MARIETTA (AJC)-Marietta police say the owner of a pit bull reportedly laughed and did nothing as his dog attacked a woman.

Jason Robert Tucker, 35, was arrested after the incident Wednesday and charged with misdemeanor reckless conduct, according to the arrest warrant obtained by the AJC. On Monday afternoon, Tucker remained in the Cobb County jail where he was being held on $25,000 bond, according to booking records.

Police say the dog attacked the victim in Tucker’s Franklin Road apartment. Police did not say how the man and woman are related.

The victim told police the dog attacked her for about 10 minutes, leaving her with numerous bite wounds on her arms, hands and right ankle, according to police. Tucker watched the attack, police said.

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  1. NH pitbull activist says:

    THAT is the most photoshopped picture i have ever seen. this story is fabricated in MORE ways that one. Way to go CBS Atlanta.

    1. Nicolle says:

      Yeah gross hateful BS way to call them on it!!

    2. Just Completely Ridiculous says:

      EXACTLY what I was thinking!!! The mouth is a completely different color than the cheetah marks they shopped onto his body… you can see how scared the dog in that photo is in his eyes, not aggressive. They probably had to piece a bunch of photos together, all in the name of B.S.B.S.L! I cannot believe this. And did anyone else notice this statement, “Police say the dog attacked the victim in Tucker’s Franklin Road apartment. Police did not say how the man and woman are related.” The women could have broken in, tried to hurt the man, or it could have been a drug deal gone wrong. But yet the bully takes the blame for this whole thing! Stupid, ignorant, irresponsible owners+bad media+publicity= Pro B.S.L around the world. Education=the Banning of B.S.L and punishment for the owners, not the dogs.

    3. Karin Klauder says:

      Where is the picture of the jerk who obviously TRAINED the dog to attack people and allowed this to happen? This is a PEOPLE problem NOT a dog problem. STOP BLAMING THE DOGS FOR THEIR IRRESPONSIBLE OWNER!!!!

  2. Samantha ALessi says:

    This newspaper should be ashamed to post a picture like that, the dog was just obeying it’s owner, the real animal is the owner post his picture instead!!

    1. Nicolle says:

      The animals are the owner and this paper apparently!

  3. Kel. says:

    Why on earth would you post that picture?!?!?! This is terrible journalism!!!! You must have really worked hard to get this pup to act that way becuase most of the pitbulls are smiling and enjoying like. That owner is the untrained animal!!! This is very dissappointing coming from you guys. Honestly you all should be assamed of youselves for posting this article like you did.!!!

    1. Nicolle says:

      Shame they lost that long ago with their souls??

  4. Allie says:

    Why don’t you post a horrible picture of the owner instead. He is the real bad guy, the dog was just simply doing what it was told to do, and the owner proceeded to let the dog. And the picture of the painted dog (or whatever was done to it) is ridiculous. Really bad….

  5. michelle says:

    what is with this picture? you should be ashamed of yourself cbs atlanta for continuing the stereotypes of pit bulls.

  6. Nicolle says:

    Horrible case of yet more bad reporting and media bias against this breed. The real horrible monster of the story is the person who perpetrated this attack. What do you think he had to have done to that dog to make it do this, these dogs are not ever naturally human aggressive. The picture shouldn’t be of a fake dog that you photoshopped to look more scary, but of the monster that would do this to human and dog. Once again you do a media fail and hate on a breed you clearly know nothing about. So your going to start reporting other dog breed attacks? Or are you just going to continue on your racist rampage?

  7. Margaret says:

    The animal in the pic looks more like a leopard. Give us a break.

  8. Rachel James says:

    Oh that is just horrid and badly done Photoshop to boot. Journalism in these current times is just a sad state of affairs and this is a good example of that. Shame on you CBS Atlanta, sad, sad reporting.

  9. Christie Williams says:

    What a pathetic case of media bias and the use of stereotype and inciteful photos to promote even more ignorance of what IS the most spectacular breed of dog there is! Propaganda at it’s finest here folks!

