By Candice Leigh Helfand

ATLANTA, GA (CBS Atlanta) – Tuition hikes, combined with the increased cost of general living, have left many college students more strapped for cash than ever before.

As such, more and more are turning to tax-funded food stamp programs to help them afford the essentials.

The program – the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP for short – is offered by the United States Department of Agriculture for qualifying people in need.

According to its website, eligibility requirements for the program include gross and net income tests and employment requirements. It is designed primarily to assist families, however students can apply, given the age and work stipulations in place for qualification.

A sum of $200 is awarded to program participants each month, which is to be used toward grocery bills.

The stigma of the cash-strapped college student is nothing new. The use of government aid in amending the situation, however, is a more recent phenomenon.

The educational institutions are reportedly not at all involved in the process on any level, but use of SNAP for help with food bills has become something of a widely accepted practice on campuses.

Ravae Graham, the deputy director of legislative affairs and communications for the state’s Department of Human Services, said that a student’s eligibility depends largely on the amount of time they work outside of the classroom.

“If (an applicant) is working at least 20 hours per week and meets income limits, they can qualify … and college students are eligible,” she told CBS Atlanta. “And there has been a significant increase of use in the program over recent years.”

She added that students who participate in school-funded work study programs may also make the cut.

Food stamp statistics for the state of Georgia provided to CBS Atlanta show that the average size of a household receiving food stamps in 2011 averaged out to 2.40 persons.

The totals for both households and individuals have increased over the past six years, but the latter has seen an especially large spike, rising from just under 950,000 individual users in 2006 to almost 1,740,000 in 2011.

According to The Signal, a student-run newspaper at Georgia State University, a basic meal plan at the school can cost approximately $1,700, which is more than many students can reportedly afford.

“With me being a senior and living on campus for the past four years, I honestly got tired of paying that amount of money per semester just to eat,” student Taylor Smith told the paper. “I did not even know that I was applicable for food stamps until someone told me about the site and to apply to see if I would get it.”

Added Smith, “Since then, I have saved a ton of money.”

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  1. kylenielsen says:

    I also found this blog useful

    1. Ron says:

      Young folks came out in droves to vote for Hoax and Change, and they got it!

      1. JByrd42 says:

        Obama figured how to secure the vote of young college students. Even more handouts.

      2. Dave McDonaldson says:

        Here’s your hope and change

        Osama Obama Biden (Bi)n La(den)
        One coincidence? Two coincidences?
        The odds of it being a coincidence is over 5 trillion to one. This is part of code created by wealthy elitists who wanted to elect their spokespeople to serve the interests of big business. It’s also the reason Sarah Palin was planted as McCain’s running mate with no intention of winning. Thank the CIA for our current economic downturn that’s forcing students into using food stamps to get by. If they got jobs with the CIA they could sell drugs as a side business.

    2. pat smith says:

      1976 UC Berkeley students went for this big time; I myself participated and it was a common practice. I was putting myself through undergraduate school, worked 20 hours a week, and took a full load. Divorced parents, minumum child support and the system allowed it. Difference then was it was word of mouth, during Bush 2 and Obama I have heard pr/psa campaigns soliciting people to apply because they may be eligible. In California it is common to stand in line behing non-English speakers who use only food stamps or the credit card; able bodied, non-student, non-English speakers. The Europeanization/socialization of America has progressed without any necessary buy in via English or work. I have made amends since my food stamp days and am disappointed in the system.

  2. changomango says:

    We’re all Obama’s House Knee Grows.

    1. changomango says:

      I meant to say, Obama has turned the house knee grows into field knee grows!

  3. Marty says:

    Hey, now that the government will buy their food, they have more money to spend on booze….yeah, that’s it!

    1. Doc says:

      ..and buy MORE tattoos!

    2. K1 says:

      It is kinda hard to see, everyone struggling to find work. College is good, just make sure you going for a useful degree and not getting in over your head for nothing.
      We definitely need something in the way of employment.

    3. John Fox says:


      1. Austin says:

        Only sailors wear condoms

    4. rightsaidfred says:

      Why don’t they get a part time job? They can get meals at school fairly cheap. May not be the best food but it will be kind of like eating at the cafeteria in high school. Almost everyone I know had a part time job while attending college and I did as well. This doesn’t bode well for the future of this country!

