Today on Powertalk with Lorraine Jacques-White, we spoke with Chris Braxton a parent of  one of the students at Beaver Ridge Elementary School.  They gave us the inside knowledge on what really happened in the 3rd grade classrooms, where students were forced to complete a lesson that was infused with racist content.

Chris Braxton is angry, and wants the teachers to be held responsible for their action.  Furthermore, Ed DuBose of the NAACP called into insure the community that he will get to the bottom of this controversial issue.

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Take a listen to what Chris Braxton has to say about the incident that occurred at Beaver Ridge Elementary School.

Parents Outraged At Slavery Lesson Part 1:

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Parents Outraged At Slavery Lesson Part 2:

Parents Outraged At Slavery Lesson Part 3 (Ed DuBose):

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