Powertalk is known for bringing knowledge and information that is enlightening, and sometimes, even startling! Today was one of  those days on the show, as Lorraine chatted with Tariq Nasheed, producer and director of the controversial documentary, “Hidden Colors”.

In essence, Africans/Moors ran things globally and were VERY instrumental in establishing nations and civilizations around the world. Now, we know this… but it’s what you DON’T KNOW that proves this film to be eye-opening and NECESSARY! Take a moment to hear Tariq’s account of this film, who all was involved in making it and what you should expect when you see it:

PART 1 – 

PART 2 – 

PART 3 – 

PART 4 – 

PART 5 – 

PART 6 – 

For more information on this amazing documentary, or to purchase it, log on to http://www.HiddenColorsFilm.com.

Comments (3)
  1. Sarah says:

    Dr White for all the misinformed people who’re always calling in wanting to be in some Afrikan royal family, let’s clear the air..The Queen of Sheba is a title, just like the Queen of Spain, we need to ask which Queen of Spain, is it Isabella, Sophia, etc because these was Candace, Makeda, etc who all wore the title of Queen of Sheba…The same goes for Pharaoh, that is a title and not an actual person…There was Pharaoh Amen Ra, Ramses I,II,III,etc because there were more than one Pharaoh..The same with Cleopatra, which is also a title and there were a total 8 of them during the 30 Pharaohnic dynastic rule in Egypt…When people call the name Cleopatra, the one associated with Julius Caesar, she was Cleopatra 8, the last of them…I just have to give my little history lesson because we have people always wanting to inset themselves into history and don’t know what the heck they’re talking about…Abyssinia or Cush the original for Ethiopia, was the old kingdom before it was moved to Nubia or Sudan then on to Kemet/Egypt which is the youngest of the ancient Pharaohnic kingdoms…Ptolemy the Greek which is the line from which the Cleopatra’s descend from are not considered to be Egyptians and there are no monuments made of or for them anywhere in Egypt..There are more pyramids in Sudan than are found in Egypt, but since Egypt is the tourism capital with mire of a mixed Arabic/European ethnicity, we see the grand pyramids in Giza and not the ones in Ethiopia or Sudan, because the people in these countries are too black….

  2. Chris E. Dennis says:

    Sarah, How about inserting some references for you claims. Why should anyone believe what you are saying without some facts to back it up?

    1. Sarah says:

      Go to the CAU center and check out the research papers of the late scholar Dr John Henrik Clarke on Egypt and Afrika; Georgia State library also has the late Dr Asa Hilliard III research papers and any good book on Egyptology will help to give you clarity…Dr Ashra Kwesi @ Kemet Nu Tours, does an education tour to Egypt and Ethiopia and it will be very helpful in dispelling the myths we have been taught about our history..Hope this was helpful to you…

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