While on a promotional outing for V-103 and WAOK at Turner Field a couple of people sent a message on Twitter stating that they could not believe that the Braves had a flag raised in the outfield for winning the WildCard the previous season.  I replied that Braves fans were just happy to be in the playoffs that year, especially missing the playoffs the year before, and having a “bounce back” season in Manager Bobby Cox’s farewell tour.  The person replied back that this would never happen in Boston or New York, referring to the Red Sox and Yankees respectively, that those teams would never celebrate mediocrity.

After a “spirited” debate on Sports Kings Radio, between Rob, Dean, and Big Mike basically comparing the major sports teams in Atlanta, I realized that the opinions of whether or not the teams are on the right path are totally subjective.  For example, the team that is consistently participating in post-season play is the Atlanta Hawks however, the average fan feels that the team in the best position to win a championship is the Atlanta Falcons.  Considering that the Falcons have put together consistent winning season, they have a solid organizational structure, and a good coaching staff one can see why that is the perception.  The Atlanta Braves were the most consistent winner but with all teams, father time eventually caught up with them along with changes in organizational structure and management.

There are cities with professional sports teams that would probably kill to have Atlanta’s success.  Atlanta Sports Fans have also proven that they will support a consistent winner but the question does remain is just winning good enough?  Atlanta Fans want the taste of another World Championship.  The city should appreciate what it has in the Falcons, Braves, Hawks, and including the two-time Eastern Conference Champion Atlanta Dream, who are vastly underappreciated.  There should also be a balance between appreciation and raising the expectations of our sports teams.  Having zero tolerance like the New York’s and the Boston’s is not necessarily the “road map” for improvement but there is something to be said for that kind of passion.  Ask yourself, is winning good enough for your team or is this as good as it gets??

Jamie Walker


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