MAYSVILLE, Ga (CBS Atlanta) – An area farmer is lucky to be alive after living through an attack by one of his 900-pound cows.

“I thought she would kill me before she’d leave me alone,” Parks said to WXIA-TV.

The animal allegedly butted its head into Parks’ body, and subsequently broke several of his ribs. The cow also cut Parks’ forehead before throwing him into a barbed wire fence.

When he was able to get up Parks grabbed his shotgun and shot the cow three times before it went down.

It did not die however until a vet arrived on the scene several days later to euthanize it.

The Georgia Department of Health told CBS Atlanta that the rabies diagnosis was confirmed by the Public Health Laboratory three days after the animal’s demise.

“According to local Public Health officials, the cow most likely contracted rabies from a rabid raccoon or skunk that entered the pasture,” an e-mail from the GDH said. “The exposure would have most likely been a bite from the rabid animal.”

So far this year, there have been three confirmed cases of rabies in Jackson County, including the cow. Last year, there were 11 cases confirmed in the same region.

The rest of his cattle heard, a reported 19 other animals, have allegedly been quarantined for the next six months. Parks told WXIA-TV that he had initially planned to sell the animals, but is now instead considering retirement.

“It’s probably about time for me to retire, since I almost got killed,” said Parks.

He is presently in his early 70s, above the national retirement age which is 65.

Calls made to Parks by CBS Atlanta were not immediately returned.

Comments (3)
  1. Mary Davis says:

    Good article but I am unhappy that the cow had to suffer for three days before it was euthanized. Why was it delayed?

  2. Lily says:

    *herd. Very interesting subject.

  3. Joe says:

    Did this get edited? You left out Mr. Parks first name at the beginning of the article, and in paragraph nine, it should be The rest of his cattle herd

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