Dekalb Co. Georgia (WAOK/AJC)-Bria Shante Hunter a freshman clarinet player has filed a lawsuit against Florida A and M University after she was injured in a hazing incident. Hunter says members of the Red Dawg Order forced her to her lift her legs in marching position while they punched her upper thighs and  struck her with spatulas, book binders and metal rulers.

At a press conference Tuesday, her attorney, Atlantan B.J. Bernstein, announced that Hunter will file a lawsuit against the university, which Bernstein accused of failing to correct a problem that administrators have known about for more than a decade.

FAMU officials had no immediate comment Tuesday but said they were drafting a formal statement. Two of the three young men charged in her beating say they will fight the charges.

The consequences of Hunter’s decision to come forward — she has decided she can no longer remain at the school, and will relinquish the $85,000 scholarship she won as a member of the band — illustrate the powerful and complex bonds that tie members to the band.

Drum major Robert Champion, died, reportedly after a similar hazing incident twelve days after Hunter reported what she experienced.   No criminal charges have been filed in his death. The investigation continues.

More on the story here



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