Today’s Powertalk w/ Lorraine Jacques White was EXPLOSIVE, as another woman came forth to confirm that she had an inappropriate relationship with Herman Cain!

Ginger White, an Atlanta business woman, has made claims that she has been involved in an extra-marital affair with presidential hopeful, Herman Cain, for over 13 years! WTH?! She told a local news reporter her whole, heartbreaking story… but sometimes, sleeping dogs don’t lie down for long, and today, a personal friend of Ginger’s called in to Powertalk to give Lorraine the skinny on what REALLY went down between the secret lovers!

His name is “Wellington” and he had a lot to say about how he knows Ginger White, a few details about her relationship with Herman Cain, and what he thinks will play out in the media. Now, mind you, this is all alleged truth from someone who CLAIMS to know her. IT IS NOT OUR GOSPEL… but it sure is convincing! Listen below and YOU DECIDE! Feel free to sound off with your thoughts below!

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  1. Moni says:

    Okay I may be crazy as some have wrote I am an idiot on this site….
    But why do Black men marry the respectable brown to dark brown woman – but ask their salary rises – they tend to want love from lighter black to white women?

    1. porsha says:

      Moni the answer is simple , most black men but not all, have been brainwashed to think that lighter is better. They use black women as stepping stones to help them get to where they want to be, then once they reach a level of success or feel like they can compete with white men by having power in America…… then they seek the white mans object of desire or someone that looks very close.

      White and non black women have been put on pedestals as the object of whats desireable and sexy in a woman, while black women have served as the background. Colorism has affected the black community in a terrible way that has scared the minds of black men and women of all shades of color. But black men need to come clean and amit that they have some deep rooted issues with color. I saw at a very young age, how most measure a black womans beauty with a white standard of beauty measuring stick…… meaning the lighter your skin is, the straighter and longer your hair is- the more you are worthy of the black mans love, attention, commitment, protection, providing for, and even marrying.

      So Moni, NO you are not crazy or stupid, you are just stating what you see and you are not alone. Alot of black women see whats happening and have decided to move on and date men and marry men of different races that feel that their blackness is sexy and beautiful. And can you blame them?

      1. gerry from Loganville says:

        Maybe sisters need to;
        1. Stop sitting on the sidelines throwing stones at everyone living their life
        2. Quit pretending to have the higher moral ground on everything on this green earth
        3. Quit saying what you not going to do in public and then do the exact same thing when no one is watching
        4. Stop over analyzing petty stuff
        5. Stop being fricken ‘know it all- know nothings’!!! And maybe just maybe, brothers will commit to you and the community once again!!!

  2. porsha says:

    Gerry honestly WHAT IS YOUR POINT? You write all this ignorant stuff that never has a point. The characteristics that you listed can be FOUND IN EVERY LIVING WOMAN OF ALL RACES AS WELL AS MEN, so stop trying to turn this conversation into a black woman VS white woman conversation.

    White and nonblack women are not better or different from black women, it is just a white controlled media puts them in the forefront and paints an unrealistic view and manufactured personality trait in these women that makes other men think that they are the perfect women, and we all know they is no such thing in a perfect human being. Women of all races react the same way when it comes to men, its just that simple so sit down with your stupid comments. There is always an idiot in the midst trying to make comparisons between black and white women, when the only difference is that white womens’ men chose to put them on a pedestal even when they know that their sh$t stinks as well!

  3. The Black Falcon says:

    I have listened to Power Talk off and on for a few months now and have come to the conclusion that the show is little more than tabloid journalism. The “National Enquirer” on radio if you will. I wasn’t going to write any more comments on the WAOK webpage, but the latest incident surrounding Herman Cain propelled me to say something.

    First, the people on “Power Talk” are nothing more than hypocrites, including Dr. White. She along with her followers defended Eddie Long to the end. When a caller asked Dr. White why Eddie Long settled the case if he wasn’t guilty, she stated that it was nobody’s business to know all the “juicy details” of what happened. She said it was between the Bishop, his wife, and the members of New Birth. Fast forward to Herman Cain and not only is Dr. White talking about the “juicy details”, she even had someone on her show (making unsubstantiated claims) about Mr. Cain and his alleged affair. Do you think Dr. White would have allowed someone on her show to make unsubstantiated claims against Eddie Long? Moreover, isn’t it Dr. White who says when you call in to Power Talk with allegations be able to “cite your source” (her words not mine) so she can research it own her own. She says your are not going to call her show and just “put stuff out there with no proof” (again her words not mine). I guess that only applies when she wants it to. Apparently it doesn’t apply to anyone with something negative to say about Herman Cain.

