JONESBORO, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) — Police charge two caregivers at a Jonesboro facility with waterboarding an 89-year-old woman.

Clayton County police said Jermeller Steed and Cicely Reed held down Anna Foley after an argument that started over ice cream.

They’re said to have allegedly held down Foley in a locked shower room, flooding her face with the hand-hold shower nozzle in 2008.

According to WGCL-TV, Foley was undergoing treatment at the facility for dementia. A co-worker witnessed the event and blew the whistle.

The technique slowly drowns subjects by blocking the air passages with flowing water while the subject is immobilized.

The Obama administration banned waterboarding suspected terrorists in January 2009, classifying it as torture.

Neither Steed nor Reed currently work at the elderly care facility.

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  1. lou says:

    For the “author” of this article’s information. Waterboarding doesn’t “slowly drown you” it simulates drowning… so, that is not true… not by a longshot..

    1. boozy says:

      ah, like dude, I think you missed the point…

      1. AnonymousCitizen says:

        Yeah, but that’s an important distinction. Drowning vs. simulated drowning. If I had to choose one, I’d sure as heck choose the simulated one.

      2. James says:

        You can absolutely drown someone waterboarding them if you do not know what you are doing and you don’t let them up for air soon enough. Also, you don’t do this to old people in nursing homes unless you are a psycho who belongs behind bars.

      3. Dugan McKinlay says:

        Did you know that the US Military uses waterboarding against other members of the US military during a training exercise? It’s called S.E.R.E. School. Survival. Evasion. Resistance. and Escape. Its a training program to teach our military members what to expect in an enemy POW camp, if captured. It’s very VERY realistic. How do I know? I attended S.E.R.E. School while in the Navy. I survived and am not damaged in any way by the experience.

      4. truther says:

        good for you, i have 8 people active or retired from the military, its done because it could very well happen to you as you decided to join the military no sympathy there, its an inherent job risk, however on a normal civilian it can cause devastating psychological damage, sometimes even to well trained soldiers familiar with pstd much/

      5. truther says:

        its resist not resistance also FYI, dont try and look smart when you have no idea what your talking about.

      6. Virtually_Here says:

        I agree. Totally MISSED the point! Military personnel sign up for and expect their training to include “mistreatment” to prepare them for the “rigors” of war. When we are old enough to NOT be able to care for ourselves (due to dementia or whatever long years on Earth brings us) and we end up in a skilled nursing facility, we are NOT signing up for torture — no matter WHAT form it takes…

      7. USMC7599 says:

        Dugan McKinlay:
        You are also not an 85 year old woman being tortured by degenerate thugs.

        You also seem to have forgotten your SERE training, quit running your mouth!

      8. Tim Lucas says:

        There are squirrels all over the net. Little spelling squirrels. Fact squirrels. Nit picking squirrels and most of them are liberals.

      9. kenwood17 says:

        Boozy, Lou got the point intended. Media / Post GOP debate setup of people who do not have the ability to “get the point”

      10. Blix America says:

        Silly person. You don’t expect facts in a new report do you?

      11. Orwell's Dilemma says:

        boozy: YOU missed the point. The author is trying to make her little pro-terrorism political point by comparing criminals drowning an old lady in a shower to trained military personnel using a mild interrogation technique that saved thousands of American lives. Lou was trying to point that out..

      12. TruthforALL says:

        Ah Orwell, How ironic you used that as your name as it is apparent that you have been waterboarded with the kool-aid. As soon as one tyrannical administration recategorizes torture you jump on board without a sliver of individual thought. I proposed that we rename ALL torture “enhanced interrogation techniques” – you on board little sheep?

      13. TruthforALL says:

        And no, I am not a liberal. I am very conservative. But conservative doesn’t mean WARHAWK without a brain. Wake up from the manufactured left-right paradigm you morons. Since when does conservative = warhawk? Something tells me W…. Congrats W, you successfully brainwashed half of Amerika.

      14. David says:

        Yo Dugan,

        We are talking about an 89 year old woman suffering from Dementia being waterboarded in a Health facility. Not a physically fit military personnel being put through a consented waterboarding technique for training purposes! There is a hell of a difference in comparison.

    2. Ron Reale says:

      and , if continued it drowns you! Absolutely true description of waqterboarding. You are being drowned, slowly.. so, you are not correct.. not by a longshot..
      Ron Reale

      1. vicky bennett says:

        Lou is right. The idea of waterboarding is to get information from terrorists, not to kill them. If we wanted to kill them, we would use a bullet.

      2. lj says:

        I wonder if Osama Bin Laden would have preferred waterboarding over assasination? Dem’s cheered Obama giving the assasination order but condemn waterboarding. Hippocritical! Doesn”t make sense.

      3. AtlasObjectivist says:

        No, it does not. You are wrong or have liberal brain confusion.

      4. John Moser says:

        James and Ron…geez. The point of waterboarding is not to drown(which means the overly hydrated person DIES!), but merely give the sensation of drowning even though that is not the case. James, as to your second sentence, you have a spectacular grasp of the obvious.

        To the author, (1) please look up the word drown and (2) what the article described is NOT waterboarding.

      5. Stanley Blop says:

        Heck, then you could say when a kid dunks another kid in the pool, he’s slowly drowning him.

      6. Chris says:

        Hippocritical? What is that? A disapproving hippopotamus?

      7. tim sweeney says:

        most people are missing the point, the important thing is, they saved the ice cream, the ice cream is in short supply, old, demented people we got plenty of.

      8. David Webb says:

        Hey Ron, you are talking out your ass, you have no idea what water boarding is.
        I have experienced it first hand. It is not a way to drown the subject. It does make you very uncomfortable.

      9. Delua says:

        David: Yes, you have shown yo udont know what the phrase “Drowning” means.

        To be suffocated in water or other fluid; to perish by such suffocation.
        To overwhelm in water; to submerge; to inundate.

        See a word may not mean what you think it does. That doesnt mean we’re the wrong ones. It means you need a dictionary. And see I really like water, its kinda my thing. See the name.

