On today’s Powertalk with Lorraine Jacques-White, emotions flew high as we revealed the reasons why some black men refuse to date women of the same race.  In addition, we touched on the topic of caucasian women attempting to steal the identity of the black woman.  Our special guest were Deena Jacobs a former interracial relationship panelist on Dr. Drew’s show Life Changers, and a young African-American man named Dexter Hampton who openly confessed that he only date white women.  Dexter says “Black women are lazy, only good for a meal, and all they know about is Basketball Wives”.

 Many have argued that the caucasian female wants the black woman’s life. This stance can be supported  with the increase of plastic surgery including buttox implants, dating high-profile black men, and other actions taken by caucasian women.  The question that loomed over the show today was Why Do Black Men Date White Woman?

Take a listen to Lorraine Jacques-White and her special guest , as they attempt to get to the bottom of interracial dating. The show was action packed with angry callers and two very different perspectives on interracial relationships.

Interracial Dating Part 1:

Interracial Dating Part 2:

Interracial Dating Part 3:

Interracial Dating Part 4:

Interracial Dating Part 5:

Interracial Dating Part 6:

Interracial Dating Part 7:

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  1. JCKeepitreal says:

    I’m not sure if Dexter should have been invited to the show. He has a right to his opinion but his viewpoint is so waaaaay out there regarding black women that he comes across as bitter or mentally unstable. I couldn’t help but laugh when he said he “loves” Kim Kardashian’s “shape” which is traditionally a black girl’s shape. I would think a man who likes white women would not point that one attribute out on Kim K. to “love”. Hmmmm. I couldn’t even get mad at him for trying to diss black women and felt he was truly better suited for white women anyway. Got bored. Stopped listing after the 1st part of this interview. LOL!

  2. Sarah says:

    Dexter loves the WHITE SKIN of his partners and hates his dark skin color, so Dexter is free to leave and marry/date whomever he wants, so good riddance to him..This brotha from LA Terrel was right on point and I love it..I also agree with Saba about these black men/’women who wants to date outside the family and have to tear down the black family to feel justified in stepping out..If Reggie Bush did not have the money, Kim K would not have looked his way, white women marry and take the money back to the white team when they bring their bankrupt selves and merge with blacks (Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, OJ Simpson) are all examples of black men who merged with bankrupt white entities and were taken to the cleaners after divorce

    1. G. Yearwood says:

      I wouldn’t say bankrupt entities. That’s a little harsh. You are right on point though when you said that there are someblack men who date white and justify this by self hatred of their own race. Dogging the black women who gave them life.

      If you find love with a white woman, well good for you. But black men have to be careful feeling that they are missing something. They usually are walking into a trap, a nightmare, and a relationship that’s a living hell.

  3. The Publisher says:

    naw y’all.
    everytime i stop networking, they always say Black Women are lazy
    back in december or november
    i stopped networking and they said americans are lazy
    that let’s me know, I got the best of these clowns
    won’t keep stealing my ideas for free
    even the government was hating with that sopa ish
    LOL i ain’t gotta do a dayum thang

    souljaboy voice
    watch me snap and roll yuuulllllllll lol

    1. Wylli says:

      I once experimented with the idea of tiryng to pass of as someone of Indian/Pakistani decent and even ventured into dating a girl from that community, thing became ugly when I had to meet the family. In travelling the world, again I was confronted with this issue and a kid on a bus in London could not and would not accept that I am South African because of the texture of my hair (regardless of the fact that my skin colour is light texture of mid-night, but no less). I married a woman from my community and in another country she’d be classified as white or at the very least Mediterranean, hardly yellow. Our daughter was born around Sept 06 and Iqra (we’re both practicing Muslim, add that to the whole mix why dontcha?) looks oh so Malaysian (with the most preciously beautiful slant eyes – is that derogatory? If it is please forgive me I hardly mean it that way when she smiles you can hardly see if her eyes are open and it glows my heart all the time). My wife’s seven months pregnant again and I am so excited to see what beautiful gift God has waiting . So see me and my family walking down the street and wonder what race we are? Quite frankly I don’t care, I Muslim, I’m human, I’m AfriCAN, I’m South AfriCAN, I’m black but the most important thing is I’m happy and I’m proud and these are the values I want my kids to have as they grow up. Confronting race is like confronting anything in life you do it with a smile and humility and respect and all those other positive values we want our kids to have.Today I’m reading a book about the rise and fall of White Afrikaner Nationalism in an attempt to confront why my people had to endure what we did, to reconcile the fact that not all white people are inherently evil and sadistic. I find that this sort of thing helps to bring closure for me, it helps to heal some of the scars and wounds that I see black people and more importantly people in general walk around with. Because I realise that racism when inflicted affects not only those who receive but worse so those who act out. It’s hard and it’s tough, because it still exists today, but I believe the key is to do it and continue to do it.A man sat in prison for 27 years he was branded a terrorist by not only his oppressors at home, but those from the ‘free world’ and as he walks out of the gates that kept him from his life but from important things like the burial of his son, he tells me to forgive them. I was around 19 at the time, I was filled with hatred and a need, a desire to pick up my AK47 and ‘fight the power’ as it were. But I looked in his eyes that day (go look up old footage, you’ll see it I swear. He has a smile in his eyes much like the one I was telling you about that my baby has) and I knew just then that I had to listen to him, because if I didn’t, my country would have been just another AfriCANT country. Today South AfriCA is indeed blossoming with so much hope and prosperity it makes me come alive.I know that I can never truly be healed and I doubt whether my baby will be either and I also know that he knew that too when he told me to forgive them, but I believe by the grace and beauty of God that surely one day it will end.Thank you for reading my 2 cents worth of banter.