    Granted, I have no love lost for Mr. Cain. I differ with him on several political issues. However, despite those differences I will not treat him differently than I would anyone else. Consistency leads to credibility and as far as I am concerned Dr. White is no different than Hannity or Limbaugh when it comes to how they treat those they favor and those they don’t. If you are going to show preferential treatment to people, fine. It is of course your show Dr. White. I only ask that you make a disclaimer at first stating that you are doing so.

    Secondly, I think four hour a day is too long for a talk show. After a while you run out of substantive topics to talk about and then the absurd has to become newsworthy. Isolated incidents that are highly emotionally charged become the topic of the day. The show then transforms into the comedy hour with armchair revolutionaries, “so-called” activists, historians (of their own created history) and biblical scholars calling in to spew their words of buffoonery.

    Let me close with this. Why are the black women on “Power Talk” constantly talking about Black men dating white women? Regardless of the topic, you can bet a black woman is going to call in a mention it. My question is, if Black women have a problem with Black men dating White women, why do Black women spend millions of dollars (as a group) trying to look like White women? Long, straight, blonde, brown, etc. hair weave is not an afrocentric look. Make-up to lighten your complexion is not an afrocentric look. Blue, grey, hazel etc. eye contacts to change your eye color is not an afrocentric look. It begs the question if Black women want to look like White women, why then do they have a problem with Black men dating White women?

    Just for the record, out of race marriages are a statistical anomaly. Black folk marry black folk, white folk marry white folk, etc. Further, this is based on logic and research not emotionality and sensationalism.

    1. porsha says:

      Black Falcon, you know i hold you in high regards, but i must respond to your comments. The reason why black women including myself bring this topic up is because the topic is always being shoved in our faces. Hermain Cain is a cheat that obviously has a thing for white and nonblack women. Does the media over play this taboo- YES, but they could not if they had no info to use.

      The brother Nasheed on yesterday brought up some famous men, one being famous for his i’m black and i’m proud- say it loud lyrics, but lets look at this man who left his first black wife then associated himself with white women from then on out. Lets look at Gates going around educating blacks on our roots, then he goes home to a white woman. Black women see this hypocrisy and talk about it, with reason Black Falcon. Black women that wear weaves, contacts, light hair color are in my opinion trying to appeal to popular culture and to black men’s preferences. I am 100% sure that if you took 100 black men of today and put them in a room, then send in a bunch of light skinned long haired women and affrocentric women, that these black men would knock each other down trying to get to the light skinned long haired types first. I am not hating on black men, because i truly love black men but i do believe whole heartedly that black on black relationships would be better if we shiftted the focus off of black women, and focus more on the brainwashed mentality of todays black man who has been affected by negative images of black women, colorism, and media that constantly tells black men that the prize of a woman for him is one whom is the totally opposite of his very own mother, sisters, aunts, etc.

      1. The Black Falcon says:

        I hold you in high regard as well my sister. Sometimes I posts things to stir critical thinking and other times I just post what is on my mind. There is never any ill intent.

        I am a clinicl psychologist by training. I conduct alot of research. One of the first rules of research is never generalize from an anomoly. What do I mean? You brought up some famous black men who left their black wife for a white woman. I grant you, that happens. We hear about “famous” black men with white women all the time.

        I beg of you to remember this Porsha, for every one Black man that is with a white woman, there are 100 Black men who remain true to their Black sisters. You don’t hear about these men, however, because in the over-sensationalized media world we live in, Black men with Black women are not deemed news worthy.