        “Drown” look it up.

    3. James says:

      If you’re dealing with someone who is this old, jumping out from behind a bookcase could literally scare them to death. In this case, they put the woman’s life in serious jeopardy and should be charged with attempted murder.

      1. Cliff Logan says:

        I agree 100% with you James. If this was my relative, this would be someones A@#. This happened in 2008 and they are now being charged? What was the delay I wonder.

      2. George says:

        If this happened to a relative of mine, these two pieces of excrement would welcome a judge and jury.

      3. Chubby says:

        To read something like this is devastating to say the least. A punishment for those two pieces of trash should be exactly what they did to the 89 year old. The majority of people are crazy. I can’t believe what I’m reading here from others who have commented on this. Who cares what the technical term is of waterboarding only one person other than me showed any compassion for the person who must have suffered horribly.

      4. Orwell's Dilemma says:

        Chubby: No one is being unsympathetic to the victim of this crime. Unfortunately, when the author called this “waterboarding,” she intentionally used this elderly victim’s suffering to promote her own pro-terrorism political agenda. (If she had been interested in the victim, she would have talked about the victim rather than fabricate a false waterboarding narrative.)

      5. TruthforALL says:

        I guess you can’t say the sky is blue without “having an agenda”, huh Orwell?

      6. Sharon says:

        My mother had dementia so I know what a horrible condition it is. I can imagine something like this happening to her and know how hurt and bewildered she would be. That poor, poor woman. Things like this happen in facilities. We must be very alert to mistreatment of our loved ones. One way is to go to the facility early in the morning. I did that once and found my mom tied to a chair, naked under a smock, sitting on a urine soaked pad of some kind. The nurse told me that they thought she had a urinary tract infection. I should have called the police but what I did was to get control of the money and move her. These is such a thing as elderly abuse and these idiots need to be charged with that and with assault.

    4. Mary Minnie Moe says:

      Lou, you really didn’t expect accuracy in the media, did you?
      You are absolutely correct, it simulates but doesn’t drown.
      Love the fact they had to remind us that it was banned by the
      president. How about the fact that two sicko supposed “caregivers”
      used it on an elderly person with dementia?

    5. yarply says:

      Oh Yeah it simulates drowning,, BUT YOU CAN DROWN PEOPLE WATER-BOARDING THEM.

      So what you said is not true… Its just plain dumb.

      1. juju_girl says:

        And also YOU CAN DROWN if you are swimming in a pool…..

      2. Jered says:

        Water boarding will not drown someone if the subjects body is on an incline with the head being at the lowest point. (water does not run up hill)
        I know this for a fact because i water boarded my wife the other day for not have dinner ready when I came in from work.

      3. Rosann Klatt says:

        Jered I must say you have a great sense of humor reading! After reading all of these other comments yours was a created a welcomed chuckle. Everyone else apparently takes themselves way to serious.

        Bottom line this was an aweful thing to do and I hope these supposed caregivers get their just deserts.

      4. Dmac says:

        No, waterboarding, if done according to military standards, will not drown someone. It is simple running water on the face in order to create the panic reaction. It has nothing to do with water entering the nose or mouth. It is sort of like the tickle reflex. You start to panic, but it isn’t doing any real damage to the body. So… you are wrong. You can’t drown people by water boarding them, if it is done properly.

      5. Orwell's Dilemma says:

        Yarply: You can drown someone with a squirt gun, but that’s not the point. If you were able to read for comprehension you would understand that the pro-terrorist author of the story indicates that the intention of waterboarding is to slowly drown the subject. That is not true. It is a lie. It is a propaganda point to give aid and comfort to terrorists. The people who say such things got a thrill up their leg watching Americans dive from the top floor of the WTC. Full stop. Anything that is done incorrectly can cause unintended consequences. Look at how many people die in car accidents. That does not mean that you say that the intention of driving a car is to occasionally kill yourself in a car wreck. Go back to your spider hole and play with your little terrorist friends.

      6. Delua says:

        Lets look up drown in wiktionary shall we?

        (intransitive) To be suffocated in water or other fluid; to perish by such suffocation.
        (transitive) To deprive of life by immersion in water or other liquid.
        (transitive) To overwhelm in water; to submerge; to inundate.
        (transitive) To overpower; to overcome; to extinguish; — said especially of sound; usually in the form “to drown out”
        (transitive) To lose, make hard to find or unnoticeable in an abundant mass

        Words: They mean things. Just because people choose not to learn what words mean doesnt mean the people who correctly used those words were wrong. Although from what ive seen, people will just scream their misconceptions louder when you point out them.

        Drowning does not mean “Death”. Drowning is a sensation. If you are being suffocated with water, you are drowning. Situation independant. For contrast, lets look up the word “Drowned”

        “Simple past tense and past participle of drown.”

        “drowned (comparative more drowned, superlative most drowned) (used only before the noun)
        That has died by drowning.”

      7. Delua says:

        Yarply: Despite my pointing out your mistake below (in what word you used.) you have to understand there are two forms of detractors: One, like me, points out you are using a word incorrectly, and offers you the real definition.

        the other claims that someone whos name IS NOT ON THE ARTICLE is writing this for the sole reason of promoting a pro-terrorism agenda. Now, one of those two replies is stupid and probably a troll. Since i somehow doubt that the entirety of CBS is a pro-terrorism orginization, who do you think is the troll?

    6. Capt america says:

      come one Lou, do you actually expect the media, especially CBS to get the facts straight when reporting? Keep dreaming.

      1. Damon F. says:

        According to Dr. Allen Keller during testimony to the US Senate, “here is a real risk of death from actually drowning or suffering a heart attack or damage to the lungs from inhalation of water. Long term effects include panic attacks, depression and PTSD.”

        According to the CIA: “for reasons of physical fatigue or psychological resignation, the subject may simply give up, allowing excessive filling of the airways and loss of consciousness, i.e drowning”.

        Drowning occurs when water is drawn into the lungs. OF COURSE POURING WATER ONTO SOMEONE’S FACE CAN CAUSE DROWNING!!

