SAVANNAH, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) The United States Coast Guard has scaled back the maximum number of passengers allowed on a given ferry, resulting in a lower maximum capacity rate for commercial vessels such as the Savannah Belles Ferry.

According to documents provided to CBS Atlanta by the U.S. Coast Guard, the final rule for the “Passenger Weight and Inspected Vessel Stability Requirements” amendment goes into effect in March of 2012.

All companies in ownership of such vessels must make all applicable mandatory alterations before that time.

The aforementioned documents state that the final rule was passed to avoid any potential safety issues caused by the excessive strain of larger human cargo.

“The Coast Guard amends its regulations governing the maximum weight and number of passengers that may safely be permitted on board a vessel and other stability regulations, including increasing the Assumed Average Weight per Person … to 185 lb.,” the document states. “Updating regulations to more accurately reflect today’s average weight per person will maintain intended safety levels by accounting for this weight increase.”

This legislation has been several years in the making, starting when the U.S. Coast Guard proposed the amendment in 2008.

“A number of different design factors, including stability, limit the total number of persons permitted on a passenger vessel,” the final rule documents state.

These rules only apply to commercial vehicles. There are no such regulations in place for privately owned boats or other recreational water vehicles.

“This rule affects U.S.-flagged commercial passenger vessels, not the kind of recreational sailboat you would buy for your personal use,” Lisa Novak, public affairs officer for the U.S. Coast Guard, said to CBS Atlanta.

A report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution said that ferry boats will be shedding between 14 to 20 seats per boat during the next month.

Calls made by CBS Atlanta to Savannah Belles Ferry to find out how these regulations would affect operations were not immediately returned.

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  1. Dave Mowers says:

    Americans would like to THANK their corrupt politicians and psychotic agri-business leaders along with greedy, inept and insane scientists for allowing genetically engineered and modified plants into the food chain before public testing. You people have destroyed hundreds of millions of Americans digestive systems with your quackery, malice and greed. i hope you remember all the damage you are causing to the human DNA chain this Christmas. Be sure to remind your children that is was Mommy and Daddy who ruined America and caused the rampant disease that threatened humanity. Thank You once again for immorality at a national scale, cancer, diabetes, acid reflux, and obesity. I think everyone knows which companies are doing this and I believe that everyone also knows what needs to be done to these psychopaths running them.

    1. Mike G says:

      I think you need to pull your tin foil hat down a little farther, the black helicopters are coming for you.

      1. Dave Mowers says:


        In an experimental attempt to boost the methionine level in soybeans, a gene from Brazil nuts was introduced into a soybean variety intended for use as animal feed. But the introduction of a new gene may lead to the production of a new protein (Fig.1). In this case the new protein caused a “life-threatening allergic reaction in people”(Beardsley, 1996). The company quickly stopped the project (Beardsley, 1996; Feder, 1996; Leary, 1996). Here again we see an unexpected result from an attempt at genetic engineering.

      2. USArmyCombatMedic says:

        @DaveMowers: “In this case the new protein caused a “life-threatening allergic reaction in people”(Beardsley, 1996)”…

        Do you realize how many causes there are of allergic reactions? And you chose soybeans as the source of your ire? In any case, if you don’t like genetically altered/processed food, don’t buy it. Feel free to plant your own garden, raise your own cattle, and whatever else you think you need to survive this “rampant disease”.

        I find it interesting that you mention “insane scientists”. This accusation is only logical if you are 1) a scientist yourself, or 2) in the position to declare a person sane/insane, like, say a psychiatrist. Are you either? Because if not, everybody else on this forum just declared YOU to be a rambling moron.. I’m not saying I agree with them, nor am I saying I disagree.. I’ll let you and your infinite wisdom decide.

      3. ughit says:

        Agreed. These inane statements based on speculation and hysterical reactions.

      1. Dave Mowers says:


        Genetic engineering is the insertion of a segment of DNA containing one or more genes from one organism into a chromosome of another organism. This process, when successful, allows the expression of the added gene in the host organism. The process involves using either a VIRUS or BACTERIUM nucleic acid as a vector of insertion, or else doing the job with a micropipette or by bio-ballistic DNA delivery with a “gene gun” (Nicholl, 1994; Ho, 1996). To be sure that the gene you are trying to insert is actually present, the added segment of DNA usually includes a “marker gene” which is most often a gene for antibiotic resistance. The organism is then grown in a culture containing the antibiotic. Only those individuals with the added segment of DNA will survive, since they are the only organisms that are resistant to the antibiotic. At least this is how desired genes are usually identified, with a marker for antibiotic resistance. So far, there have been about 50 different food crop approvals for genetically engineered varieties (U.S.FDA, 2000).