  4. porsha says:

    i went on youtube and pulled up Dr.Drews show that featured Deena jacobs and was very disappointed to see her using derogatory N words and profane language on her piece. I mean the sister has a lot of valid points, but on Drew she cleaned up her act sort of speak. I also learned that she has been on another show with mario lopez called hate8rs where she has a dislike for KIM K.

    when confronted by the tramp herself, Deena said she was jealous, and i was personally very disapointed because as a black woman she need not be jealous of a woman that while she has beauty, booty( fake by butt shots), fortune and fame, she cannot keep a man- any man, black white biracial, or probably green will be next.

    deena my sister, i felt your pain on the show, you feel like so many black women do, like the beauty and attributes we possses do not get the recognition that it deserves. Another culture of woman can get a free pass on everything, just because of their skin tone. You should have never bowed down to Kim, because she is a white woman that said out her own mouth when with Reggie, ” that she has mastered soul food”. See when they get with black men the try to compete with black women. They want that black man to take them where all the sisters hang out, so all the sisters can see them with seemingly the cream of the crop black man, but heres where the truth lies, they dont have the cream of the crop of a black man. What they have is a black man that is confused, ashamed of being black, hates the skin he is in as a black man, and is so desperate and delusional about what true beauty is that he feels accepted by whites or mainstream if he naturally has one of them on his arms.
    I know all sisters feel betrayed when you see this picture over and over again, but the reality of this scenario is that there are way more black on black relationships than there are black on white or others, this is true.

    The media knows who is the mother of the earth- BLACK WOMEN, everything born on this earth came from the womb of the black woman and the black man. So let Kim continue to think that she has mastered soul food, when we all know what she has mastered is black d!@k, okay. Deep down inside she knows where she grew up that she could not compete with blonde blue eyed women, so she gravitated towards black men, because white men were not attracted to her or her sister Chloe. Take a look back before she blew up her booty and changed her face, just average but a dime piece to black men, the only men that would have her and put her on a pedestal.

    So i end by saying this, look at the drew video with the black guys that say that they refuse to date black women and tell me if you are really mad that they have left the black woman behind, they are creeps, and not worth the trouble. heck look at Dexter, do we really care that this nut case is with a white woman, do we really care about Seal with Heidi, Kobe with vanessa, Tiger with Elin. Look at all these black men and their deep twisted mental states, sex addictions, egos, and all the other bad attributes about them that we dont see…………………………. we need to start counting our blessings and walk up to that white woman and say ” thankyou so much” and let her a$$ guess what we mean by that, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. KAY says:

      Ha! Ha! Ha!, Girlfriend I am laughing so hard I am about to cry. And yes we do need to start counting our blessings instead of looking at it like a loss. I too went on Youtube and saw Deena, and was very thrown back by her usage of the N word over and over again, but I do get her anger, but I feel like her anger is misplaced. Black women do not have the market on big butts, nor should we be defined by only that. Deena seems to put too much emphasis on her body, and I know too many women with banging bodies that are alone, and tired of being seen only as sex objects for men. Deena, being pretty, shapely, and having the biggest butt on the planet does not promise you a life free of heartache. Yes, the media has always looked over black womens natural beauty and we all know why, but please never stoop so low to be jealous of a woman like Porsha said despite all her money, looks, anf fake butt, still can’t keep a man, any man!

      1. Kat Robertson says:

        I agree with you whole heartedly, Kay. In my experience, it is the women with the perfect faces and the perfect bodies who have MORE trouble getting GOOD men and keeping them because they are so infatuated with their appearances, nothing substantial really ever develops and once the “newness” has subsided, it’s over. People should work harder on developing relationships based on SUBSTANCE than trying to pull a man by showing off their @$$… Women need to stop competing in general with one another. It’s unattractive and petty.