  10. Veronica says:

    Terribly saddened, once again, at media portrayal of a subject they so obviously know nothing about. CBS Atlanta, you have done a disservice to your readers by your very shoddy reporting and severly biased (and crazy) photo.
    Jean Ross, we dog lovers & advocates have a very tough row to hoe without people like you adding your ignorance (fuel) to the fire. I’m sure a few more questions would have gotten you some info on how the dog was raised. Also, more info on the poor excuse of a human that owned the dog would, no doubt, shed alot of light on this situation. Get the whole story or don’t publish it.

  11. Liz says:

    I know! What the h*ll? That picture is totally photoshopped… what idiot would post that? How about a picture of the dumb a** man LAUGHING while he has he dog attacking a woman. Who is the villain here?

    PS. Sorry folks – Pits don’t come in leopard coloring… i’m sure it would be the latest and greatest fad it they did.

  12. lindsay says:

    Wow, stereotyping at its worst. I have volunteered at my local animal shelter for 5 years..I photograph dogs for petfinder every weekend. 2/3rds of the dogs I have photographed have been pitbulls that were given up for a variety of reasons but mostly because of their breed. I have never seen one that looked like this. Nice way to make the general public even more fearful of pitbulls by posting pictures like this one. People get attacked everyday by all types of dogs. Give pitbulls a chance, they deserve it. To date there has been no kinder, more gentle or well behaved breed that I’ve come in contact with. It breaks my heart to even look at this picture. If you want to see the gentle eyes of pitbulls that I’ve met go to I can’t emphasize enough the temperament of a dog is not based on the breed.

  13. Jennifer W says:

    I, too, am disturbed by this article. The picture is unbelievable and the story is biased and incomplete. What merit is there in publishing a story like this other than to sensationalize stereotypes against pit bulls and their “bad” owners. Very shameful CBS!

  14. Evelyn says:

    Wow Jean Ross, way to go! you are just another ignorant idiot in our media!

  15. Candace says:

    Thanks CBS Atlanta for showing everyone that you are as credible as that picture!

    Sick of the media… it was only a matter of time before they start making fools of themselves.

  16. lisa says:

    Pathetic reporting, obvious by a ridiculous photo of what is NOT a PitBull. CBS Atlanta, i feel sorry for people who are relying on YOU for factual news. Isnt the story about a Guy who let his dog attack someone???? Where’s HIS photo??? if i mistreated a Poodle, it TOO would attack someone.. Stop the Propaganda and Do some Good! Help put viscious Owners away, so the innocent and badly treated dogs can be rescued from abusive situations and live the joyous life they would Normally live in a loving household. i hope someone from your organization spends more time reading the comments written here, than they do proofreading what they print.

  17. Responsible Pitbull Owner in Buffalo, NY says:

    What an irresponsible excuse for a news article. How about putting the blame where it belongs…..on the man and NOT THE DOG? How about doing an article about the unfair way the media treats Pitbulls? The person who wrote this “article” should be ashamed of themselves. I’m sick of defending this wonderful breed against people like this.

  18. Maureen says:

    Someone getting attacked by a dog is no laughing matter but this so called “dog picture” you posted is an absolutely disgusting ploy for attention. If you think all of this “negative press” you’ve gotten here by people SMART ENOUGH to know you’ve literally LIED to them is a good thing, guess again!! This is a gross injustice on YOUR part. You give journalism a bad name! Sickening!

  19. Debbie Bell says:

    It is never the dog’s fault, as dog control no aspect of their lives: not their heritage (what was the breed/type created to do/ is it big enough to do damage) not its management, not its sexual status (most dogs that attack are intact)..

    It is the fault of the breeders, buyers and pit bull promoters that pits bulls are in our communities and are dying in our pounds, perhaps a million a year. They can and will breed faster than homes can be found for them, so they pay the price daily.

