ATLANTA (WAOK)-What a week it has been for 33 yr old Marcia Adams of College Park. Adams and her boyfriend Kenneth purchased two Quik Piks Mega Millions tickets at the Chevron Food Mart at 5851  Buffington Road in Atlanta around 10 p.m. Tuesday.

Wednesday morning they said they knew there had been a winner from Georgia, but they hadn’t checked their tickets.

Thursday morning the couple were talking about the ticket when Kenneth checked the results of the drawing on the Georgia Lottery’s mobile site with his cell phone. 

 After screaming for several minutes, the couple headed straight to the lottery office to pick up their money.  The jackpot was worth $72 million but after taxes and since they took the cash option they will walk away with $33 million dollars.

Adams and her boyfriend of 7 yrs say they are now going to get married, take a trip, buy a house and hire a financial planner.

What a week!

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  1. MONI says:


  2. Curtis Carr says:

    god bless the coup;e from college park and the best wishes on the marriage.

  3. VANESSA says:

    get a prenup j./s and Yah bless u both!!

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