        You guys have obviously been drinking the Bush Kool Aid far too long.

    7. hartdixiecw69 says:

      Splitting hairs along semantic lines. Read the description of water boarding from anyone that has had it done to them, they say they cannot help but believe they are drowning to death. That’s the point.

    8. Jaye Southworth says:

      WTH! That poor lady suffered at the hand of two evil workers. This is sick!

      1. JOe Dutra says:

        No worries. She forgot it all withing minutes.

    9. Darrel says:

      Yes, actual murder with water is what Ted Kennedy did to Mary Jo when he ran away and left her to drown when he crashed his car in his drunken stupor.

      1. Finbar says:

        Had Ted wanted information from Mary Jo, he could have water-boarded her instead, and she’d be alive today.

      2. JOe Dutra says:

        Ted was a fat, low IQ, drunk.

    10. ConservativeRedneck says:

      It’s CBS and we all know from past events just how honest they are.

      1. Finbar says:

        Apparently, they left out the part where the woman’s gas tank exploded.

    11. Patrick Jones says:

      You’re exactly right, Lou. In fact, there’s a name for slowly drowning someone. It’s called, “slow drowning,” and it’s torture. Waterboarding is NOT torture, even though some people — including Barack Obama — have chosen simply to declare that it is. It simply ain’t.

      1. Rechercar says:

        The US government hanged Japanese soldiers for waterboarding POWs in prison camps during WWII. Either we executed innocent men, or your “simply ain’t” is simply wrong.

        Given the fact that the definition of torture is itself highly controversial, and that with waterboarding in particular, there’s no consensus on the subject, there’s nothing simple about it. Period. Any claim to the contrary is bound to be ignoring evidence.

      2. 1776Brad says:

        Patrick Jones, your simply wrong. You sound like a globalist Nazi sympathizer

      3. shoppegirl says:

        Ok, Ok. Lets think about this. Is pulling an unborn baby apart to remove it from the womb, or better yet, is Partial birth abortion where the viable baby is partially born, then a scissors poked into the brain TORTURE? Give me a break here. Thats real “legal” torture, but waterboarding a terrorist to save our soldiers is torture. I just don’t get most of you. I just don’t.

        Abortion is torture.

      4. Damon F. says:

        Right. Before Bush, waterboarding was torture, and after Bush it was torture. But it must be Obama who is mistaken. Waterboarding was known to originate during the Spanish Inquisition. Also known as showering or hydrophathic torture, it has been described since the 1600s as a form of torture, never with any controversy. Only the Bush administration would claim otherwise. I can’t believe there still people out there like you defending the Bush line.

    12. Lloyd says:

      incorrect Lou, waterboarding IS drowning in slow motion. I can refer you to Christoper Hitchens article in Slate magazine on the matter where he had himself subjected to the process.

      1. Steve says:

        Lol, if Slate says it, it MUST be true… Geez…

      2. Finbar says:

        Oh, I thought Christopher was dying of cancer. He’s been dying of drowning all along.

      3. JOe Dutra says:

        Lloyd is a Lloser.

      4. Delua says:

        (intransitive) To be suffocated in water or other fluid; to perish by such suffocation.
        (transitive) To deprive of life by immersion in water or other liquid.
        (transitive) To overwhelm in water; to submerge; to inundate.
        (transitive) To overpower; to overcome; to extinguish; — said especially of sound; usually in the form “to drown out”
        (transitive) To lose, make hard to find or unnoticeable in an abundant mass

    13. ciaran mac eil says:

      bush and cheney say its ok whats the problem

    14. Eliot says:

      lou: If the person being waterboarded inhales the water, that person can drown. Or don’t you understand the definition of drowning? If two morons working in an institution hold an 89-year-old woman down on the floor and flood her mouth and nose with water from a nozzle, they could easily cause her to drown. If she didn’t drown, she could get pneumonia from the water in her lungs and die of that. On the other hand, I would not call what they did true waterboarding, either. It was torture of a brutal and sadistic kind, and perhaps they actually intended to kill her.

    15. Brad says:

      So lets try it on you? What do you say, are you game?

      1. JOe Dutra says:

        Let’s rock!

      2. Delua says:

        Dont feed the troll. You ever read a fantasy novel? Water doesnt kill trolls. You need fire. A lot of fire. Otherwise, they just regenerate and come back later.

        Acid too, but fire is cheaper and easier to transport.

    16. Tracy Smith says:

      Waterboarding doesn’t actually drown you. It creates the sensations of drowning, but is not, in fact, dangerous. This woman had nothing to fear and it probably only lasted a few minutes. She may have felt anxiety during the experience, but when she looks back and reflects, maybe she can find some kernel about the episode that enriches her life as she regroups and moves forward.

      1. dave says:

        tracy smith

        maybe someone will find your elderly parent or your minor child and enrich their lives with a little waterboarding. Why don’t you post their addresses and phone #s so those inteterested can drop by soon and do that, you sick f*ck!

      2. Damon F. says:

        In fact!? And from where do you draw your facts? Admit it, you are just repeating party lines.

      3. JOe Dutra says:

        She is senile and most likely forgot the whole episode within minutes.

    17. Freeland Dave says:

      Have most of you lost your minds? The point isn’t that water-boarding can drown you or not, it’s that an 85 year old woman was tortured. I don’t care if they water-boarded her or pealed up her fingernails with a pair of pliers, torture is torture and has no place in a facility for the aged and infirm regardless of their mental condition.

      Nitpicking whether the act of water-boarding can drown you or not drown you is not the issue yet that is what you choose to focus on in this article? Unbelievable!

      Does anyone seriously wonder what’s wrong in our society where this type of activity goes on and people focus on the technique rather than the fact that it is torturing someone incapable of defending themselves and who are paying or someone else is paying to be protected and helped?

      1. horrible says:

        Thank you for bringing the real issue back on track. This is horrible elder abuse but why is it coming up now? I would also like to know the name of the facility – so often in these abuse cases they don’t list the facility – why not? I want to know the places to stay away from.