  4. sircharles19 says:

    Everyone writes what they feel not what they can prove! That is what opinions are. The key to this forum is to permit those to say what they want; none of us should be autopsying anyone opinions. What is the truth perhaps we will never know what Minister Cain have done. Same as the Bishop, what we are told that payments goes to secure, pay, solve or even shut people up; and this is guilty on the party part for paying this money. Now, 13 years of ongoing relationship with Ms. White do not just come out of the blue or gray skies; if this did not happen, there should be no paper trails, phone conversations or anything that leads in that direction. Will facts come over hearsay? Well, Minister Cain has fall from the top to the end, women willnot forget during their mental process as to who they will vote for. So, Minister Cain, to say your money, more embrassments, you can now step down. That would be the right thing to do at this point.

  5. porsha says:

    Thank you Black Falcon for REELING me BACK IN to the facts and what is real. My frustration comes from the fact that black on black love is not glamorized in the media as much as it needs to be, and as a woman of color sometimes i feel like our beauty is overlooked and placed in the background behind all women on this planet. I mentor a handful of young people from young boys to young black females, and it is so sad that i hear these young black girls say out their mouths that they wish they looked like Kim Kardashian, or non black women. These young girls have expressed that they wish they looked “mixed”, and had “good” hair that was long. Its like they literally hate the skin that they are in and wish to be someone else to feel acknowledged and valuable. In my heart i know that this low self esteem is the result of the influence of hip hop culure and the videos, and the media, along with the willie lynch syndrome that a lot of us still suffer from and are passing the traits along to our own children.

    I love black men. I come from a huge family of loving men and a dad that is the apple of my eye, but it seems like the men of my dads character and those alike in his era are fading, and what we black females feel is real and it is a feeling of being tired, feeling unappreciated, and most of all like we just are not valued. But as always you are on point, Black Falcon, so maybe i will continue to keep hope alive and not just totally give up on the black man.

    1. Frank says:

      We’ve had this converation before. You say you love black men but always catching you dogging us out. Maybe it time you stop lying to yourself. And start dating men that are not black. Trust me , you will not be missed Their are too many women out here to give us what we want and when we want it to be trippin on women like you. The black man will be ok. So go and do yourself a favor and date someone that is not the apple of your eye.

      1. porsha says:

        Frank speaking of dogging someone out…… they say a hit dog will holler, could this in fact be the reason for your post?

        You are the same problematic brother that i blasted for making comments about Dominican women. Any man that participates in the sexual exploitatoin of poor women in a poor country is sick, mentally. Maybe just maybe if black men like yourself just step back and look at yourself and your actions and what you have become and admit that most of you have dropped the ball, then the black community would not be such a mess. Put the same thought and effort that you do in chasing tail, into getting educations, raising your children, building productive loving relationships with ONE female, and please stop blaming the invisilble OPPRESSOR for all your foolish behaviour, failures,weakness,poor life decisions. Take the blinders off, open up your eyes to see that it is you that is losing. No matter how many women you have to give you what you want when you want it in the end it is you that is losing as a whole. In my profession, and now as an entreprenuer, i cannot tell you how many black men in their 40’s that were in bad shape and thought they were hot commodities, that i have come across……. No stable careers, children they barely know, no pensions, no savings, no plan, no plan B, just nothing to stand on other than the fact that they are a black man and all black women want him, plaaaese. With your comments and your mentality, until black men as a whole get a grip and face their demons they will continue to be just “ok” which is marginal in this society.

    2. The Black Falcon says:

      Reality shows, rap music and videos with their misogynistic lyrics and content and a mass media that purports materialism, consumerism, sexism and excessism have done more to damage the “Black community” than the KKK ever could. Moreover, we have internalized the afore mentioned traits to the point that they have become normalized.

      I say that to say your points are well taken. However, all is not lost.

  6. Uncle Tom Bill says:

    Well, I guess all of the liberal/socialistic/ progressive Negroes are really happy today, as Mr,. Cain is dropping out.
    Appx 99% of Negroes calling Power Talk, are dyed in the wool democrats, that think the government is supposed supply them with , housing. food, and a job!

    So sorry to inform you Negroes that a new day is coming, and many of the entitlement programs will cease to be, and I’ll be happy for that!

    I supported Herman, and will continue to support him, even though he’s out of the race. It’s highly likely if the Republicans win, he’s get a high level position, so you’ll still see his name in various places.

    It’s truly amazing that the “haters” are already to pounce on Black men and white women, yet they never mention Harry Belafonte

    And Julian Bond with his white wife, and I wonder why?