        “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
        -Arthur C. Clarke

      2. Dave Mowers says:

        From the Daily Mail .UK;

        For biodiesel to make a real impact, it would have to come directly from plants.
        Now University of Stanford researchers say that the chemical process to produce cheap plant-based biodiesel could be within reach. But recent experiments with E COLI have hinted that the BACTERIA – commonly found in the intestines of mammals, and in some strains, responsible for food poisoning – could be the key. Producing viable biodiesel from plants is a complicated process – and so far, there has not been a viable way to mass-produce the substance from plant oil.

      3. Dave Mowers says:


        Attack the messenger with no facts of your own huh? Well, no wonder you couldn’t find a real job and had to enlist in the military to survive. I just declared you and idiot feel like coming back and doing some more name calling?

    2. I P Standing says:

      well president newt better not hop on a ferry,,well you know what I mean,,

      1. Partyoffamilyvalues&nogambling says:

        I’ll bet you $10k that Newt will never be POTUS.

    3. Less than "Average" size says:

      @ Mike G, you are a rude meanine, and need to reflect on being more polite in forums.
      @US Army Medic, the passing of the Food saftey Bill S510 prevents individuals from growing their own food or saving seeds, this was sponsored and lobbied by Monsanto the largest producer of GMO seeds and supplies to millions of farmers around the world.
      Personally, I think that many Americans truly believe that they are eating healthy, and the FDA food pyramid or plate (thanks Michelle Obama) is flawed, many processed foods have increased amounts of sugar, salt, carbs, fillers, etc, and many do not have the time to exercise.
      It is a shame but yes fewer people on boats because their weight exceeds “average”.
      Based on this story and some simple math the New average must be about what 220lbs?

      1. Dave Mowers says:

        @Less than “Average” size

        THANK YOU!

        Be careful, that pretend Army medic might make up a pretend F.B.I. name and hunt you down!

    4. Sheridan says:

      Right on Brother – I agree with you 100%.

    5. Thomas K says:

      I think you are scared because you only have a tenative grasp of the actual science behind these genetically modified plants. I have a degree in biochemistry and plant biolohy and currently work in a biofuels lab that works with various genetically modified plants.

      When you mention a virus or bacterium that is used to transform another organism or tissue it is only the the structure and machinary of these tools that are used. In a very rough explaination, all of the viral DNA is removed from the virus and your desired DNA is inserted in its stead. The virus wants to replicate itself so it’s mechanisms attach to a cell and inject the DNA its carrying – but now it no longer has its own destructive DNA and can only insert the new DNA with the desirable trait. Its like replacing bullets in a gun with $100 bills that fall out right into your hand. The outside is all scary and mean but the actual danger is replaced with something helpful. The bacterium mentioned is something called agrobacterium, which only effects plants anyways, and is the organism that causes those big knots on trees you see every once in a while. It works in the same way as a virus where it naturally injects its DNA into plant tissue but we just change the DNA so it does a good thing and not a bad thing.

      You have to realize we are’t ‘creating’ anything here. We are using a natural way of programing organisms, DNA, and are using natural mechanisms, viruses and agrobacterium, to adjust this programing to produce improved organisms.

    6. Don Newman says:

      Dave, STOP! OK! Just stop. We’re talking about fat people on a boat. That’s it! OK?

    7. RickM says:

      …for allowing genetically engineered and modified plants into the food chain …

      since man started farming, we have been genetically altering / engineering our food source by cross-pollinating successful strains, destroying seeds from less productive plants in order to remove undesirable pollen from the next years crop, etc. We have been doing this in one manner or another before we could read or write. We have laboratories now that allow precise measurement, controls, and recording — eliminating much of the trial-and-error of the past. It is not the bio-engineering you really object to is it?

    8. ablecynic says:

      Hey Dave, forget your Meds this morning?