      2. TMay says:

        Another media report states that it was on a street named Mount Zion in Jonesboro Clayton County Georgia, a problem being that there are several elder care establishments that meet that description.

    18. MaryAnne Chapman says:

      this is still some thing that should not have been done to an 80 yr old women in the first place ,. this is how we treat are parents and grand parent

    19. an ameican says:


    20. an ameican says:


      1. an ameican says:


  2. Pamela Beesly says:

    In the words of the late Louis Armstrong…”What a wonderful world”

    1. JOe Dutra says:

      It is what it is. Suck it up.

  3. boozy says:

    Kinda sounds like the Obama SEIU people and there tactics…since most are welfare mama’s and have no values….mmm mm good

    1. ChocoCat says:

      Learn to spell, waterboarding sounds like Obama tactics? Seriously, the real problem this country has it that your vote counts as much as people that can actually think for themselves. I did not vote for Obama, but you are an embarrassment to this country.

      1. Capt America says:

        and you are a real jem ChocoCat. I hope you are sterile.

      2. Doug says:

        Those who don’t have the brains to debate resort to personal attacks, just like i’m doing to you 🙂

  4. asdf says:

    You condone this sort of activity at the highest levels of national leadership and it invariably becomes a part of the culture. This is the sort of culture America is cultivating, one of brutality.

    Now every vet that comes back and gets a job with a little authority over someone else (police, medical industry, education, etc.) thinks they’re Jack Bauer out to save the world by torturing the **** out of anyone that doesn’t immediately obey their every command.

    So where’s the surprise? This is American culture on display.

    1. jkl; says:

      Why do liberals hate veterans so much?

      1. Mark says:

        I am a veteran with 12 years in the Army and I do not condone water boarding, it is torture and guess what, if we torture prisoners then what do we think our enemies will do to our soldiers. There are better ways to get information. If you torture someone they are just going to tell you what you want to hear. You people who have never served a day in the military in your life are so afraid of the terrorist boogieman that you will except anything.

      2. NY9Solyndra says:

        “if we torture prisoners then what do we think our enemies will do to our soldiers.”

        OH, I don’t know, torture them and then behead them on camera – like what the Islamofascists do routinely?

      3. Clearhead says:

        Son, I don’t think your 12 years in the service has taught you much about the conduct of our enemies toward captives. Can you say, “BEHEADINGS”?

      4. Kenwood17 says:

        Mark, a sincere “Thank You” for your service. Being in the military you know that by noon on 9-11 you too were afraid of the terrorist, as were all of us. Since the declared war on them is not yet won, all true military personnel know that those who are not afraid of the “boogieman” will contribute to exactly the kind of unprepared ness that causes harm to the good guys. .
        Not that it makes it right but being a veteran you also know throughout history none of our enemies have EVER treated our great men and women nearly as well as America’s mighty military does.
        Semper Fi

      5. 12yearsandlearnednothing says:

        Learn the difference between “except” and “accept.” You will sound a little brighter.

      6. PowerPC says:

        If you think that our enemies around the world only use torture because we do you are very naive. History should tell you that. The Japanese were notorius for torturing and mistreating POW’s. In fact, 30% of the prisoners held by the Japanese died in captivity. Compare this with the Germans that had a 3 – 4% death rate among POW’s. This is not saying that the Germans did not use torture. Our enemies do not allow themselves to be restrained by a Geneva Convention. They could not care less. I am not debating the accuracy of information obtained by torture. Just the fact that our enemies do not wait for us to use torture first and then they start doing it. In fact, with our current enemies, torture is not an issue since they usually just behead our soldiers and any other American they can get their hands on.

      7. Jonny Ninja says:

        @ Mark:

        Thank you for your service sir. But you do realize that Danny Pearl’s head was sawed off long before we had captured and started waterboarding these guys, right?

        The planes flew into the buildings before that, too.

        And you do realize that they would continue to torture and execute our guys regardless of whether or not we waterboard, right?

      8. Mark says:

        Look Johnny I actually agree with you on most of the points you are making and I think your heart is in the right place, but What I am saying is there are better ways to obtain information. When you do this to someone they will tell you what they think you want to hear, truth or not. And the bigger picture is we, as Americans were suppose to be better than this, better morally than the terrorist. I have no problem going after someone who attacks my country, but lets face it the politicians who are robbing us blind have done more damage.

      9. kenwood17 says:

        Mark, would you mind naming 3 or 4 better ways to obtain life saving information so as to educate us?
        Ways that would obtain information as timly as needed to save American life.
        Our president either could not or would not so we need a bit of professional help here.
        We are spending $800,000.00+ a year on each of those we capture, who would help kill Americans. If there something more we should do for them?

      10. gordon says:

        Politicians robbing us blind have not done us more damage than say, Hitler, The Kaiser, Stalin, Mao – they’ve cost our country dear in terms of treasure and/or Top notch Human Beings. Soldiers who do not wear a uniform should be shot as spies in war-time. Geneva.

      11. Mark says:

        Look like there is more than one Mark posting here,. Thanks for your brothers service also. just don’t believe we as Americans should be doing this kind of stuff.

      12. shoppegirl says:

        Johnny Ninja is correct. mark thank you so much for serving.

        I don’t believe waterboarding is torture.

      13. Connie says:

        Your comment leaves a great deal out. Your premise is absolutely incorrect. I do believe America has had enough of panty wastes like you. Stop sticking up for terrorists and misfits and criminals. Start sticking up for your country.

      14. asdf says:

        I am a veteran. Seems Mark and I are the only ones in this particular thread that are, and neither of us think torture is a valid intelligence gathering technique.

        Go figure. How was sitting on your couch during the past 10 years of warfare?

      15. JOe Dutra says:

        “I am a veteran with 12 years in the Army and I do not condone water boarding, it is torture and guess what, if we torture prisoners then what do we think our enemies will do to our soldiers. There are better ways to get information. If you torture someone they are just going to tell you what you want to hear. You people who have never served a day in the military in your life are so afraid of the terrorist boogieman that you will except anything.”