      1. bill says:

        They have to have a part time job to qualify for the aid you dolt.

    5. Billy Bob says:

      If you think that is the only thing college students are doing… you are in for a big surprise !!!

  4. Mel Wahl says:

    Students have been living on Ramen Noodles for decades. What’s the big deal here?

    1. Mike Ike says:

      beans and rice with strips of bologna when I was in school.


      2. YES WE CON! YES WE CON! says:

        Another 6 letter word for Felony… BARACK!
        Another 7 letter word for Forgery… HUSSEIN!
        Another 5 letter word for Fraud… OBAMA!

        Yes, I’ve already self-reported to

    2. John Fox says:


  5. cletus van damme says:

    cool, then when they get out of college with a ton of debt, they will go straight on full welfare cause their are no jobs period.

    1. cletus van damme says:


  6. independent citizen says:

    Welfare state here we come. From cradle to grave. We are all entitled to be paid by the government. The attitude is why work hard when father sam will pay for all

    1. larry sanders says:

      Unelected officials took over Washington and our economy is suffering while they play domestic spying games. The next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

      1. Christine Reilly says:

        Great link. I always thought Sarah Palin was smarter then she acted. Now I understand. Thanks!

      2. Dave says:

        Was it because of College students on food stamps?

  7. Mike says:

    It is shameful that these student moochers have learned to work the system to virtually rob others. It would be interesting to know how many of these low lifes have CATV, i pads, cell phones, etc. etc. I know the answer to that question. They have evolved into the gimmie society which can not sustain itself.

    1. Sandy says:

      Obama is getting them to step into the river of socialism one foot at a time. Free birth control, too! By the time it is to late they will be under water paying off the national debt. Cheers! But, at least like Mike says, they will have TV’s to watch.

  8. Been There says:

    When they’ve gotten rid of their cell phones, cable TV, X-Boxes, and lived off of generic macaroni and cheese (made with water, not milk) for a year or two, then I’ll feel sorry for them. But until then, Shut the H Up, whiners, snivelers and cry babies.

  9. JP says:

    If these folks are listed as dependents of their parents, how are they getting approved for government assistance? Crazy!

    1. teaj says:

      obama needs votes.

  10. Joe Doakes says:

    College is the biggest rip off since the invention of paper money.

  11. Big Al says:

    Hey Taylor – go to a community college or live at home you pathetic loser. Definitely another Obama voter. That person saved a lot of money while I have to pay more taxes to support this cretin.

  12. JustAGuy says:

    Generation O!

    Students who attended Obama rallies, organized for Obama, and intimidated their classmates to support Obama, but now can barely live in the Obama Economy.

  13. MainelyDoc says:

    This isn’t new. When I was a college student in Boston in the 1970s, food stamps were distributed in the banks. I was a substitute teller in a bank in Kenmore Square and gave free food stamps to wealthy Boston University students while old pensioners paid $35 for $50 worth of food stamps. The food stamp scam back then turned me from a liberal Democrat into a conservative Republican.

  14. fgfdgsg says:

    Ask me how many 40+ hour a week jobs I am working so I can go to school nights? 1 – is that too much to ask? And that’s after doing the math to ensure I can do both and still eed my family. The world needs ditch diggers too, if you can;t afford college guess what you do for a living – pretty simple really – no one owes you anything – it’s your American Dream you make it happen!h

  15. H J says:

    Every parent should have their college aged kid apply for food stamps and simply overwhelm the system. This is just more taxpayer funds used by the Democrats to pay for votes. If they want to abuse the system in this way, be prepared for it to be abused.

  16. KennyM says:

    It’s not a question of need. Until this was stopped in Michigan, ANY student could get this. Eligability was dtermined by the student’s income, whcih is alwys low. Studnet’s with rich parents could get this.

  17. Mike says:

    One would think they may want to try working. You know like they should be planning on doing after they have been fully indoctrinated and in debt from the outstanding educational institution they will not be paying the rest of their lives.

  18. Truthitude says:

    Blacks have no shame. None. Proves they’re not human. Gibbs me dat.

