CLAYTON, Co (WAOK/AJC)-Former Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill has been indicted for crimes he allegedly committed while in office. Hill was indicted on 37 counts, including racketeering. He turned himself in after he was formally indicted.  While grand jury proceedings are usually secret, Hill was allowed to sit in and witness the process even though grand jury proceedings are usually held in closed door session.

Hill says he still plans to run for the office he lost in 2008 to Sheriff Kem Kimbrough.

Hill has repeatedly said politics is behind the criminal case and that it only started after he announced he would be running for sheriff this year.  Current Clayton County Sheriff Kem Kimbrough said the charge is not political, it’s about accountability and integrity.

Read more on the story from the AJC

  1. GBW says:

    I believe that Mr. Hill is innocent. When he took office I remember he fired some policemen who he felt would not be an asset to his administration. This ruffled some feathers. This is to discourage him from entering the political process and go away. Whenever a system wants to get rid of anyone it always begins with character assassination. What a sad state of affairs

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