TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) – Police are investigating a rash of cat disappearances and murders, after as many as 25 cats have disappeared from the area over the past month.

In addition to the missing animals, five or six cats have also been found dead, with an as-yet unidentified powder found near the bodies.

Tybee Island Police Chief Robert Bryson told CBS Atlanta that the matter is presently under investigation, but that they are considering the disappearances and deaths to be related, and are taking it “very, very seriously.”

“In several different locations on Tybee (Island), people care for a large amount of cats,” he said, adding that they are feral cats who are fed, spayed or neutered, and tended to by area residents, as well as a local humane organization.

Explained Bryson, “These are community pets, not grandma’s house cat … and it appears someone may want to bring them harm, who doesn’t want them around.”

Bryson added that they have several suspects, and are pursuing all leads.

Calls made to the local animal welfare organization, the Milton Project of Savannah, were not immediately returned.

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  1. Woodsman says:

    TNR Advocates are making absolute fools out of each and every one of you that they con with their lies, deceptions, and nonsense. They are nothing but criminally-irresponsible cat-hoarders, only now with even less responsibility for the well-being of their cats than ever before.

    If you do the research, as I did using data from the most “successful” TNR programs, you’ll easily find that no TNR program has EVER trapped more than 0.4% of existing cats in any one area for over a decade now. (Even Oregon’s amazing 50,000 TNR’ed cats, at the end of this year will have only trapped 0.35% of them in Oregon.) They simply cannot trap them faster than they breed out of control, no matter what they do. And those cats that learn to evade traps go on to produce offspring that now also know how to evade any trapping method used. So not only are >99.6% still and ALWAYS breeding out of control, and spreading their diseases everywhere, and still destroying ALL wildlife (native prey becomes tortured play-toys, native predators starve to death from cats destroying their ONLY food), but TNR fools are also ensuring that any future generations of these devastating invasive-species won’t even be able to be trapped. This is why, due to TNR-Advocates’ insistence that they have “the answer”, that their feral-cat population has now climbed to an ecologically-deadly 150 MILLION feral-cats across the USA. Soon to turn into 1.5 BILLION cats within the year if you apply cats’ breeding rates to previous population numbers. (That’s actually a low low estimate. The real number from calculations spit out by their reproduction rates is closer to 2.4 BILLION.)

  2. Woodsman says:

    Look up the term TNR advocates just LOVE to use on how they reduce their feral-cat numbers, their candy-coating feel-good term of “Death by Attrition”. This means that their cats will die from disease, cat-attacks, animal-attacks, exposure, road-kill, starvation, and any other means that drastically shortens cats’ lives. They don’t die from old-age, you know! ALL their cats suffering for how many months it takes to die that way. Just because they don’t see how that cat lies there, gasping for air, dying for days, after it’s been hit by a car or survived an animal attack means that it didn’t die inhumanely? Is that how it works with TNR advocates? They didn’t see it suffer to death so it didn’t suffer? Are they THIS self-deluded? A cat dying from poisoning is even more humane than a cat dying from TNR’s “attrition” (of which poisoning by any means; plant, snake, insect, or chemical; is one of the many methods that falls under the definition of “attrition”). In most parts of this country and the world TNR practices clearly falls under the guidelines for cruelty to animals, animal-abuse, animal-neglect, animal-endangerment, and animal-abandonment laws. Including being in direct violation of every invasive-species law in existence.

    Let’s not forget how TNR advocates don’t hesitate to carve up cats with scalpels as well as cutting off parts of their ears, from which they have to heal-up for weeks before they try to survive again. As if letting them die of “attrition” wasn’t bad enough, TNR-advocates start them off by terrorizing them with traps, cages, and sticking knives into them first. (Which is also precisely why they can’t trap them a 2nd time to keep them vaccinated.)

    Not only are they cruelly torturing cats, but also all wildlife they inflict their cats upon. Their cats literally ripping the skin off of and clawing the guts out of any wildlife to use it as an agonizingly and slowly dying twitching play-toy for their cats. And as soon as all the “fun” has drained out of their play-toy, they go on and find another one to torture. This is no different than if cat-owners went to a pet-store and bought canaries and hamsters then threw them at their cats to watch their cats tear them apart for their amusement. What about all the native predators that depend on all those animals for their ONLY food? Their cats cause all those animals to STARVE TO DEATH. TNR-advocates’ cruelty knows no bounds.

    If you want to raise revenue for your towns and cities in order to deal with this invasive-species ecological-disaster properly and effectively, start charging all these TNR advocates with severe fines and imprisonment for CRUELTY TO ANIMALS AND VIOLATION OF INVASIVE-SPECIES LAWS.

    They’re not doing this out of any goodness of their hearts. THEY DON’T HAVE HEARTS, nor minds. Proved, 100%.

  3. Woodsman says:

    If any of you have even half a brain, you’d be looking for whoever did this to thank them and then PAY THEM for the much needed job that animal-control should have been doing all along. Are you ALL brain-dead morons?

  4. S Montgomery says:

    Unfortunately the last 20 years have shown that trap/remove/kill does not work. If it did – there would not be free roaming cats anywhere. Give us a chance to try something different. It depends on private donations in most cases and saves cities and counties money.

    1. Nature Advocate says:

      True. TNR advocates are at least right about one thing (and ONE THING ONLY); trap and kill doesn’t work either because it is based on the very same flawed method that they use — slow, random-chance, inefficient, easily outfoxed traps. There’s a reason the phrase “hunted to extinction” is so well-known in all cultures across all lands. It is the *ONLY* method that is faster than a species can out-breed and out-adapt to.

      Making your land 100% cat-free is something that cat advocates haven’t been able to solve nation-wide for 30-40 years. On my land only 1 person in only 2 seasons was able to accomplish what they couldn’t attain in decades. Why is that? The cost per cat was also only 0.3 CENT, 3 cats PER PENNY, a ONE-TIME expense (5000 rounds on sale for only $15). All cats gone for the price of a few cups of coffee. And contrary to another famous TNR-Advocate’s bald-faced “vacuum effect” LIE … NO CATS REPLACED THEM. The NATIVE predators and their required NATIVE prey that WAS here and BELONGS here is what replaced their lousy invasive-species cats that had destroyed the entire native food-chain.

  5. Bernie says:

    Woodsman HAS BEEN POSTING ON 100’s OF SITES the same exact wording. He’s obviously a landowner with a financial interest in being able to shoot cats on his property. Most of his arguments are distortions of statistics or irrelevant if you check them. Such as links to studies showing that fleas cause disease, etc. So what?
    TNR does help reduce cat populations. Those who promote it have the same goal as the landowners like this guy. Cats are just wild animals. The reason they are multiplying on your land is because you upset the ecosystem by killing all the coyotes, wolves, owls, etc. Certain groups are heavily propagandizing to advocate killing of all wild animals in favor of expanding human expansion, profits, etc…Successful TNR threatens their goals.
    Shooting cats is not the answer. Some of them are already friendly and have been set free by ignorant people… There’s a lot of youtube videos of happy endings with for feral cats. An example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3V0c3shTi-A . If the goal is to eliminate suffering, TNR helps. Also, these programs must be allowed to continue because eventually science can find a more effective way to mass sterilze cats via biotech and perhaps some sort of dna-altering substances which can be put in their food. (and which would only sterilize cats, not other species). Something like that. This would also solve the problem for landowners like the one who’s posting all this over-puffed comments.

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