  19. nofriendofMom says:


    It would be interesting to find out how many people that are on any Government assistance program, like Food Stamps, WIC, unemployment etc. have all that.

  20. BigLouie15 says:

    The Big Zero should now have a lot of these college graduates helping at his field offices if they bring in meals for the workers. They voted for him and he promised them jobs. Now they are getting paid back with food stamps. But wait, he will come up with a new program to forgive their debts if they go to work for the government but they will be fooled here as their debt will be added to the trillions he is already racking up for them to pay back in the future.

  21. mantlebuck says:

    An unbelievable waste of taxpayer money. We have the most spoiled kids in the whole world. Time for a business man to become President and get rid of the welfare President.

  22. Barry bin Inhalin says:

    Food Stamps were never intended for college students. The program is very, very broken. If yo ucan’t afford college, DROP OUT, get a job, SAVE your money and then go back when you can afford.

    I DO NOT want to pay for some overpaid liberal professor to preach how bad I am as a sucessful American to some snot nose who can’t afford the price of the ticket. College has become like afterschool daycare. Get a job washing dishes.

    1. Neil McCauley says:

      I agree. If you cant afford it, you cant get it. I pay cash for everything, never had any bills, never will. I save up for things I want; took me a year+ to save up for a 70 chevelle, but I was able to do it. Paid cash. Took my a year to save up for an assault rifle, I was able to do it. Paid cash. Went to community college, then to state college; commuted both to both places. I am angry college was a waste (still no full time job), but not in a any debt at all.

      1. Neil McCauley says:

        Oh ya, and Ive worked on a farm since I was 16; 11 years now, yet the only people companies hire are lazy jagoffs, low iq morons, excons, minorities, or women who cant do the job and get fired/quit after a few weeks. However, the kid with the perfect work ethic, no debt, no convictions, a degree, does not get hired at all. Bizzaro world we live in, everything is the opposite. You are rewarded for weakness and failure and punished for hard work. I would love to live in Switzerland.

  23. Uninvited says:

    This is necessary for the mainstreaming of dependency.

    What hope would there be for our totalitarian society, if there existed a sense of shame for being unwilling to be self-sufficient.

  24. Kevin Pearson says:

    This is nothing new, I remember Bobby Herbert said that the last few months between the end of football season his senior year and when he reported for camp in the NFL his family received food stamps, he was married with kids. That was nearly 30 years ago.
    But what I don’t understand is the statement t “$1700 for a basic meal plan, is more than most students can afford”. That is included in the projected costs of education that are used to calculate any financial aid packages, so if they are receiving financial aid, then I don’t understand how they cannot afford it.

  25. Douglas Lynn says:

    What is the difference whether colleges get federal grant money or college kids get food stamps? It is all welfare provided by someone else’s labor. The country will go bankrupt in the next decade or two and all this will abruptly stop.

  26. LIBERTY NOW says:

    Break the Chains

  27. jon says:

    They should not even be eligible, college is not a right. You can work PT and take out student loans like my daughter did. THis is the OWS croud taking the handouts

  28. Robin888 says:

    This article forgot to mention the Obama administration’s concerted effort via legions of government paid workers to increase the number of people on the dole. College students were/are specifically targeted. Bribes for the young vote is my guess. Google it, it’s true and it’s reprehensible.

  29. abigailadams says:

    I think this,…..I was a single Mom, sent my kid to college…paid cash….he worked part time…now that was 10 Years ago when times were a bit better for me financially. Today, I would still have him take all the courses he can at the local Community College, much cheaper….for two years…then send him to the fine branch of University of Texas..just 15 miles from my house. He would live at home with me. I will feed him….but he would still have a part time job if he wanted mad money. I have never asked or used the Government and Tax Payers for something which I could not provide for myself. This here it is take needs to stop.

  30. Obamessiah says:

    Womb to the tomb…

  31. Ron Hummel says:

    Too Funny! Wait until they have to shell out $350 a month to pay to for-profit, Wall Street traded health insurance companies under Obamacare.

  32. BlackPlagueAtlanta says:

    Now that you know this about them NEVER EVER give them a job!! Nothing good can come from keeping them well fed.

