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Dear New Year’s Eve,

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I was so so so excited to see you.  I am not naive; I did not go into the film expecting to witness thought-provoking cinematic genius, but I was extremely… underwhelmed.  Maybe it was the excitement the trailer invoked in me when I heard one of the best dance songs (Give Me Everything by Pitbull and Ne-Yo) cut to scenes from the movie that made me think this would be a fun film to see.  Maybe it was the fact that all my favorite actors were corralled together into one film that enticed me.  Maybe it’s that I just need lower standards.  When I walked out of the theatre, all of those feelings had been wiped from my mind – except for the last one.

I did see Valentine’s Day so I knew what I was getting in to: a lot of plots and even more celebrities.  I was fine with all that.  But, in a word, it was just… boring.  Nothing really wowed me and the dialogue and stories just seemed flat.  As the scenes progressed I was already tired of them and ready to jump to the next story hoping they would get better or more interesting.  Silly me.  There were too many stories and not enough emotional exposition for the audience to create a connection with a character.  I was even hoping my favorite SNL actor Seth Myers would bring some comedy to the film, but his lines were just not that funny.  And believe me… I am easily amused.  Even my editor makes me laugh.  On second thought, my standards are low enough.

My favorite character had to be Zac Efron’s character Paul.  Efron plays an uncharacteristically self-involved and conceited jerk, but he is a hot jerk with that “cool guy” vibe.  He ends up surprising the audience as much as he surprises Michelle Pfeiffer’s character with his wit and charm.

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In the end, I agree with Ashton Kutcher’s character who describes New Year’s Eve as a holiday that always builds people up for disappointment when it doesn’t amount to what a person dreams the night should be.  It turned out to be a perfect description of the movie.  My favorite part was the end when the credits rolled and you got to see all the actors be goofy, dance, and mess up their lines.  Whoever thought the gag reel would be the best part of movie?!

So if you’re looking for a fun, uplifting, and entertaining film, I wouldn’t waste your money on New Year’s Eve.  Rent Valentine’s Day instead and eat some delicious frozen yogurt with mini Reese’s Peanut Butter cups mixed in.  That way you will save money, listen to Anne Hathaway be a phone sex operator, and enjoy a yummy, and slightly healthy, dessert.


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