    Perhaps some of you democRAT plantation slaves can tell us!

    Ahhhhhhh, the “Tragic Mulatto” Ginger White.

    She wants to “get paid”!

    So typical of gold diggers.

    1. porsha says:

      Uncle Tom forgot to take his Prozac today

  7. Frank says:

    Believe it or not I agree with everything you said. Except the part about a dog that holler or something like that. Like I say. “Do you first”. I have no idea what Uncle Tom is talking about.

    1. porsha says:

      Frank realize that i come from a large family of brothers that i helped to mold into the strong family oriented black men that they are today, that my mindset is that of nothing but love for all black men, even those that are not my blood. I am dissappointed with todays black man, because i was one of those women who supported The Million Man March. I remember working as a maid in a racist home, ready to quit my job if anyone came up to me in opposition of this wonderful movement that was a day of atonement for black men.

      Me and my girlfriends “cried” at the sight of all those black men standing together in brotherhood- it was a powerful statement. I do not remember one black woman who did not cry, nor who did not support her black men that wanted to travel to participate in this day of reckoning for black black men, but sadly the moment did not last for long. This movement was supposed to move black men to a state of brotherhood, strenghth, empowerment, achievement…… but can you honestly say that has happened.

      In my opinion, this entire abyss of soul killing rap music, videos, all the things that the Black Falcon mentioned above- has somehow damaged the black male. It has dumbed you down to the point where you support other black men that put you down for driving a modest car, working a normal 9-5 job, trying to be faithful to one woman who is all black. They put all these images in front of you all to keep you all in a self destructive state of mind because if you all got smart and rediscovered the fact that you are KINGS, SCHOLARS, VISIONARIES, GREAT MEN, then you would not be making them rich to do nothing but do drugs, make reality shows, drink all night, sleep all day, and live out their sick sexual fantasies with non black women, and strip clubs, then be plastered all on the front page of top money magazines.

      Black women cannot fight this battle to reverse the damage all these negative images have done. It has got to come from the black man, putting another ” not your brother anymore” in his proper place…. meaning shut them all down so we can try to rebuild our youth, our families, our communities, our relationships, and most of all ourselves.

  8. Aria says:

    I am surprised that America is surprised…after all we’ve had to get used to a couple of immoral acts by recent presidents, and in history may President’s proved out with long term mistresses. Why did Herman Cain QUIT?! That’s what I wonder?

  9. Frank says:


    No I never realize that. Tell me, where was the father while you was doing all this molding? And do they like to arch their eye brow? Enlighten ME a black man. Tell me something I don’t already know? Miss build a man!!!

    You have been around black men all your life. Even attended the MMM. And of all these men, none wanted YOU. My guess is you spend more time in the classroom and not in the kitchen. in my opinion a woman can be a CEO. If she can’t cook, is worthless to me.

    We do need to education our young black boys. More so then the young girls. If you are serious about rebuilding our communities. Keep in mind the invisible oppressor never sleep to kill a black man.

    1. aria says:

      Hire a cook. Or better yet, learn to cook. You can’t even feed yourself but you sure know how to put a woman down. And BTW you are already deceived if you think the oppressor only wants black men…

    2. porsha says:

      Frank, i grew up in a two parent household, in which both my parents are still together. My father worked a night shift job so my mother relied on her daughters to help and also learn the art of homemaking and taking care of my younger brothers….. so i am very versed in cooking so much so that in my past career i earned top pay for my cooking skills.

      Secondly, i never said that i could not get a black man, what i have said is that i will do without if i have to deal with todays type of brainwashed black man. You all are just as plentiful to me as you say black women are to you. You see the problem with black men like you is that your ego’s have been over inflated with a bunch of propaganda, and hot air- sort of like a balloon with helium, but its just air with nothing else. This is the main reason why some of you but not all cannot deal with a black woman that earns more than you because then who you really are behind all that EGO will surface and come to the light. Like i have said time and time again, and i know what i am talking about because i have employed enough of you to see this, most of you spend most of your productive years being over indulged in your sexuality, rather than taking care of REAL business and whats really important in life. Every financial move you make is based on how much more you support and feed your over sexuality from cars, clothes, and social activities……. to prove my point you are the same brother that said that you travel to the Dominican to barter sex from Dominican women at a price of course.