    9. juanita valdez says:

      Funny, I’m not fat. I practice one exercise every day…it’s called a push away. As in push away from the table when I have eaten enough food.

      Self-respect, self-reliance, personal responsibility.

  2. Elrushbo says:

    More government regulation thanks to the kenyan!

    1. george says:

      Yep. Now all the displaced ferry riders are supposed to fall on their knees and THANK Michelle for her dietary edicts. As a friend of mine once opined, there is no such thing as a coincidence.

    2. Marty Kay Zee says:

      The Keynan is trim and fit, not like your namesake who would probably threaten to capsize a fair sized ferry. So we have our first foreign born Muslim president. And we’re certainly going to reelect him next year. Is this a great country, or what?

  3. Bart says:

    But they’re so buoyant?!?

    1. William says:

      That only works if they are in the water. On a boat they are just weight applied against buoyancy of the boat.

  4. LIBERTY NOW says:

    The reason that American people are over weight is simple. They eat the high FATOSE corn syrup ( it’s in 80% of the foods and it is almost certain to be GMO, along with the soy& corn….. it’s a soft kill.

    1. RJ says:

      I think you mean high fructose corn syrup. Please learn to spell.

      1. Eyeroll says:

        I think he was being facetious. Please learn a sense of humor.

      2. BL says:

        You could use a sense of humor, RJ. Liberty Now was being critical of fructose and how it makes people fat by calling it fatose.

      3. LIBERTY NOW says:

        Ha, Ha, Ha, FATOSE..get it? WOW

      4. dan says:

        It’s a joke you need to get out more

    2. Mike G says:

      See my reply to Dave Mowers above. It applies to you too.

    3. Dave Mowers says:

      90% of U.S. corn in GMO and has been that way for more than 20 years now, plenty of time to destroy the beneficial bacteria in your gut and intestines. Which is, the purpose, to create investment opportunities in health care for the rich. They are willing to kill you for money but are Americans willing to return the favors? Or…to exact justice? Stop being a child in mind and look at what is happening with enlightened eyes.

      1. USArmyCombatMedic says:

        Dave, despite what scripted lies tell you, it’s not hard to live healthy. Do you run every morning? Let me guess: you read somewhere (probably the internet) that running is so terrible for your knees that it’s not worth it. Do you prepare your own meals (or are you “so busy” you just had to wait in line at the drive-thru)?

        Honestly, I am a former soldier and a current 24 year old college student living off my Montgomery GI Bill and financial aid. SOMEHOW, I manage to eat a healthy meal twice a day (that I prepared myself!) and a snack in the middle. It’s not overly difficult. It involves planning ahead and discipline.

        You rant about “investment opportunities…for the rich”, but what are you doing to help yourself? Anything?

        Stop being a child in mind and look at what is happening [IN YOUR OWN LIFE] with enlightened eyes..

      2. Dave Mowers says:

        Rep. Dennis Kucinich introduced the Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act (H.R. 3553). The legislation would require labeling for genetically engineered foods.

        The intent of the Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act is:

        To amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, the Federal Meat Inspection Act, and the Poultry Products Inspection Act to require that food that contains a genetically engineered material, or that is produced with a genetically engineered material, be labeled accordingly.

        …posted for the fitness Nazis advocating punishing overweight people because they are psychotic and momma didn’t let them suck the nipple.

      3. Thomas K says:

        I asume you are refering to the antibiotic resistance added to the modified organism? As far as I know that is only used in genetically modified bacteria because that would be useless in plant modifcation because they aren’t, welll how do you say, bacteria?

        Lets say they are used in plant cells. They are not used to make the plant an antibiotic and kill the natural bacteria in your gut, it makes them resistant to antibiotics themselves.

        Again, I’m not real sure you have any idea of the real, not hysterical science behind GMO organisms.

    4. USArmyCombatMedic says:

      Really? I thought it was due to people taking in more calories than they burn off…

      1. Dave Mowers says:


        A college student instantly turned into a troll lets keep playing goofy.

  5. RJ says:

    Instead of lowering the maximum number of people on the ferries, why not enforce a maximum weight for passengers? If you’re too fat, you don’t get to go.

    1. roenigk says:

      Boats have leeway, by design. The real problem in America are our elevators. Maximum capacity 2000 lbs or 13 people. At 185 lbs, that drops to 10 passengers.

