Wake Up…Check BlackBerry…Note from Claude Felton: Larry Munson Dies…

Jump in the shower…Get dressed…Crank up the car… Wait a minute let me check my BlackBerry again…

Note from Claude Felton: Larry Munson Dies…


This is how today started for me and I’m sure there are thousands in the Bulldog Nation waking up with the sentiments. On what should be a joyous week in the Bulldog Nation with Georgia headed to the SEC Championship all hearts are heavy this morning.

The legendary Larry Munson “The Voice” of UGA passed away at his Athens home from complications of pneumonia at the age of 89. Since 1966 Munson made some of the funniest and best play by play calls in the history of not only college football but, the history of sports.

I know there are some co-eds on the campus of UGA that are apart of Munson’s now infamous “Movie Group” waking up heartbroken. I know they’re many wondering if the “Movie Group” was real or just Munson painting a picture that every man can imagine. A lovable old guy surrounded by 18-21 year old college girls!

For the record the “Movie Group” was or is very real. Munson started the tradition in 1991 consisting of 38 UGA females.

Yup Larry was the man!

Over a 42 year span Munson made some of sports most memorable play by play calls including two of my favorite Bulldog calls:

Herschel Walker’s very 1st TD as a Bulldog, OMG a freshman…

Run Lindsay Run!!!

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