        I don’t believe you. Anyway, there may be better ways of getting information, but there are none that are faster. It works!

        I’ll betcha I could water board you and have you spilling the beans on your secret gay love affairs within two minutes!

      16. JOe Dutra says:

        Because they are pansies.

    2. Jonny Ninja says:

      Hey idiot, you do realize that waterboarding is precisely the tactic that got us to Bin Laden’s doorstep, right? Let me say it in a different way. If it weren’t for waterboarding the enemy, there could very easily be more dead Americans today, including yourself.

      People like you are long on ideology, but lack basic common sense.

      If you really want to prove that there is a better way, how about you hop a flight to the mid east and “convince” the Islamists not to attack us because you’re such a nice guy and you were able to sway their religious beliefs. Let me know how it works out.

      1. gringo_patriot says:

        The US provoked the attack. Read your history, idiot; that is, if you can read. Good evening.

      2. Canof Sand says:

        “The US provoked the attack. Read your history, idiot; that is, if you can read.”

        Your first sentence is about as intelligent as your second sentence, and that’s pretty dang stupid, given that you’re addressing it to the author of a more-or-less perfect (as far as grammar and spelling go) multi-paragraph comment.

      3. Bob Billings says:

        Unfortunately I have to use this “reply” link to reply to “gringo_patriot”. You are an antagonist. That is all you are. You have nothing to offer for the good of anything. You just want to go around provoking people. It’s a mental thing.

      4. Yannick says:

        @ Jonny Ninja Waterboarding didn’t help get Osama bin Laden. That is a popular story they like to say to legitimize the act. The best interrogators in the mid east do not believe in water boarding at all because in their experience the information is not reliable. They cross reference information from waterboarded suspects with other suspects and sometimes they match, but that’s far after the fact and amongst many lies. It is also illegal under U.S. law and international law. It is immoral and ;unamerican. It makes us less to go to those levels and will only escalate further.

      5. Rechercar says:

        Get your facts straight, Jonny Ninja.

        “People like you are long on ideology, but lack basic common sense.”

        So long as we’re being insulting, I’ve got one: People like you are long on conviction, but lack the ability to read.

        Khalid Sheikh Mohammed gave us the name of the courier that led to Bin Laden. He gave up the name after standard interrogation techniques were used. He had months to give up the name while being waterboarded. He never did.

        For the record, I’m actually on the fence with the whole “is waterboarding torture” debate, but I try to at least have my facts straight.

      6. Damon F says:


        Ninja’s post is grammatically perfect?! There is a grammatical error after the very first word of the post!

      7. JOe Dutra says:


        Will you be dancing with Chaz next season?

    3. Jake says:

      asdf, with those comments you sound like a delusional shut in.

      1. says:

        I agree. The U.S. should torture and murder brown people world wide, that’s the only way to make them free and embrace Democracy. Surely murdering and torturing people around the world is the way to engender the good will of the Islamic world.

    4. Bob Billings says:

      Are you really that stupid?

  5. Jeff Cutler says:

    If they had joined the union, they would still have their jobs.

  6. vicky bennett says:

    Waterboarding is not torture. What they did to this woman wasn’t waterboarding, it was abuse. Were there medical personnel there as it was happening? There are medics available when terrorists are waterboarded.
    So don’t give me this c r a p.

    1. Mark says:

      How about going through it yourself then decide whether it is torture. I can’t believe what this country in becoming.

      1. Jonny Ninja says:

        My brother went through it in training. He is fine with us using on the enemy.

        I mean let’s get real. Your definition of “torture” could be applied to a parent grounding their own kid for acting out.

        We aren’t dipping people in acid. Chopping off limbs.. Pulling out fingernails.. SAWING PEOPLE’S HEADS OFF WITH A DULL KNIFE ON THE INTERNET.

        No, we pour water on their face. And they THINK they are going to drown. At base level, we make them uncomfortable. With water. On their face.

        Please, if you want to do something for humanity, go and cry to a government who actually tortures prisoners. Like Iran. Or China. Or Yemen. Or Syria. Or Pakistan… The list goes on.

      2. Mark says:

        Yeah johnny ninja I just bet your brother went through the save thing. You probably still live in your parents basement. When you go can go through this yourself, then you can come back and say it is not torture. It is comments like this that have me worried for our country. We used to hold the moral high ground, now we are beginning to look more like the terrorist or Nazi Germany and the people who have never served or have never been in combat who condone this stuff are no better than the German people of WWII who condoned what happened in their country

      3. Mark says:

        I do agree with you on one thing Johnny the liberal press is trying to make a comparison that just is not there.

    2. Jason says:

      Vicky, your an idiot. That’s all I can say.

  7. John Piotrowski says:

    I just can not beleive the ineptness of this article .What does this have anything to do with how Obama banned waterboarding in any way.The best part is the last line .Oh and by the way the people do not work there any more .Pathetic

  8. Don Moore says:

    Again, the liberal media throws out a big ole softball for the libs to pick up and run with against the idea of using alternative interrogation tactics. If anyone thinks this article has anything to do with an attack on an 89 year old woman then you’re a flaming fool.. This is a blatant attempt to enrage the public and inject Waterboarding into the political discourse now that the question has been asked of our Republican candidates.

    1. John T. says:

      I agree.
      Now let’s focus on the ice cream argument that precipitated the “alleged” crime.
      And let’s investigate how anyone ever gets anything done in this country if everything done is presumed to be alleged.

    2. goose says:

      What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If you rather enjoy the notion of torturing brown people overseas then don’t complain when brown people in the U.S. use those same tactics on your elderly mother.

      1. Ivan Ivanovich says:

        What is all this “Brown People” talk? I thought we were living in a post-racial world.

    3. Damon F. says:

      “Alternative interrogation tactics.” Now that is an euphemism straight from the Ministry of Truth. Or was it the Nazis who came up with that terminology? I forget.

  9. Tommy says:

    Uh..? I don’t recall mention of a board in that shower. According to this author’s account, I too was water boarded when my brother splashed my face at the pool. There was no board in the pool, either, but my face was wet so it must have been EXACTLY the same as water boarding.