  33. A Free Lunch says:

    Dozens of my classmates from law school took advantage of this before our third year of schooling started, as the thousands of dollars they earned every week during the summer months while working for large law firms was reduced to $0/week of earnings, making them eligible to eat-on-Obama. Everyone had a good laugh at getting $1,200 of free groceries ($200/month for 6 months), only to return to their respective law firm jobs following graduation, making 6 figures.

  34. PATRIOTIST says:

    Pic of someone cutting coupons. When was the last time the leech in front of you at the supermarket with an EBT card used coupons?

    1. Nugent says:

      And when was the last time his arm was white? Never I tells ya. Everyone knows.

  35. Sam E Moore Jr says:

    What is the sad Truth here is in a question form .
    Who has raised the cost the most by big numbers in the last 20 years ?
    Is it Medicare , Medicaid or College Cost ? It is College cost by far .
    Remember all top 50 Colleges are far left Universities with Hundreds of Billions in their Endowment Funds .
    Harvard alone Endowment fund has 39.6 Billion you can Google .
    Meaning all who go there could go there for Free on just the Interest paid to HARVARD alone .
    Harvard and the Top 50 is 50-77 Thousand a year . For Master over a $ 100 Grand a year and Dr.or Phd . Over 140.000.00 a year .
    Just for record also Colleges are Capitalist not Socialist or Progressive they call themselves .
    The Proof ? Harvard and the top 100 Colleges has over 20 different pay scales for their Professors in subject they teach . Work weeks average less than 15 Hours .
    Income is based on written papers , Books written and research not teaching students , Totally Moronic !

  36. Rob says:

    Where in this article does it cite any figures about college students on food stamps? Read the article again, there’s nothing but unrelated statistics and one candid man-on-the-street interview.

  37. Chris says:

    haha “applicable for food stamps”… I’m sure the student meant “eligible” for food stamps… Here’s an idea, stop funding people to go to college if they haven’t mastered high school. Wake up America, these politicians are out of control.

  38. Brian M. Dubuc says:

    It is absolutely shameful and shows where we are headed. Gone is self reliance and just the pride of making one’s own way in the world. I always worked in restaurants while in college – I knew that I could at least eat once a day. There are thousands living on the streets of Atlanta – and students get food stamps – and we have BILLION dollar presidential campaigns. There is something terribly wrong with our country

    1. joey says:

      “if you cant feed them, dont breed them” has changed to “if you cant feed them, breed them”. Someone needs to teach people self reliance and responsibility for their actions.

      1. Cracka says:

        Does it matter? Just tack it on to the 16 trillion. As long as he gets re-elected right? It’s like…would you feed the rats if you had them in your house? The O admin says “why heck ya ma “nizzle sizzle”. If you can’t earn it, burn it.

  39. gan7114 says:

    “With me being a senior and living on campus for the past four years, I honestly got tired of paying that amount of money per semester just to eat,” student Taylor Smith told the paper. “I did not even know that I was applicable for food stamps until someone told me about the site and to apply to see if I would get it.”

    Added Smith, “Since then, I have saved a ton of money.”

    Hold on, wait. What? At no point did this college student say he *could not* afford groceries, just that he “got tired of paying” that much. That says it all. Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT what food stamps are for. Food stamps are supposed to be for people in dire straits who absoluely can not afford food. The real kicker is this guy then goes on to say that it’s saving him a ton of money. So, not only is he milking the system, he’s getting rich off of other people’s tax money. Here’s a reality check to Mr. Smith: food costs money.

  40. Frank Helvey says:

    Just another example of the downward spiral of America.fh

  41. jimmy not THAT jimmy says:

    beer money!!

  42. stephen says:

    Yet another reason for the Black people of Atlanta to hate the white students at Georgia Tech.

  43. Reginald Winthorp says:

    Congratulations students! You went to school with hope and change. The change is, food stamps. The hope, gone.

  44. Derek OSU students says:

    I think it is amusing that people are blaming the college students. You understand that traditional college students (like me) are between the age of 18-22. So most of them werent even old enough to vote in the 2008 election. We are just trying to get a college degree so that someday we can hopefully get a job, or own a house. The situation we are in has been given to us, and we are dealing with it the best we can. You have no one to blame but yourselves. You voted for Obama in 2008, not us. You think we just want money for “more tattoos” and “condoms” well i will tell you one thing, when 2012 comes around and we can vote, we will vote to cut medicare, and social security. Then we will see who is laughing, the college kids, or the old people that blamed us for their mistakes.