    2. Kat Robertson says:

      I was with you through the first couple of paragraphs and then you went all out with some very ignorant statements. There is nothing wrong with being proud of who you are and not wanting to have your own beautiful attributes overlooked, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the right to suggest that ONLY black women can possess certain features or be recognized for them. What’s wrong with a woman from a non-black culture “mastering” soul food?? Just about every old school southern woman has done as much! That has nothing to do with competing with a black woman.

      I am white. My husband is black. We have been together since high school — long before we were privy to any of the politics or prejudices that have found their way to us in adversity since then. I could care less who sees me with my husband, where he takes me, who likes it, or who doesn’t. It’s a relationship. A good relationship. And he is the cream of the crop, why would any woman see her man as being any different?? Would YOU be with a man that you personally saw as being second rate? Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. My husband LOVES his heritage and is very comfortable in the skin he is in… so am I. He doesn’t try to be anything that he’s not. He is a strong man. I am a strong woman. I’m sure you consider yourself to be a strong woman as well. Should it really matter than you’re black and I’m white? Should that make us all that different?

      If you want to address this IGNORANT black man that they were idiotic enough to feature as some kind of voice on this topic, that’s one thing but to make such blanket statements regarding every black man who dates or marries a white woman is just ridiculous. Everything on this Earth came from the womb of a black woman and a black man? Sweetheart, let’s not even go there. Everything on this Earth came from GOD and aside from that, the rest really should not even be relevant. That is a very separatist mentality. You’re really going to sit there and act superior because you’re a black woman and act like a white woman has nothing to offer or contribute simple because she’s white?? No one person is greater than the next simply by who that person was born. Ignorance knows no color.

      You may not agree with what Kim K (who does, really?) or any other white woman does, but in the end the question is why is it even any concern to you who another person chooses to be with? There is enough hate in the world without people finding erroneous reasons to add to that hate! The one thing I do agree with you about is Dexter — I feel sorry for ANY woman who gets hooked up with that lame and I would walk up to her WITH you and say thank you just for taking him out of the dating pool and saving every other woman from his stupidity! Any man who refuses to date a person just because of what race they are is an idiot in my book, ESPECIALLY when that race is the same as his own mother, sister, aunt, etc. My husband is not foolish enough to ever make his mouth up to say something so absurd and my guess is that there is a very small handful of men like Dexter in comparison with those who have sense enough to realize that love is not a color and that SELF-LOVE should be first no matter who you are.

      Be blessed!

      1. porsha says:

        Child please, give us all a break…… really Kate, here we go another white woman with a black man that just has to be heard and come on black threads letting all the black women know that she has a black man.

        And no white woman has mastered soulfood. As a black woman i was offended because i would never fix my lips to say i have mastered armenian food even if i was married to an Armenian man. ” Soulfood” is rich and rooted in black history, maybe your black husband should teach you more in depth black history, and all humans came from black women, tell your balck husband to do the research on that one as well.

        Now, let me let you in a big secret, Kate, this is coming from a black woman that grew up with black men, have been surrounded by black men all my life, most that were weird, acted strange, or had these crazy secret notions about the black race, ironically ended up with white women. Will any admit this to the white woman, no, why would they. Dexter is just OUT with his, but i know a lot of black men that have deep rooted resentments about black women, and flee to white woman in an effort to pay back the black woman or women that scorned them as young men.

        Now, you professed to tell black women to stand behind their mens, “passion”. I wonder if your black man was a garbage man, would you have stood behind that passion. Do not EVER profess to know anything about black on black relationships, or black women. You as a white woman really have no clue. Just keep loving your creme of the crop black man and let us black women, the mothers of all men, stick to what we do know best——— Black men, even yours, sweetie!

    3. Kat Robertson says:

      I don’t go on black threads letting everyone know I have a black man. LOL It was relevant to the conversation. Think much?! You may need to go refresh yourself on the topic at hand!

      You don’t like black women being stereotyped but here you see something that you don’t agree with and have no problem stereotyping others. Not every black man that dates or marries outside his race has an issue with his race! Are you really that ignorant that you honestly believe what you’re saying?? My husband loves ME, not because I am a white woman. He didn’t seek me out because I was a “white girl” … my whole point was that not every man that dates interracially is like DEXTER or has a race-related complex.

      I professed to WHAT?! I didn’t tell any black woman what to do with any man. Where in the world did you even get that from? I COMMENTED DIRECTLY ON WHAT WAS SAID BY A CALLER REGARDING FREDERICK DOUGLASS’ SECOND WIFE AND HOW SHE SUPPORTED HIS MISSION! How about you catch up and then comment because you’re not making any sense.

      But since you asked, for the record, my husband has been a various number of things. He and I have been married since I was 18 years old… we’ve endured poverty together while we struggled through college as young married parents. We’ve pinched pennies and held strict budgets while he worked at Walmart even after getting a 4-year college degree.