      However, fat people take up more space. So, it is difficult to accidentally overload an elevator.

      1. ablecynic says:

        Unless it is on a hot day when they are all sweaty and you can squeeze a few more in. ;o)

    2. RickM says:

      Build bigger ferries…

  6. t Schwartz says:

    Have you ever seen the tradgic accidents in many third world countries, where a ferry boat is grossly overloaded and the ship rolls, catches fire, sinks, etc. The reason you don’t see those types of accidents in the US are due to the stabilty / vessel inspections the USCG does.

    While I’m not one for more regulations, this one makes sense. For a large ferry it may seem like a ridculous rule, but these same rules will apply to all inspected vessels (vessels that carry more than 6 passengers for a fee). These include things like charter vessels, whale watching tours, small ferries, dinner cruises, etc.

    1. Claymidia Jackson says:

      Well there was an article that large fairy chaz bono broke up wit his wife,,

      1. Chump says:

        Wasn’t Chaz Bonos’ dad Sonny Bono the Republican? So much for family values, looks like he didn’t pray hard enough to get the gay out of his daughter.

    2. Ya we dont cram them all on and allow then to be weighted to a side of a boat that can cause it to capsize for beginers! this weight limit thing is just obamas nazis pushing their weighted butts around!

  7. alan says:

    what a sad excuse of a country we have become.

    1. David says:

      Regarding the “sadness” aspect, you’re on the right track.

      It is (very) possible that a major contributor to obesity in many individuals is how people feel – their mental health.

      Many people who are depressed, anxious, stressed, etc, comfort-eat as a form of emotional self-medication.

  8. MB says:

    Charge by the pound to compensate the ferry operator for the loss. Also, on airlines, if you can’t fit in the seat, pay for two. Airlines costs have gone up dramatically over the years due to passenger weight. Not only do fatties make it unbearable to ride next to them with the armrest at a 45 degree angle and stench, they are the cause of the baggage fees, etc., as the airlines can’t take the bad PR of charging fatties more… so they reduce weight by making the rest of us suffer.

  9. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    If it was Michael Moore the limit would be 1 and divers would be standing by.

    1. me says:

      … to make sure he sinks?

  10. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    How come Ronald McDonald is skinny shouldn’t he be morbidly obese?

    1. heatherfeather says:

      For the same reason all of the customers in McDonalds commercials are skinny (and fashion-forward!).

  11. Chris says:

    So many fatties, not enough self control.

    1. Fryar says:

      Yep, just look at fat boy Newt Gingrich.

    2. Mark says:

      Increased access to fried chicken stopped them rioting though, didn’t it?

  12. cordstreet says:

    Weird, an article about fat and ferries and no mention of Barney Frank.

    1. Fryar says:

      Haha, or Rush Limbaugh!

    2. Hermann Cain says:

      “where the white women?”

  13. Bill says:

    Barney Fwank’s a ferry.

  14. NowYouKnow says:

    Hysterical! What about airplanes?

  15. Bon-bon Voyage says:

    Too many fat fairies on the ferries…

  16. Pooby says:

    Dave Mowers is clearly a bitter fatty. Eat less, get off the internet and get some exercise.

  17. Pooby says:

    Dave, I have lived and eaten in America my whole life. I’m 6′ tall and weigh 170 lbs with virtually no body fat. What’s your excuse?

    1. Dave Mowers says:

      Where do you get your methamphetamine? Don’t post his number just scramble the digits using your crackerjack decoder ring instructions. Oh, and why are you named after fecal matter…or is that the secret?


      1. Natassia says:

        What is wrong with you?

        I have lived here all my life, never taken drugs, given birth to two children, and I am not overweight either. And I don’t even exercise regularly.

      2. David says:

        See? Heisenberg *is* helping people to stay healthy.

      3. jasperddbgghost says:

        Dave, why do you type with a lisp?

  18. pyramos says:

    the problem is not with FATOSE or genetically altered food the problem is with over eating, Fat people eat too much. They need to pay for the inconvenience and expense they put the rest of us though.

  19. Liberty1776 says:

    The feds need to butt out! Let the states along with the ferry owners decide what is the best way for them to operate their business.