    1. Jim in Houston says:

      Take another hit on the old bong and go back to sleep.

      1. Derek OSU students says:

        yep, belittle me until your hip breaks and then ask Medicare to cover it. Those are the first programs that need to go.

    2. shp says:

      Hey, no problem.

      By the time the government gandfather’s everyone on these programs, it’ll actually be you who gets hit the hardest.

      Good luck with no job, no medicare, and no social security.

      But I do have some goat stalls you can muck for minimum wage.

    3. the dude says:

      dummy, you realize you’ll be old too one day, right?

  45. Momofthree says:

    Seriously, No one in college would even think about this unless there was a group at the college telling everyone about this and to do it. Gotta love the liberal loons killing this country.

  46. Jim in Houston says:

    Here’s an idea that some of us old folks used for college – GET A JOB!

    1. Derek OSU students says:

      Get a job? You’re kidding me right? real unemployment is sitting at 10% still and with so many people out of jobs that already have college degrees, they are taking our jobs. We cant work at starbucks, cuz the guy who served my coffee today has his BA and cant get a job anywhere else. Why dont you tell me how you are gonna get my fellow students jobs?

      1. TiredCitizen says:

        We are not “gonna” get you jobs. We expect you to act in your own self interest. Maybe you should buy a lawn mower and mow lawns. Maybe you could even act like an evil 1%er and make something of yourself and hire a few employees. Nope that sort of exploitation is now or will soon be illegal. After we have eliminated all the rich 1%ers who will there be to get all you dependent blind parasites jobs?

      2. the dude says:

        all i can say is study hard. Back in the early 90s it was not that much different than today, no matter what any revisionsists say. 20 yrs later, i’m doing fine and you will too.

  47. kbill says:

    Last year the state of Michigan ended food stamps to students after finding massive fraud in the program. Parents would pay for the meal plans, the students would then cancel them and collected the cash from the university and collect food stamps. Leaving them with a lot of party money.

  48. Jeremy Cuthair says:

    it happens an to be honest…it builds there self value.

  49. TiredCitizen says:

    Added Smith, “Since then, I have saved a ton of money.”

    You didn’t save money – you spent my money! Me and a lot of people like me are just about done footing the bill.

  50. Mr. D. says:

    Pretty clear to me the future welfare state, and our ultimate demise, is being formed on college campuses. So, in addition to worthless degrees, these indoctrinated morons have a right to taxpayer funded food? Is it any wonder we never hear about the evil of “Big Education”. The next time you here someone whine about the need to bring down the cost of higher education, laugh in their face. Politicians aren’t about to de-fund the the very institutions which enable them to gain greater power.

  51. 5346536346 says:

    So we are supposed to feel sorry for college kids who get food stamps?

    Are you kidding?

    They are getting free food!

  52. Sherman says:

    Mencia said it correctly when he stated that modern society allows the dumbest among us to breed and there’s no natural forces to kill them off. I mean honestly, 50% of the people in Atlanta should have died off naturally many years ago. Even General Sherman on his march through Georgia let them drown in the river after he cut the bridge behind him. That’s probably why he didn’t order his men to burn Savannah. He was like…”darn, of Ida known this going in, we could have avoided all the deaths.

  53. Jay Palm says:

    All those journalist on food stamps, who would of thunk?

  54. Todd Clemmer says:

    Looks like the Obama plan is working. Now he will have even more members to add to the Occupy® movement he and his union buddies have created. I smell a crisis coming.

  55. Raistlin4 says:

    Well, welcome CBS Atlanta, finally, back from HopeyChangeyLand to reality where the whole rest of the country has known this was gong on since Obama took office. The fact that you are reporting this now, as if it’s some stunning revelation and breaking news, shows just how far your heads are up Obama’s a$$.