      I have been with him through every up, down, thick, and thin that you could imagine and finally after 10 years of a very HAPPY marriage during which we have overcome all of this, we have finally reached a point of stability which is great, but has NO bearing on how strong our bond is as it has always been that way. Yes, honey. I have supported EVERY passion he’s ever had and he has done the same for me.

      The topic here was not black on black relationships nor black women! The topic was interracial relationships and I didn’t profess to know anything about anything aside from the topic which you’ve completely deviated from! You have no idea about every man of any race, including black men, because you don’t know every black man and if you believe them all to be the same, then YOU have an issue and are also stereotyping your very own culture.

      1. porsha says:

        No Kat, the topic was black men ranting about why they choose white or nonblack women. Deena is known on the tube from an episode of Drew confronting a black man that publically denegrates black women in favor of white women. As a black woman, I know black men that SECRETLY have hang ups about their color, even when it comes to how their children look. What you described about being poor college sweethearts thats cool and all , but usually if a white woman is digging a black man in college, or highschool, hes usually a jock whom she thinks is headed to the pros, same for college.

  5. LInda Belcher says:

    This Young BLACK Man Look Black enough to have Black Parents. Both A Black MOTHER and a BLACK FATHER…… Ooops! But Obviously He doesn’t remember or for some reason he Must have Born with an Eye Defect…..

  6. The Real says:

    They could have found a better representative than Deena Jacobs, she is a low life herself.

  7. Toby Jones says:

    lol, well the dude says what he feels, nothing wrong with that!

  8. Kat Robertson says:

    I have to say that having Dexter on the show was a bad move without at least having a NORMAL black man on the show as well! This dude is stupid. It’s one thing to ONLY date white women because that’s who he’s naturally attracted to (I find it hard to believe that anyone is ONLY attracted to one particular race, even if they do only date one particular race)… but to ONLY date white women because he has stereotyped the entire demographic of black women with negative attributes?! They’re lazy and good for nothing but a meal? They’re ghetto!? Well, damn… He has issues and needs therapy!

    I do feel Deena on the fact that he is “white washed” … The problem I have with this particular show is that y’all got NO normal white women OR normal black men to speak on the topic as to why NORMAL people date who they date or marry who they marry! It’s not always about a color or a race or a culture! Dexter is a fool — there are uneducated, stereotypically “ghetto” or moneyhungry in EVERY race/culture. Dexter is just an idiot through and through — he hasn’t even had dealings with any diverse group of black women because he’s disregarded them based on what he’s seen in his own family. I don’t know his mother, aunt, sister, etc but they do not represent the entire demographic!

    Deena had some great points about how the family structure of black people as a whole was torn down and reconditioned during slavery which HAS trickled down over the years. Black people didn’t even have equal rights until what? 50 years ago? So yes, we’re all still dealing with the fallout from all the horrible events that went on in our nation’s history that has manifested so many barriers between us all on so many levels. YES, Deena, I’m with you on having an issue with interracial dating when the only reason a person is dating outside their race is because society has tricked them into adopting a negative perspective toward their own race!

    Travon said most golddiggers are white women… that’s another stereotype! There are just as many golddiggers in one race as there are in another. WOMEN can be moneyhungry, period. Then Dexter says black women rely on child support?! Are women NOT supposed to expect fathers to support their kids?! On another plane, I do definitely have an issue with black men who become wealthy and then feel like they have to date a white woman because of some sort of “status” complex. That’s just silly and stupid and both of them will end up unhappy.

    I disagree with the people who said Deena was a low life or a bad representative – I found her very grounded in common sense and very insightful and fair in her thinking. The caller who mentioned Frederick Douglass had a great point — HE WAS A BLACK MAN WHO WAS VERY PASSIONATE ABOUT UPLIFTING HIS PEOPLE and his wife, regardless of her being Caucasian, was compatible with him because she supported that passion. That is what makes a GOOD, healthy relationship. Not race. Not excluding or attacking or degrading a different culture of people.

    Kat Robertson

    1. porsha says:

      AndHere again, the classic example of a white woman that thinks she know s black men because she is laying up with one. First off, Fredrick Douglas was married to a black woman first. And who are you to make the assumption that the white wife supported his passion? How would you know? You try to find someone in black history that had a white woman, please, so typical You see the problem that i have with you Kate, is now you think you are the expert on black relationships, and can somehow hint to black women as to what we should do in order to get a black man like you did, but did it ever occur to you at any time that you may have a black man that black women considered a creep ? And do not make me go down the list of black men, famous black men, that marry white women and treat them like dogs. Fredrick Douglas’ first black wife could have been sick of him, and set him free. Have you ever looked at it from that point of view.

      Now its time for your real black history lesson, soulfood had its origin and roots from Africa, the place were all human life originated, its fact. Now the slaves became colonized, they still brought this way of cooking with them all across the world. You can go to any part of the world and find its influence because most slaves were the cooks and they were only passing on what they naturally knew how to do. Southern food and soul food are 2 different things. White women like you and Kim need to stick to doing what you know best…….doing your black man. And you need to really take a course from Jihad or Sarah who will teach you some real black history, not that cookie cutter stuff yo man has been teaching you.