  20. The public health epidemics have been created by public health themselves:….


    Old Definition: Blood sugar > 140 mg/dl
    People under old definition: 11.7 million
    New Definition: Blood sugar > 126 mg/dl
    People added under new definition: 1.7 million
    Percent increase: 15%

    The definition was changed in 1997 by the American Diabetes Association and WHO Expert Committee on the Diagnosis and Classification of Diabetes Mellitus.


    High blood pressure is reported as two numbers, systolic or peak pressure and diastolic pressure when heart is at rest) in mm Hg.

    Old Definition: cutoff Blood Pressure > 160/100
    People under old definition: 38.7 million
    New Definition: Blood Pressure > 140/90
    People added under new definition: 13.5 million
    Percent Increase: 35%

    The definition was changed in 1997 by U.S. Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure.

    Prehypertension, a new category created in 2003: blood pressure from 120/80 to 138/89 includes 45 million additional people! If one includes this category, we have a grand total of 97.2 million total numbers of hypertensives and prehypertensives (whatever that is).

    High (Total) Cholesterol:

    Old Definition: Cholesterol > 240 mg/dl total cholesterol
    People under old definition: 49.5 million
    New Definition: Cholesterol > 200 mg/dl total cholesterol
    People added under new definition: 42.6 million
    Percent increase: 86%

    The definition was changed in 1998 by U.S. Air Force/Texas Coronary Atherosclerosis Prevention Study.


    Body Mass Index (BMI) is defined as the ratio of weight (in kg) to height (in meters) squared and is an inexact measure of body fat, though it supposedly establishes cutoff points of normal weight, overweight, and obesity.

    Old definition: BMI > 28 (men), BMI > 27 (women)
    People under old definition: 70.6 million
    New definition: BMI > 25
    People added under new definition: 30.5 million
    Percent Increase: 43%

    The definition was changed in 1998 by U.S. National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

    “The new definitions ultimately label 75 percent of the adult U.S. population as diseased,” conclude the two researchers.

  21. Jack says:

    The REASON why Americans are so fat is because American farming industry has become so efficient that the cost of food, as a fraction of disposable income, is the lowest it has ever been. We simply can AFFORD to eat anythng our fat bodies desire. In 1900 Americans allocated ~40% of total disposable income to food. Now it is ~10-15%. People don’ get FAT because of GM grains, evil McDonalds, ore even the dreaded high frutose corn syrup…its HOW MUCH of it is consumed! Its all in the number calories. An average office worker should only consume 2000 calories/day….the average person consumes 3-5000/day. A Starbucks Latte has 1000 calories. I think Starbcks is more dangerous to your health than McDonalds and should be banned.

    1. David says:

      That is a very good hypothesis Jack, thank you for that information.

      It disposable income everything though?

      In 1945 there still were not many obese at all, and personal wealth would have increased a lot from 1900.

      I’m sure cheaper food is part of the puzzle, but I bet there is more to it.

      Personally, I think an important factor is long-term stress/unhappiness, which induces many individuals to self-medicate with (cheaply available) food.

    2. Spence says:

      There are 190 calories in a 16oz Starbucks Latte, although I agree with your greater point. Most Americans eat too many calories, and don’t get enough exercise. Try riding your bike to work.

  22. This is just another move by Obamas public health NAZIS………..they just got billions to create junk science anti-obesity studies for michelle obamas new czarina roll as head public health policeman……the dems stole billions from food stamp programs to finance the war on obesity…

    If you lose your job and you get a reduced food stamp amount blame it on the fraudulent obesity epidemic that was created like everything else to get public health laws enacted against us all!

    1. Notfat says:

      Hey wannabebiker78, checkout the link below. Mississippi House Bill 282 sponsored by 2 very conservative Republicans and 1 conservative Democrat. Obama isn’t the only public health Nazi out there, conservatives love to be Nazis too.

      1. Dave Mowers says:

        !GODWIN’S LAW!


  23. Mississippi Legislature
    2008 Regular Session
    House Bill 282
    House Calendar | Senate Calendar | Main Menu
    Additional Information | All Versions

    Current Bill Text: |

    Description: Food establishments; prohibit from serving food to any person who is obese.

