NORCROSS, Ga. (AP/WAOK) — A high school student was gunned down during a home invasion in the Atlanta suburb of Norcross.

Norcross police say 15-year-old Nicholas Jackson was shot to death around 6:30 p.m. Thursday when several people broke into the family’s home on Autry Street.

Family members say Jackson was a freshman football player at Norcross High School who had hoped to play for Alabama State University.

Police say they took six men into custody. Information on possible charges was not immediately available, and police have not disclosed a possible motive in the case.

The teenager is the fourth person shot to death in Gwinnett County in the past four days. Other killings this week in the suburban Atlanta county have occurred in Lilburn and Buford.

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More on the men arrested in the death of Jackson

  1. T says:

    Where is the out cry on this KILLING.
    People talk about everything & march on everything – but these killings needs to be address & instead of coming together when its Racial incidents..

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