    Pits are frequently acquired for reasons ..other than companionship and suffer disproportionately from severe abuse, neglect, abandonment, and young death (euthanasia, gun shot, otherwise).

    Every pit website states that dog aggression is a common breed instinct, even when the dog is socialized young. After all, this is the “best” fighting dog instinct!. Why would anyone who cares about dogs want to continue this breed trait, especially when the dog is big enough to kill members of all other dog breeds? . I can think of no worse instinct that dog aggression.

    Let them gradually become extinct. Free mandatory spay/neuter microchipping for all pits/pit mixes/all dog aggressive dogs. No caring pit owner is punished, as his dogs are spays/neuters. If a “lab mix”(wink) is “misidentified”, no problem, she gets a free spay.

  20. Tiffany Whitney says:

    Wow anything to put a pit bull down. well to all those people out there who think negatively why don’t you educate yourself on the truth. I can’t stand it, i have two and they are wonderful dogs!!!! Anyways that picture has nothing to do with this story so why is it there? Blame the owner not the dog.

  21. Ron Mack says:

    WOW! Amazing. I cannot believe more emphases is focused on the pic of than on the woman who was attacked. We truly live in a SICK WORLD! Jesus please hurry up and return

  22. Maria says:

    Why does everybody think the world is prejudice against pit bulls? The article is about a pit bull who attacked somebody, so there is a picture of a pitbull being aggressive. Sure, it’s badly photoshopped, but that has nothing to do with anything. If the article had been about a pit bull saving a baby’s life, there would have been a picture of a pit bull cuddling up to a baby.

    It is a proven fact that pit bulls, along with Rottweilers, are one of the most agressive breeds. They attack more people each year than all other dogs combined. It isn’t their fault, and I’m not saying pit bulls are evil. They should just not be bred. I’m aware that how they are trained is a factor, but breeding is, also.

    Some people use the excuse “I know a pit bull and it’s the sweetest thing!” to justify that pit bulls aren’t any more aggressive than any other dog. I’m aware that some pit bulls are very sweet, and would never harm anyone. Other pit bulls seem sweet until they snap and kill somebody. Other pit bulls are aggressive all along. I used to know a Rottweiler. She was the sweetest thing. She didn’t have a bit of meanness in her. She was calm and loved all people and dogs, especially children. She was a perfect pet. However, that doesn’t mean that Rottweilers aren’t aggressive. I’m not saying that all Rottweilers are sweet and compassionate and misunderstood. Rottweilers are, in general, a dangerous breed that you shouldn’t have around children. Just like pit bulls.

    I once had a chocolate lab that was very aggressive. He actually tried to kill Tosha, the aforementioned Rottweiler, when she was very old and weak and at the end of her life. He would kill deer and the neighbors’ rabbits and chickens. He would occasionally bite people; not hard enough to draw blood, but enough to scare children so that they cried. This was a horrible dog. We gave him away because he was too aggressive for our family. However, that doesn’t mean that labs are an aggressive breed. They have one of the lowest attack rates of any breed. They are great around children.

    And don’t say it’s all in how they are raised. We got another chocolate lab before him, one who we still have. He’s 13 years old. When people meet him, they comment on how nice and calm he is. He’s never bitten since he was a puppy, and he barely bit then. He doesn’t bark, except to ask to be let in from outside. When he does that, he barks once and then waits about five minutes for us to get to the door before barking again. He doesn’t chase after other dogs, and he’s never run away. He doesn’t jump or lay on furniture, and he leaves the dining room when we eat. He doesn’t even get mad when my little cousins pull his tail (I always stop them, so don’t say I’m cruel! They just occasionally get in a tug when my attention is elsewhere).

    I’ve spent way too long writing this and gotten fairly off topic. My point is, don’t judge a dog breed based on just dogs you know. You may know some nice pit bulls, but that doesn’t make pit bulls the nicest breed. They are one of the meanest breeds. That doesn’t mean that most pit bulls are mean; it just means that a higher percentage of pit bulls are aggressive than any other dog breed.

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