    Background Information:
    Disposition: Active
    Deadline: General Bill/Constitutional Amendment
    Revenue: No
    Vote type required: Majority
    Effective date: July 1, 2008

    History of Actions:
    1 01/25 (H) Referred To Public Health and Human Services;Judiciary B

    —– Additional Information —–

    House Committee: Public Health and Human Services*, Judiciary B

    Principal Author: Mayhall
    Additional Authors: Read, Shows


    1. Dave Mowers says:

      Now all we need is legislation that can declare certain activities engaged in by Americans a “terrorism” and people like the Armymediccombat poster to use machine guns and explosives during defense operations to save us from evil eaters and fat people…..what kind of legislation could do suck a thing???

      “No one cares to point out that this is a national crisis of our civil liberties, an end to the posse comitas laws, and at the time when the Occupy Wall Street movements have challenged the establishment, this bill would allow our troops to sweep up dissenters in public parks across the country, by calling them ‘suspected terrorists’ — like occupy protesters were called in London recently,” said Frank Gormlie, a local MoveOn council chair and publisher of the progressive local news site OB Rag in a release.

  24. JKohn101 says:


    Perhaps mini lipo clinics on the ferries are the way to go.. that way the human-hams could actually contribute to the boats propulsion system. Maybe earning a rebate on the liposuction.

    I could see having a plastic surgery clinic on each ferry boat could get a bit pricey – so failing that, how about higher fairs for fat people.

    1. Dave Mowers says:

      Doing anything that lowers the cost of health care is anti-American, paying people for their body fat, which might have the effect of curing obesity, raising incomes, stimulating healthier sex lives and giving everyone body image piece of mind is just plain WRONG.

      We don’t want happy, healthy, attractive and wealthy Americans. We want angry, depressed, self-loathing, poor, anarchaic and mean people who constantly attack others as a way to make them feel better about how bad they see themselves. Didn’t you go to public school? Creative Destruction its’ the Wall Street way!

  25. nickinva says:

    I am waiting for the airlines to limit the number of seats on a plane because passengers have become too fat and so they can charge more for a seat with the same amount of room.

    1. Dave Mowers says:

      Have you not seen the new standing seat planes? Google ’em they are a hoot you get to pay to stand for the entire flight strapped to a plastic board!

      Gotta Love Wall Street Innovation!

      Next up, vaccines in staple food products paid for with tax dollars! Lithium and statins in the water supply, female hormones in meat products and milk…oops they already got all that now!

      1. jasperddbgghost says:

        Dave Mowers, why do you type with a lisp?

  26. justathought says:

    average height has increased as well (inches in just the last 1-2 centuries), the taller you are, the more you can weigh without being obese

  27. Tsar says:

    Confused by headline. Is this a Barney Frank story?

  28. Real American says:

    Instead of lowering maximum capacity on the ferries, why not just ban fatties from stepping foot on them? I am sick and tired of the obese. Every time I see one I want to vomit. Then even worse, there are obese kids! Any parent with an obese kid should lose the kid and be jailed. Any obese person should be banned from procreating. The obese are the downfall of america.

  29. Tsar says:

    The Drudge Headline, that is…

    “Widespread Obesity Forces Coast Guard to Lower Max Number of People on Ferries…”

  30. JungleCogs says:

    As USCG Licensed Master Mariner, I must say that this is an unbelievable waste of time. Typical for he Coasties.

  31. enikybh says:

    Not only should weight be a concern from a capacity standpoint for a boat but obese people should be concerned and or travel with their own custom made life preservers as the standard adult sized life preservers aren’t designed for people above a certain weight.

  32. Gibbs Bentley says:

    “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”
    – George Bernard Shaw

  33. Billy says:

    I have no problem with taxes these fat pigs for obesity! Obesity is the # 2 killer in the U.S now and cost tax payers million every year!

    1. TNTeaParty says:

      Hey leftie, bet you you never met a tax you didn’t love!

  34. Gibbs Bentley says:

    “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”
    – George Bernard Shaw


  35. rOB says:

    Yea well what about BARNEY FRANK, how many franks would fit in a FAIRY?

  36. Jhny Noland says:

    This so ridicules The over all weight of the average vehicle has probably dropped by at least ten to 20 percent.
    I doubt that ten obese Americans ride the ferry at the same time!
    Government Liberal Ideas! Just another way to Control you!

  37. Chris says:

    All that soul food.

  38. Yeti Bubbles says:

    This is a good write-up. You get my vote and I’ll bookmark this blog now.

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