  10. Climp Jones says:

    Whats wrong with waterboarding? Bars, pubs & nughtclubs should start having ‘Waterboading Nights.’ DisneyLand should have a ride named WaterBoarding.

  11. Tommy says:

    The absolute funniest thing is that the 89 YEAR OLD WOMAN was fine, and went right back to stealing ice cream… yet we cannot do it to terrorists that wear bombs in to battle to kill American’s. Hahahaha!!! American’s are hilarious!

  12. RacingJason says:

    Clearly this low quality reporter hasn’t a clue what waterboarding is. It cannot drown you as water doesn’t go into your lungs. Its a scare tactic that makes the body *think* its being drowned, but its actually non-lethal. Get your fact straight, no need to lie.

  13. URGOVSUX says:

    Liberals look pretty stupid when they complain about safely waterboarding known murdering terrorists, and yet they are apparently just fine with Obama sending kill squads to shoot terror suspects dead before asking them a single question. Makes no sense, typical liberalism.

  14. Jonny Ninja says:

    I didn’t think this story was about politics, but the author opened it up by reminding everyone how the “noble Obama” outlawed waterboarding by the military…. But of course, the author left out that shortly thereafter, it ended up that waterboarding is precisely what allowed us to find and then kill Bin Laden….

    On a sidenote, waterboarding doesn’t drown anyone.. It simulates drowning..Moron.

    1. jeff says:

      Not to mention the picture, which in no way matches the story line of what these ladies did to a helpless older citizen.

      1. Jonny Ninja says:

        No kidding.. as if the goal is to make me picture a poor old woman everytime I hear that we waterboarded some terrorist @$$hole in gitmo. This story is one of the lamest attempts at propaganda that I have ever seen..

  15. Patrick Henry says:

    Wake up America, waterboarding IS torture. It may be “low level” torture but it has always been classified as a torture technique until the bogus “War on Terror”. You know, the war that steals all your rights while the border with Mexico remains wide open for any terrorist to walk across if they choose. You know, the war that has erected a surveillance society police state in the formerly free US while we go and assist Al Qaeda depose of dictators in Libya.

    1. Jonny Ninja says:

      My brother and many of my friends are in the military. If they say waterboarding helps to protect them and us by getting information out of bad guys, then we should be doing it. By the way, the military waterboards certain soldiers as part of training. And they come out fine afterwards. So if you liberals really want to prove your point, you go and get the same information from the bad guys by being nice to them. Take your time.. spend a couple of months.. Then, let’s come back and see if you or the military ends up with better intelligence….if you ever even make it back..

      Yeah exactly, it wouldn’t work would it? Why? Because your idea is stupid.

      1. Damon F. says:

        Perhaps your brother and friends are morons. Did that ever occur to you?

    2. Rick says:

      Please be first in line when the terrorists want victims to cut their heads off; if you won’t stand behind our troops, please stand in front of them. Liberal/communists never learn.

  16. bleating point says:

    Water should be banned. Look what it did to grandma.

  17. Phil McAnn says:

    Ugh, the hell of getting old. I spend my whole life avoiding baboons and the next thing I know I’m getting waterboarded over an argument on ice cream. They don’t care if you are 90, or 2, or handicapped, they are cruel and they have fun hurting people, those baboons.

  18. KS says:

    You idiots are missing the point. They tortured a senior citizen with dementia.

    1. Jonny Ninja says:

      Yes they did. Which is wrong…

      Make no mistake, that’s what I thought the story was going to be about when I first clicked on it. Then I figured out that it’s really just some lame propaganda piece for the suicidal liberal cause…

      1. Rushbabe says:

        Jonny Ninja so Right on! What started as a story about adult abuse suddenly got very political, and lame..

        The writer of this story could care less about the poor woman, he / she just wanted to make a leftist point.

        But none of us fell for it.

      2. John T. says:

        Not-so-subliminal anymore:
        “The Obama administration banned waterboarding suspected terrorists in January 2009”
        – Paid for by Suckers for Obama 2012

        True transparency in the government and in the press is when the people see through both of them.

    2. AtlasObjectivist says:

      The real point here is that liberalism is a mental disorder and 2012 will bring real change.

  19. momofsoldier says:

    My sweet son is right now in the middle of Basics. He probably will be waterboarder, and he is going into this willingly.

    God bless our troops.

    1. Crusader87 says:

      God supports kidnapping people world wide and carting them off to secret CIA prisons to be tortured. Lol. I can’t believe how crazy Christians are some times.

      Don’t take this too personally though, I know you’re just a victim of a low IQ.

      1. LightlyYoked says:

        @Crusader87…..You sound exactly like someone who would empathize with the two women who tortured that poor old woman.

        Don’t take this too personally, though. I know you’re just a victim of a godless society.

  20. James says:

    There is a huge, and perhaps agenda-driven inaccuracy, or outright lie, in this report.

    Waterboarding, as applied to terrorists by the United States, allowed no water to enter the lungs on the one hand. On the other, since when does spraying someone with a shower nozzle become waterboarding, in which the subject is strapped to a pallet with their feet elevated, etc…… need a board to waterboard.

    Unless you are CBS. Then you can misrepresent the facts in order to boost Obama, disparage our armed forces and CIA, and make yourself feel good for blowing the whistle on waterboarding.

    Except that it wasn’t waterboarding.

    Other than that, the journalists were spot on.

    CBS = SEE BS

    BTW, those “caregivers” need jail time.

  21. I'm Not Buying It says:

    What these two criminals did is not waterboarding and the photo is not “a demonstration of a person getting waterboarded.” It is a photo of a Coney Island Waterboarding “Thrill Ride.” Click on The photo does not accurately depict waterboarding. Water is NOT poured down the subject’s nose and/or mouth. A towel is placed over the subject’s face. Only a small amount of water seeps through the towel into the subject’s mouth and/or nose. The inability to suck air in through the wet towel, the water gushing over the face, and the small amounts of water seeping through the towel simulate drowning and cause panic. The article is clearly a story of sick horrible people used to propagandize, brought to you by the network of the disgraced Dan Rather.