      1. Kat Robertson says:

        Number one my name is KAT, not Kate. And number two, the issue here is NOT that I think I am an expert on relationships… it’s that YOU think you’re an expert on INTERRACIAL relationships. You operate on baseless presuppositions about people you’ve never met and apply stereotypes to entire groups of people.

        I’m assuming you didn’t listen to the entire segment because I was commenting DIRECTLY on what a black woman called in and said about Frederick Douglass and BOTH of his wives – that wasn’t just something I pulled out of the air.

        You have NO idea where my education came from nor what my background is. You don’t own the rights to any type of cuisine. It’s food, babe. Get over it. You’re extremely disrespectful and perhaps if you worried more about your own life rather than worrying about what everyone else is doing with theirs, you might not be so bitter.

        My husband and I have been married for almost 11 years and have five beautiful children together… LOVE is what brought and kept us together, not SEX… it’s sad that you continue to insist that’s all “white women” know how to do! Some people in the world — obviously not YOU — don’t consider RACE in everything. I feel sorry for you that you are so angry. There was no call for you to go in on me as rudely as you did here.

  9. porsha says:

    Kat, honey i do not care as much about interacial relationships as you seem to do. And its so typical of a white woman to call a black woman bitter, where did you learn that phrase from, your black man?

    If you are secure in your interacial relationship, why go on all these threads that you listed above? It is you that seek out these threads and all black women know it, Kat we really do.

    And yes we do as African descendants own the rights to soul food, just like your culture owns the rights to casseroles. Get over it, yourself.

    Angry, is that another phrase you learned from hubby about black women Kat?
    You are so funny and typical and you do not even know it. But again, i say you as a white woman sleeping with a black man are not qualified to began to even think you know anything about black men or black women. Keep thinking that LOVE was the thing that brought the two of you together, hold on tight to that thought.

    As for me a black woman, i was commenting on a sister, not white woman, that feels like her beauty is not acknowledged by the mainstream, something that white women cannot relate to, and deep down you know its the truth that is why you all always come on these sites trying to broadcast your relationships with black men, like you are down for the sisters, but we know what time it is and why you do it, so go sell stupid somewhere else, because black women, and a lot of black men got your number.

  10. porsha says:

    Okay Kat, never call me a liar, i went on your site and there it was your black husband was in the NFL. Like i said before, if this black man was a garbage man, would you have even given him a second look. We all know when you get with black men its usually some money involved, and the proof is there for everyone to see on your site. Its not a stereotype, but the usual scenario.

    1. Kat Robertson says:

      Are you out of your mind? LOL! Maybe you should keep doing a little more research. He didn’t even have ANY INTENTION of even going to college for 2 solid years after we got married, which means that initially his football career wasn’t even something that was ever going to happen. Stop trying to make everything fit in your little box. Again, you don’t even make any sense. He dropped out of high school in 2000 after our daughter was born and didn’t start college until 2003 after a coach in a local junior college BEGGED him to not throw away his talent. He had been working at a chicken plant and had gained almost 40 pounds. He graduated from JuCo, went to a D-1 university, and signed as a free agent after 5 years of BOTH of us busting our ass to get through school! The NFL was NEVER a guarantee.

      My husband was INJURED in his first regular season game. That was the extent of his NFL career… and that was TEN YEARS after we started dating, 7 years after we got married and almost 5 years later, here we are still together. What is your point about him going as a FREE AGENT to the NFL? I suppose you think he got broke off millions for one game? You’re a joke. The words bitter and angry came from me reading over the nonsense you keep spewing instead of actually taking what someone says and considering it in a respectful way. You act bitter and you ARE angry. Has nothing to do with what race you are! You think bitter and angry are adjectives that are specific to black women?! Maybe you should meet some of my family members. LOL!

      All I’m saying to you is that you have no right to judge any group of people in one lump. If you want to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, on my blog, or even over lunch if you are in Atlanta, that would be fabulous. Then you can judge based on what you know rather than what you THINK. That’s an open invitation.

      1. porsha says:

        Kat, as a white woman you have to understand that not only is your opinion not wanted on these sites or topics of conversation, but they really are pointless. Until you walk in a black womans shoes, you really do not have a clue. Its easy for you to say as a white woman with a black man that i am bitter and angry, try being black then come back and tell me something. You do not as awhite woman know the struggles thatblack women endure, im sorry having black biracial children does not qualify you to step in and give your perspective on something you know nothing about. Our lives as women are very different, yes we are all the same, but our experiences are totally different… period. you as a white woman have been put on a pedestal for all men to think that you are special, and have all these redeeming pure qualities about yourselves, so lets be 100 percent real Kat, wed are not some united sisterhood of women. aS A GROUP OF WOMEN most of you have gone through life getting what you did not earn, and i still say and will always say, that most of you all feel superior to all women on the planet, even the poorest of you. On your intreacial site why not tell your people and kind to stop killing innocent black boys, calling the Obamas monkeys, and referring to all blacks including your man to get off stamps.