      And on the oppressor thing……… you are your own oppressor, believe it or not Frank, no white man with real money and power is sitting around spending his day trying to figure out how to destroy Frank the black man. A good friend of mine used to always tell me that there is a time and place for everything, maybe just maybe if more of you put more priority on handling your business first, then having fun later, then this oppressor you speak of may just be a myth.

      1. Frank says:


        1st. Wrong brother playa. The Dominican is a little risky. I don’t about being brainwashed I just know somebody is lying to me. Not talking about you. I have a big EGO. I’ve heard that one before. I consider myself as being confident

        2nd. You see the problem with black women is when you lock horns with a man you try to intimidate him with your status and income. I’m like this, go and make all the money you can. Bring it home to me so we can all have a good time. Because you don’t know what to but buy shoes. At the end of the day we both will leave here the same way we got here. Naked. But I’m going to say something good about you. You are a woman of redeeming qualities. And you’re smart to.That’s hard to find in today’s women. Usually it one way or the other Aria being the other. I’ll get back to that. Much ups to you though. If I come across your name again I will give you a more favorable greeting. Keep up the good work my sister. Pease.

        3rd. Take Aria by the hand to a kitchen. Show her a bowl. And all wonderful things that can be done with it. Like filling it with water. Show her a refrigerator and all the wonderful thing it can do other than storing carryout. And show her a microwave and all the wonder thing it can do other than reheating carryout. And if shes not overwhelm with that maybe you can show her how to prepare oatmeal.

  10. porsha says:

    Frank, i know that the trifling black woman does exist. I have black male friends that complain all the time about women who do nothing but shop, get their hair done, nails done, but at the end the day they bring nothing to the table.

    I also know there are those women who will verbally put a man down if she makes more money than him. The same applies to those who may have a higher level of education more than her mate. But there is such thing as being self educated which i am. I dont have a formal secondary education, but i used my trade to get ahead and position myself for success and to leave a legacy for my daughter.

    We as a community of black people need to turn our minds and hearts back to whats real, and thats raising our sons and daughters to be productive in todays society and sucessful in building sucessful loving relationships as young men and women. We’ve got to teach our young girls to practice saving, investing, instead of shopping, spending, and over consuming goods and services that are of no value. And our boys to be strong, smart, future heads of households.

    Your points are taken well, Peace to you my brother

    1. The Black Falcon says:


      You are right. A formal education is not all that it is cracked up to be. I have a PhD in clinical psychology but I still have to go to my father for advice from time to time. By the way, my father didn’t make it past the 6th grade.

      1. porsha says:

        Black Falcon, my father at one point in his life could barely spell or read but he did not let that stop him from being the best dad, husband , and provider for seven children. Nor did he let his night shift job disengage him from spending quality time with his family. I can remember my dad showing up in suit and tie to make it to my honors banquets, and the most loving thing my dad did that i will never forget is every single day of his working life, when he got home from work, we as children could hear him being dropped off by his carpool buddies late at night, he would then turn the key, put his keys down, then come down the hall in our tiny home, cut on the lights to check on his wife, then his children, then he would go heat and eat the plate that my mom left for him.

        So when black men say that i am hating on them its not that, its just hard to put up with simple behaviour when you were raised by a strong black man that had pride in himself and his family. My dad self taught himself everything, and i have never heard him blame some oppressor for his choices in life. I believe common sense and having a strong sense of doing what is right will carry you far in life.

  11. aria says:

    Mr. Cain is not as unusual as he is being made out to be. Right is right and wrong is wrong no matter if you are black or white or brown. God already defined that for all of us. When we allowed the Congress to overturn Clinton’s impeachment for his wrong actions it set the pace for others to be told on and get rewards. But even before that many presidents had mistresses. Many other persons(men and women) have too. Everyone at sometime or another may be tempted or drawn to someone outside of their marriage, but they don’t all choose to go. In my book, infidelity tells a lot abut the moral fabric of a person. It also hurts the faithful spouse and children unfairly. But mainly it is between God and that person. Everyone makes a sin, but all sin is not obvious. It is still all between God and them. Sin is against God not man.

  12. aria says:

    And Frank, thanks for proving that you are good at putting women down : )

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