  22. Slim Sadlles says:

    This must be a very progressive municipality if they actually have some kind waterboarding statute they can charge you with,

    1. Amurican says:

      Yea, that’s crazy. Water boarding should be completely legal, even in the elementary schools as a form of punishment for talking out of turn.

      1. Slim Saddles says:

        You miss my point. I’m sure the cops or DA can charge someone with “assault” or “attempted murder” but, contrary to what the article claims, I doubt they can charge you with “waterboarding”

  23. Christine Craft says:

    Michelle Bachmann loves waterboarding..would do it herself ..if she could just find some good waterproof fake eyelash glue.

    1. James Reader says:

      You are an idiot.

  24. Clarity-jane Seer says:

    That is rediculous. Bin Ladin has been dead for years. Obama is lying through his teeth for election points. the Americans have been brainwashed into a state of paranoia. You are going to die from a bee sting before a supposed terrorist!

    torture is wrong period! give me five minutes to waterboard Chaney and he will confess to being Bin Laden

  25. Bill says:

    If they did my mother that way (they) would be waterboarded in their own blood!

  26. Jack says:

    They should not hire former CIA interrogators to do elder care, pure and simple.

  27. John T. says:

    “Neither Steed nor Reed currently work at the elderly care facility.”
    They most likely rejected paid administrative leave for a better job offer.

  28. James says:

    Water-boarding CANNOT drown a person! In order to drown your lungs need to fill with water. Water-boarding involves laying down on your back on a board (strapped –restraint to board) that is tipped downward with your head down. Then water is poured over your nose and mouth. The water cannot travel into your lungs due to gravity. Course you could suffocate but mostly you cough and choke and it feels like you are drowning. It is a most unpleasant sensation and makes the strongest person panic involuntarily. It is not really torture as it won’t hurt you in anyway physically. I suppose someone could have a heart attack due to the stress. It is a type of mental torture.

    What these people did is unforgivable and is clearly elder abuse. The state should revoke their CareGiver/CNA/LPN/RN license or certification and then they should be charged with assault and sentenced to at least a couple of years in prison. The facility will need an in depth state inspection and if this sort of elder abuse is rampant, shut it down. Charge the administrators as well.

    1. Damon F. says:

      The water cannot travel into your lungs from the nose and mouth due to gravity?? Just like I can’t get water to flow from my second story bathroom? Because due to gravity, it can’t go up? Gee, thanks for the physics lesson. I should have talked to you before I ever dreamed of installing a toilet in the attic.

  29. Rick says:

    the article is incorrect; waterboarding does not drown people. It simulates drowning, causing panic and causes islamic terrorists to provide detailed information about their organization so that we can kill/capture more of their friends instead of letting their friends run amok cutting off the heads of innocent people. Islam is on the march and must be stopped.

  30. ter4633 says:

    What about the Ice Cream …

  31. Mark says:

    If you are gifted enough to actually understand what you read, the two women, Reed and Steed, held an elderly down in a shower stall and sprayed water in her face with a hand-held nozzle.

    That is not water-boarding. The dumbazz that wrote the article ad-libbed by using the controversial phrase to sell the story.

  32. Jim says:

    As a racist I have no problem with America bombing and torturing brown people throughout the world. No problem whatsoever.

    But don’t complain when it follows you home. The 2 “caregivers” were black and the old woman was white in this story. You have no right to complain. You have condoned torture around the world. When it follows you home via terrorism or a little “non-torture water boarding” against a child or elderly person, don’t whine about it.

    Furthermore, there is an easy way to stop Islamic terrorism in the U.S. without kidnapping anyone, without torturing anyone, without flying thousands of drones around the world to bomb people in foreign countries. Seal the borders to Muslims and Arabs. Deport the ones that are already here. Make the U.S. a “no-go” territory for Muslims. It’s that simple.

    But no. You’d rather rape children at the air ports with the TSA. You’d rather molest old ladies. You’d rather everyone have their civil liberties trampled rather than profile the young Muslim men that commit over 99% of all terror attacks.

    You’ve lost your minds America. And the blood thirsty war monger Drudge Report readership is on full display, in all their ignorance, in the comments here.

    1. The Bobster says:

      There are AA mandates in Obo ngocare. White America, this is your future.

  33. Sean says:

    gringo_patriot youre an idiot. I’m not sure how you got internet in your 99% camp in one of the major cities but because of people like you it takes me (a college student) longer to get to his job (i’m in college and I have a better job then you) because of your people being to lazy to do anything besides be bums. Get a real job then come talk to me, it’s not that hard

  34. Agent Meatball says:

    Our government made water boarding legal in this country, I don’t see what the problem is here. (Sarcasm.)

  35. Roger Dorn says:

    LOL! Waterboarding…..Hilarious!

  36. Gregory Kay says:

    Waterboarding is illegal and is considered torture under US military law; court marshals against American officers for doing exactly that were instituted as far back as the Spanish-American War that resulted in long prison sentences, and enemy officers were hanged for it by US military tribunals in the aftermath of WWII. It’s supposed “legalization” (which, BTW, puts us directly at odds with international law as in the Geneva Convention) flies in the face of more than a century of precedent in military jurisprudence. Like it, don’t like it; it’s still historical fact.

  37. bob says:

    Im a Vietnam combat vet 2 tours 67 AND 68-69.i KNOW for a FACT .,.,lets call it what they do today…Enhanced interrigation works.The right guy,at the right time,with info or pain….tada usually you get the info….and as for accuracy….its good enough. and quick.

  38. kbernatovich says:

    So, this torture doesn’t hurt an 89 yr old woman yet it is too rough for a captured terrorist (3 total in 8 yrs). Gime’me a break.

    Also, the knuckleheads at this home need to go away for a long time.

  39. Cok n' Candy says:

    People aren’t objecting to this are they? The US government says it’s not criminal to do this. Move on, people.