  11. Kat Robertson says:

    And let me just point out, this whole conversation was about black men and white women. You want to come to a public forum and talk about white women but you don’t want to hear the point of view of the very people you’re talking about? Not going to happen… everyone’s opinion should be respected, especially that of the people who are under fire by these types of conversations. If the tables were turned, how would you feel to be dogged and then told your response is unwelcome and no one cares how you feel about it or what you have to say? That isn’t how grown people should interact. When you bring a topic to the general public, you should be open to constructive dialog.

  12. porsha says:

    Kat, i tell you what , give me 50 years of your life to mistreat, sensely kill, wrongfully imprison, underemploy, underserve, undermind, manipulate, and then another 50 years of supporting a group of men through their struggles that look like you, then having them turn around and date / marry that are the opposite of you, then give me another 50 years to tell you, show you, over and over again that as a woman your beauty is overlooked, your strengths somehow deem you as unlovable, and a flaw, then we can sit down and talk. And even if this forum is talking about black men white women why do you white women want to heard on the black shows? Why not be heard on Rush, or some of the others of your kind? No you only want to come to these black sites and broadc ast your undying love for the brothers, yet i have not witnessed any of these interacial sites like yours publically fighting for black rights since your husbands are black. Your type of relationships are not the majority, and most do not last, thats factual. The real reason why you come on these threads Kat is the very same reason you got with a black man in the first place, to be seen, to be noticed, and deep down you know its the truth. When you want to have truthful dialogue, then lets do have lunch.

  13. sirwinston1941 says:

    I noted with a lot of interest how people feel when we see a black man with another woman outside his own race; and the black woman during the same. Nothing last because either one will soon learn that things are not what they seem. Getting out in the public cast big doubts on either race because women don’t accept black man being with other women not of his racen same as women being with other men not of their race. In the course of this dating or marriage, one day both parties are hit read hard and often seek to depart from one and other. Here in Atlanta, I have witness sister trying to be white; on thousand occasions and often they will by pass without speaking, take their hand bag and place on the other side away from the black man that is walking on or near them, same when they are by themselves, they don’t speak and either walking trying to be other than themselves. So, we men often feel and see this; and on the other hand, other race of women reach out and speak and thank you for being a gentlemen. All of this bring question to many of us africian american men as to how we need to select a potential partner being our on race or selecting women from other races. Ladies, here, and all over the world women are only different in their races inwhich they are born. All women have the same things so none of us often think about that it is the look and how beautiful they are often capture our attention. It is merely the wish we have being with that person not really knowing what that person is like. I also understand how women feel with either race of men looking for the handisome of that man and all he can offer that often turns out to be not what the woman really like or is looking for. Gone are the days of getting with women of other races, it merely happen and is here to stay regardless of all of the talk about it. We can get angry at one race over the other and men being with women of all races shame as women being with men of all races and that will never be solved by any of us but merely those doing this type of dating. Women are god gift to us men and race don’t matter in our book but how we treat our own race of women should remain at the forefront even if we elect to be with women of other races and I hope all races of women see this to be the same!

    1. porsha says:

      Sir Winston, i really do not care who dates who, but lets be real, there seems to be a difference when it comes to black women and black men dating outside the race. For instance, why with black women with white men the women seem to have a very natural ethnic look? And its funny because its a look that a lot of black men do not like. And most black men that i see here in Atlanta will choose white women that are not that well kept. They are overweight, some of the very things that black men say that they do not want in black women, and a lot are not that attractive which always baffles black women. There are clearly double standards, here…….

      But nontheless, a persons choice is their choice, but Kat as a white woman, has no place in these topics as far as i am concerned, especially when in 2012 you still have little black girls that will choose the white doll as being the prettiest, the smartest, the most angelic, and you have little white girls who think the white doll is the prettiest, the smartest, and the most angelic, as well. This alone shows the brainwashing that our children, and a lot of grown blacks feel about themselves. Kat cannot relate because in the scheme of things she benefits from that brainwashing and racism. Thats all that i am saying, and being a black woman, i could care less about what black man is loving her, what i do care about are the sisters like Deena, that are feeling cheated, overlooked, and hopeless about the state of black on black relationships. I dont go on interacial threads looking to start mess, so why come on ours, and i have seen her on many of these sites for black women whenever this topic comes up.

      1. Kat Robertson says:

        Number one, I want you to come back and link to ONE SITE you’ve seen me on. JUST ONE. You claim to see me on other sites?! Liar. The ONLY other sites I am ever on are my OWN websites. I haven’t ever even been on this one until someone linked me to this interview! LOL!

