the other
    judges sentence carried out. We have proof then that Obama has violated the
    law and he can either be impeached or spend the rest of his term sitting in
    a Georgia jail cell.

    1. Ben says:

      Are you really as out of your mind as you sound? This frivolous and totally absurd court case brought by bigots who will use any means to discredit Obama because he is African American didn’t even deserve the attention of being heard.

      1. Francis Clifford says:

        This is NOT frivolous and absurd. There is a legal issue whether “natural born citizen” means that both parents must have been citizens when one was born. There are several US Supreme Court cases from the 1800s suggesting that had to be the case. Those filing the complaint alleged that Obama’s father was still a British subject when he was born (Kenya was still a British colony then). Evidently this judge did not find that to be the case.

      2. kennedy says:

        to say that this court case is, frivolous and totally absurd….and brought by bigots…because Obama is African American” is ridiculous. myself (an african-american) and plenty of my friends (also african americans) actually agree with this and don’t see it as racist at all. people seem a little to quick to throw racism out there without finding out facts. i know that there are plenty of racists and bigots out there still but that doesn’t mean that disagreeing with our president or wanting him to follow the law and the constitution and to want him to prove his eligibility for being/becoming president is a racist concern. pretty much every candidate that has EVER run for office has had to prove their eligibility–wether through their nominating party or on their own accord. the only one that has not also just happens to be african american. so really it’s not a bigotted (sorry bout spellng) or a racist thing to want Obama to comply with the standards that have been set by every candidate/president before him. it’s just american/patriotic to care what happens to your country. i am not saying that you don’t have a right to think it’s ridiculous that people want proof of his citizenship–or even that you think these people are bigots and racists but i just want you to be informed by more than what you have been spoon fed by propaganda and taught to regurgitate on command. wake up peace to you

  2. Haskell Mullins says:

    This judge needs to be removed and criminolly prosecuted for his illegal
    actions in this case. But he won’t. The America-Haters have taken over the
    bench and at this point all who ignore the law should be jailed for the
    criminals they are. For God’s sake Georgia, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!

    1. Linda says:

      How is the judge acting in a way that requires his removal from the bench? Exactly what would you suggest GA “do about this?” I’m just really curious.

  3. Gonzalez says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Suck it Hillbillies!!!!

  4. Gonzalez says:

    @ Haskell Mullins- What is criminolly? I see you using that good ole Ga. education!!!

  5. CrackedTodd says:

    Get over it you inbred MORONS! Obama is a United States Citizen. Then again, what else could one ask from a bunch of backward hicks like Georgians; the same twits who use slavery on math questions. You guys give the USA a bad name with your ignorance.

    1. Terry Van Remortel says:

      No kidding as these people have totally lost their minds with their blind hatred of our President that they’ refuse to accept the fact that he’s produced his long form birth certificate and this issue is OVER. He cannot go back in time in and be “reborn” for you mental midgets as that would make him your christ, would’nt it? LOL

      1. gbw says:

        Yes, they have lost their minds. They have been so indoctrinated with hate conservative radio and television and have not bothered to seek out the facts themselves. The conservatives are so jealous of President Obama that they would do or say anything to discredit the man, his wife and his children. The haters are sheep being led to the slaughter. How sick is that?

  6. Middle Molly says:

    Georgia was the 48th state in job growth in 2001, and it wastes its time, money, and energy on this silliness? Please, Georgia, get to work making some jobs for the people in your state!

  7. DCW says:

    Republicans are IDIOTS and arguing with them is a waste of time !!!!!!!!!!

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