ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – An Atlanta teen who cried – or texted – ‘wolf’ about being held hostage by “several Asian males armed with multiple shotguns” faces a slew of charges for her exaggerated texts – messages that caused Atlanta SWAT to arrive to the scene of what was thought to be a hostage situation.

Alexandra Dahm, 19, was arrested today after she lied about being held hostage and for attempting to discard cocaine in her possession while at the police station.

At around 6:30 a.m., police were informed of a possible kidnapping. Atlanta Police told CBS Atlanta that a man called police and informed them that Dahm was suddenly missing and that she wasn’t responding to phone calls or text messages.

Soon thereafter, Dahm texted her friend, telling him that “they will not allow me out of the car.”

Dahm texted again that “several Asian males armed with multiple shotguns” were holding her hostage, according to the police report. Dahm’s friend told police that Dahm was afraid to leave the location and would not get in his car.

Upon learning of the situation, Atlanta Police called on its SWAT unit to respond to the location, setting up a perimeter around the house. Hours later, Dahm walked out of the house, telling police she was not in any danger. She also admitted to using cocaine the previous night, according to the police report.

Police urged all of the people in the house to exit, which they did. One of the men in the house signed a consent form to search the location. Police would find no weapons inside the house, according to the police report.

When interviewing the people separately, each of them described drinking and drug use, but there was no hostage situation or any situation involving weapons. The six people were soon released.

After bringing Dahm back to the precinct, she would ask to use the bathroom. While she was in the bathroom, police observed Dahm “retrieve a blue glassine baggie from her underwear attempting to put it in the toilet.” Police asked Dahm to hand over the bag, which contained powder cocaine. Dahm would admit to police that she “may have over-exaggerated her text messages,” and that she would delete her text messages.

Dahm has been charged with possession of cocaine and tampering with evidence.

  1. Gerry from the L says:

    Lock her up and throw away the key on this loser!!!

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