        I stopped responding after your last comment because it’s obvious that you will NEVER open your eyes to see anything different than what you THINK. Why do you keep bringing up my name?! sirwinston1941 didn’t say anything about ME. I bit my tongue and let it go and let you get the last word, which is what you wanted to begin with so stop bringing me up. You think you know much more than you actually know. I never came here to start mess. I put myself out there as an example of women who do NOT fit the mold that women like YOU hold against us, but you don’t care about anything aside from your own perspective so it was obviously a waste of my time.

        sirwinston1941, I agree with you … Everyone has their own choice as to who they want to be with, but every man no matter what color he is or who he chooses to marry/date should ALWAYS look to and respect his own mother, sister, aunt, father, cousin, uncle, etc and should always love, support, and be true to the culture that they represent… Doing that doesn’t mean he has to separate himself from other cultures or races; it only means that his should be priority and he should never forget his own roots.

  14. porsha says:

    Kat, notice how you NEVER respond to the facts. You dwell over and over again about what black women like me do to white women like yourself, but you never have anything substantial to say about the facts that i have presented, one being why in 2012 do young black girls still choose the white doll as being the prettiest, the smartest, and the most angelic? You want to have meaningful dialogue, then lets start by you answering that question.

    You see, I really do not have a problem with who dates who, but as a black woman my experiences with black men are different from yours. Now from my experiences , one on one experiences with black men that date outside their race, i have never met ONE that did not have deep resentments towards black women when they decide to date others, not ONE! I have black girlfriends that can attest to the very same thing, so we all cannot be lying on black men. The proof is there for you to see on Tube. I personally know black men that do not date black women, only white women, and these very same black men will want to fight if they see a black woman with a white man.

    Again, you can only speak what you know about your experiences, and i speak about mine. If i met more black men that had sincere motives in dating outside their race, then my perspective would be different, no doubt.

    I know that ALL women are catching hell finding faithful mates of any color, but again, why is all the focus always on black women? If you can truthfully answer the question i asked you about the black doll/ white doll experiment, then you can understand where my anger really comes from, as well as other black women.

    And let me ask, how did you find this topic of conversation or thread anyway ?

  15. porsha says:

    Kat, i went on your site , racially charged as i am trying to be open minded, and understand your points and perpsective. I read the article entitled “N” lover, and i really did feel your pain and feel that you are passionate about changing the world view with dialogue, but heres something that i must share with you that i strongly believe that the group Earth wind and fire says in a song, ” a child is born with a heart of gold, ways of the world makes his heart grow cold”.
    I can relate to that and so many other blacks because this is what i know for sure, no child is born prejudice. If you observe small toddlers of all races in a group playing together, you will see that race clearly does not matter, then follow that same group of toddlers as they grow into young adults, by the time they are full grown adults, the will have changed their feelings about race, and the one that will be affected by racism the most will be that black child.

    Life experiences mold people…… the good ones and unfortunately the bad ones. As a child having seven brothers and sisters, my mother had a white male friend that lived in a nice mostly white community. He invited us over to swim at his community pool one very hot summer day, and what kid in their right mind doesnt want to swim? I remember being so excited when we got there seeing all the children that me and my siblings could play and be friends with. When we got into the pool, EVERY white child got out. As a child that did not see color, do you know how that made me feel, me and my siblings? Do you know how many blacks can relate to this story? I imagine that the night you got called a “N” lover you must have felt that gutt wrenching kind of pain that was the realization for you how much people can not get past color.

    Black women are under attack from so many directions. Imagine how we feel to go on tube and hear black men saying we are the ugliest women on the earth. Imagine trying to raise a black daughter in all this madness, especially when a lot of it comes from black men. You and i as women are not very different at all, we both are passionate its just we are on opposite sides of the fence.

    1. Black Beauty says:

      Porsha, this Kat woman is just feeling herself, and everything you said was right on point. They do tune in on these topics to defend their interacial relationships and it is mostly the white women with black men. You shut her down real good. LMAO!!!!!!!!

    2. Black Famous says:

      Black women in general don’t care about black men. Black women are too eager to throw all black men under the bus for a non-black man, but hate when other women give accolades to us. Black women don’t know what they really want in life.

      Who went to the media and say all black men are worthless, uneducated, abandon their children?
      Who went to the media to say that they (black women) can’t get one good black man…you guessed it correctly…our very own black women. The thought process of most (if not all) black women is to destroy black men and black people in general.

      Black women bring everyone down the sewers with them.

      1. Black Beauty says:

        Famous, do not kid yourself. No black woman gets angry when a white woman gives a black man accolades. I went on this lady Kat’s site and saw her husband and he looks like he has gold teeth and she looks average, the typical country white girl with a thug looking black man, and we black women are crying over losing him to a white woman? Come on you can’t really believe that? And I am sure no white man is really missing her.