  56. dthall says:

    When I was in college, 25 years ago, when the Cafe was closed after dinner, we would walk to the Food Town, now Food Lion, and buy some Oodles and Noddles. They were cheap, but when you were hungry, it tasted like a gourmet meal.
    It never occurred to us that we could get food stamps, which we were poor enough, so I’m sure we would had qualified. But we had one personality trait that young people don’t have today, Shame!
    We would had been too embarrass to ask for a handout. My parent would had killed me if they found out. My father would had told me to “get off your but and get a part-time job”
    It sounds like the student in the last paragraph, (Taylor Smith) is only saving $170/month by being on food stamps. A part-time job at Burger-King could cover that!

  57. Cogito says:

    I had to borrow to put 2 kids through college, one at the masters level.

    Costs were for room, board, tuition, books, parking, fees and miscellaneous.

    Total debt $168,500.

    Thank government. They make tons available for education, so Colleges are free to charge what the want and not what they need.

    Also, the quality of a college education has lost value. Professors are more interested in getting federal funding for pet projects than instructing, and Colleges are more interested in the bottom line than the quality of eduction.


  58. Michael Prato says:

    What did their parents never teach them the nutritional of a PB & J sandwich, get off my dime, cope or join the military!

  59. the dude says:

    I used to live on about $5 a week in college. Eff these kids. Let them do what we all did.

  60. ToddV says:

    I didn’t get free food when I was in college- I drove a cab at night and didn’t party like the rest of campus. However, I got a degree in engineering and am doing very well. It is good to see that all the idiots who partied and got “ethinic studies” degrees are now on the street (or in mom’s basement).

  61. Jack says:

    I am a geezer, and I sold my blood by the pint to pay for my “meal plan”. It seems to me that the help students get is a sign of how much help IS available in this country, not necessarily how bad it is for students. (I thought “student” and “poor were synonyms…)

  62. Will says:

    Hey! How can these kids afford to pay for their booze and dope if they have to buy their own food?? Come on, now.

  63. Matt says:

    To be fair, I think some young college families can definitely use it and put it to good use as a means to an end, and this is exactly what I did. During my fours years in school earning my electrical engineering degree I was married and had 1-2 kids (during school I was 21-25 years old). I had a full course load averaging about 17 credit hours a semester and had a 20 hour a week job working as a tutor at the university and as a research assistant while my wife stayed at home and watched the kids. We had full Pell Grants and Full-Ride scholarship and I still maintained a 3.95 when I graduated. No car payments as we had old clunkers from high school. We rented a very modest apartment and lived very modestly. We STILL had to take out student loans to make ends meet without. Guess what, we used food stamps!

    I got a job right out of college (I’m very lucky and blessed) and discontinued Food Stamps as soon as I got the job. I now am close to paying off my student loan a year later.

    I am a conservative Republican and not for excessive government spending, but I do believe that if there’s any small sets of people that could use it AS A MEANS TO AN END, young college families trying to get through school for sure would fit that category in my mind. However, it is sad to see the abuse out there on the system where people are not using it as a means to an end and using it solely as long term dependency.

    I am now giving back to the system and paying my dues with the wages I earn.

    Consider this when reading this article.

    God Bless the USA

    1. I doubt it says:

      Your story sounds like total BS.

      1. Matt says:

        Well, you don’t have to believe it… 🙂

    2. You are a lackey says:

      Why didn’t your fat sow wife get up off her lazy hind end and get a job?

  64. ToddV says:

    This is Obama and the Democrats trying to make the next generation more dependent on goverment.

  65. ARick64 says:

    I’m really not sure why this is such big news. I was a college student in 1983; I worked about 20 hours a week and went to school full time. I didn’t know anything about food stamps. I bought what I could afford, which wasn’t much, and that had to stretch until I got paid. I also paid for 1/2 of my apt. rent and utilities. Oh, and wages were around $3.13/hr. But, there were girls in my apt. building who wouldn’t have been able to survive if it hadn’t been for food stamps.

  66. Franken Stein says:

    Why blame them for taking advantage of a program we designed and offer to them?

  67. the texan says:

    “[A]t Georgia State University, a basic meal plan at the school can cost approximately $1,700, which is more than many students can reportedly afford.” But $1,200 or more for a cell phone with unlimited calling and text is not a problem for those same students. It is all about priorities and taking when someone else (the taxpayer) will foot the bill!

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