Well, Well, Well…

Here we are just a few days removed from Atlanta’s victory over the defending Eastern Conference champions in South Beach only to turn around and literally drop the ball on their court.

No LeBron James, No Dwyane Wade, and the Atlanta Hawks still found a way to give up last night’s triple overtime game to the Miami Heat 116-109.

As the game was going on last night I was on twitter stating the obvious, not too many teams get the opportunity to play the Miami Heat in the vulnerable state that they were in having to basically depend on Mario Chalmers and Chris Bosh.

Chalmers and Bosh…

Yeah if you’re the Hawks you’ve gotta love that right?

Guess not!

The Hawks looked bad and I really hate to admit that. Things were so bad at one point the TNT crew was saying Coach Larry Drew should possible go to the end of the bench and play Jerry Stackhouse. Thank the Lord that didn’t happen but one thing did happen, well actually two things… Ivan Johnson and Willie Green!

Ivan and Willie who?

I was saying the same thing last night.

Johnson, a virtual nobody in the league came into last night’s game and played the most inspired basketball all night for the Hawks and Green also had an outstanding performance last night. If you take those two guys out of the mix the hometown Hawks would’ve lost in regulation.

Before I go let me say this… As a lifelong resident of AtlantaI was completely embarrassed by the way Charles Barkley and Reggie Miller were dissecting the Hawks. They clowned the Atlanta Spirit for paying Joe Johnson all of that money, they criticized the team’s shot selection which at times was terrible, and they dogged the team’s lack of aggressiveness.

All of which I agree with.

After watching the Wade-less and James-less Heat beat Atlanta on their home court one thing is very clear… The Hawks might be a playoff team but they’re far from a championship caliber team.

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