  16. Black Famous says:

    Kat Has made some sensible comments. A woman should love her man regardless of where he stands in life. Black women don’t generally support us even when we have college or masters degrees and have hit the pitfalls in life, that sometimes is a description of life.

    1. Black Beauty says:

      You sound like a fool. If more black men took care of their children that they help produce, then there would be no news to report to the media. Every race of man on this earth knows your history. They know that once you reach a certain level of feeling like you have made it in America, that you want their women and that is why they do not respect you as men as a whole. Black women are outpacing you and it really bothers you, but do not blame us, blame it on your stupid mindsets as evident from your comments above.

      1. Blackfamous says:

        And idiot what you don’t know is that anyone can change or distort anything to demean anyone or group at anytime. And what history is that? This is why i keep on saying you black women( AAW) are totally in bed with white men and against your own men. And you don’t give a damn if whatever foolishness you say has any effect on your own siblings…so much for your uneducated and unschooled self.

        Are they not the same non-black men that stated that you black women are oversexed animals, devious, mammies and so forth?

        You black female things, hate black men and don’t want to be good mothers and cannot raise a family, but in a heart beat will be subservient to white men in a heart-beat. So this explains—-ghettogagger.com huh!

      2. Blackfamous says:

        We black men are just cursed with the worst kinds of females we call partners.
        I hope you all would die off!

  17. Black Beauty says:

    Sorry that’s not going to happen, We black women are going to keep rising to the top, but lets look at what is happening to you black men as a group. You are landing yourselves in jail faster than most sisters can blink an eye. You are not getting college degrees, you are from woman to woman, any woman that will have you, so it seems to me that maybe you all are the ones that are going to die off. You are angry because you can no longer control black women like black men in the past could, and yes a lot of us are moving past you with white men. When you bypass a good black woman or mistreat a good black woman for a skeezer with a pretty face and big butt, and she breaks your heart, then all black women become no good, when it is your picker that is off and every race of man knows that a black mans picker is that thing between his legs that often times does all his thinking for him. This is why they keep you all into rap music, videos, anything sexually driven because this is what most of you live for, nothing else. And I never call black men my partner, a partner is someone you trust, someone you respect, and someone that respects himself and you. I call you all just something to do when I want to have meaningless sex because that’s just about all most of you bring to the table.

    1. Blackfamous says:

      rotfl. There you go talking about white men. And i need to let you know, black men are not thinking about who you sleep with. Black men have no time to think about you dating ( not marriage) status with white men.

      And [please child, i am not angry at all. I just notice how angry you were, just because a white women was showing her gratitude, love and admiration for a black man. You got all mad and upset and instead of focusing on her comment, you sort to attack her on a personal level.

      So you are the ones hurting. Now let us take a look at the fact that we all know you black women are so unworthy, that you literally throw yourselves at white men and ( that’s nothing new). We all see your insane youtube comments ( about wanting white men). It is there for all to see.
      But if you look carefully and based on stats, white men would rather date and consider Asian women before black women, even with you lowlifes, telling them that your legs are opened for them to enjoy. I mean really! who does this kind of sick thing that black women. As a black man, i am embarrassed by black women (aaw). I have daughters and i am instilling better values in their lives than this. This is sad.
      There we have black women engaging in Ghettogagger.com activities. I mean really is this what your so called worthless degrees have done for you? But you want to talk about degrees when in fact your median worth is just $5.oo? smdh. Woman please! How have those degrees benefited the black communities. Black women built the Asians an multi-billion dollar empire just on buying hair products and weaves ( to look like white women). Who does this kind of madness.lol.

      Now on the issue of incarceration, if you had any education at all, you would know that black women (aaw) is now the majority on jail-birds of any ethnic women in the US. I bet you didn’t know this. Do a google search and see for yourself Idiot!

      So you believe when a non-black man winks at you he isn’t think of what is between his legs huh? simply because he isn’t black… rotfl. You sound stupid and dumb as hell. rotfl

      Black woman outside of the US are way better than African American females. I have 3 brothers, all are married to black women outside of the US. All my brothers including me have college degrees. But we noticed that we don’t want to breed or marry AAW. So we did some traveling and married foreign black women.

      1. Black Beauty says:

        And just who are white woman trying to look like when they wear weaves? Yes it is true, they do wear weaves dummy!

        You seem to be really bothered by white men and the black women that want to date them. As far the Asian market who keeps the Asian liquor stores in biz- you the black man, so it goes both ways doesn’t it.

        As far as going outside America to to find a wife, good for you who really cares, with a mindset like yours, sisters are better off the more foreign you become to them, and thank you for breeding someplace else,LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        And I never attacked this Kat woman, I simply agreed with the poster Porsha said in all her posts idiot.

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