  40. nosmo king says:

    to our veterans above thank you for your service but your superiors who were
    also veterans think waterboaring works based upon their greater experience.
    and as far as waterboarding being torture shek khalid muhammed was waterboarded 193 times and is still healthy enough to defend him self.
    some torture, huh?,

    1. Damon F. says:

      John McCain and Nelson Mandela are healthy. I suppose next you will tell me that means they weren’t really tortured. Right?

  41. Yeahright says:

    This article is absurd and has nothing to do with waterboarding other than to give the author an opportunity to comment on waterboarding. These jerks were drowning this poor woman.

  42. Post American says:

    Torture is not an effective way to gain intelligence. It’s so sad to see Republicans supporting a method defined as torture since the Spanish inquisition. It’s illegal under U.S. Law, International Law, and the Geneva Conventions.

  43. josephine the witch says:

    First and foremost, they perpetrated this on an elderly woman. E L D E R L Y with dementia. Can any of you even imagine what it would be like to be old and be treated in such a manner. God help you!

  44. Bill says:

    Jermiller and Cilely

    I suspect they are honkeys. Nice going,, crakas.

    Who was it that said they were white.
    ehite as the driven now!

    1. The Bobster says:

      Wrong, bo otli ps.

      As expected, the perps were spo onies and the helpless victim White.

      1. TMay says:

        Not sure what you meant but it led me to the Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino and a Spoonie is someone who identifies with the theory and the 85 year old would be the Spoonie, unless you meant to communicate something else. See”The Spoon Theory”. . . by Christine Miserandino” at

  45. Consultofactus says:

    Gee – if waterboading is sooooo awful you’d think it would have killed an elderly woman in short order – this proves that waterboarding, while highly unpleasant, is an effective and relatively humane (no permanent physical damage) procedure.

  46. hillcoguy says:

    Please sir…..may I have MORE?? :o(

  47. Miguel says:

    Find these guys and water-board the heck out of them, even if they offer $10, avoid their water-boarding.

  48. Doomguy says:

    Death by hanging

  49. Consultofactus says:

    I’d like to make this point regarding members of the military. First, thank you for your service. Second, being in the military does not automatically make a person’s opinion more or less informed than anyone else’s. Yes, there are a certain few that rose to high command that afford them a more enlightened view of the world but by and large even those who experienced combat didn’t have IQs enhanced by the experience. Most former servicemen I’ve known both before and after service experienced a little more maturation, but if the guy was a little dim going in, he was still a little dim going out. My cousin was a door gunner in Viet Nam – Joey had strong, but idiotic opinions before he went in and 45+ years later he’s a goofy as he was when he was 17. So again thanks for your service, and you are entitled to your opinion, but honestly, military service does not make your opinions instantly “right”.

    1. Arthur Brown says:

      Is there something that makes you right? Please don’t tell me it is the Public School system.

  50. jgdp says:

    Care to guess the race of the perps?

  51. garb67 says:

    What the hell is wrong with all of you? These monsters are TORTURING an 89 yr old woman and the majority of you are arguing about the legality of the method . Really? Have any of you given any thought to the victim of this heinous act? What a bunch of morons.

  52. Clearhead says:

    This happened in 2008? And this is NEWs? Where are Steed and Reed nowadays? Tenured professors at some liberal college? If they’re not at room temperature, I hope someone has BLOOD BOARDED them.

  53. Alice Ramirez says:

    Any idiot knows the difference between a terrorist and a senile old woman. These people are psychopaths! I have a HORRIBLE feeling that, as Obamacare kicks in and money is gutted from Medicare, these are the sorts of people who will be “taking care of” our institutionalized elderly.

  54. Dugan McKinlay says:

    Did you know that the US Military uses waterboarding against other members of the US military during a training exercise? It’s called S.E.R.E. School. Survival. Evasion. Resistance. and Escape. Its a training program to teach our military members what to expect in an enemy POW camp, if captured. It’s very VERY realistic. How do I know? I attended S.E.R.E. School while in the Navy. I survived and am not damaged in any way by the experience.

  55. Sothe says:

    As always, they don’t mention that the attackers were black, and the victim white. Because it’s only “news” if it’s the other way around.

    1. David from San Diego says:

      And how do you know that that is the case? And why does it matter?

      1. The Bobster says:

        Kneejerk reaction from a li bt ard.

        Here they are:

        Now S TFU.

  56. David from San Diego says:

    This reported conduct, if true, is why we build prisons in the first place.

  57. Pauli Gela says:

    Jemeller and Cicely? Is this a hate crime?

    1. greg says:

      Yes Pauli. See dailymail news link below. The liberal media at CBS declined including race because it wasn’t two whites water boarding a black. Has to fit the liberal agenda before they talk about race. Both caregivers are black.

  58. Pauli Gela says:

    Is this a hate crime? Or was it done as a tough love thang?

  59. Bob Billings says:

    I’m a Republican so I’m all for water boarding an 89 year old woman.

    1. The Bobster says:

      I’m all for waterboarding libt arded Ob on go supporters.

  60. Georgine Kratzer says:


    1. Colonel Sanders says:

      They not people, they’re n i q q ers.

  61. Georgine Kratzer says:


  62. Don says:

    I do not see what the big deal is. It is not like they tortured her (I know this becasue all he republican presidential candidates-except for Ron Paul- have said waterboarding is not torture) and they needed to get the information to stop future ice cream incidents.

  63. Contrairian says:

    Why is this “news”? Everyone should have realized by now that we live in a completely lawless “land”, where any and every thing goes. We are the best banana “republic” that our own “money” could buy.

  64. Oscar DoubleAction Knight says:

    …Welcome to the third world nation of The Clayton County Democrat Slave Plantation, where cold blooded brainless zombies rules over the citizens.

  65. Rich Lehmann says:

    Jermeller Steed and Cicely Reed both have facebook accounts feel free to send them a message and let them know what you think of people who abuse the elderly.

  66. payattention says:

    If you love your parents and grandparents, you’ll keep them far far away from the nursing home.

  67. greg says:

    Racial hate crime. Do Jermeller and Cicely sound like names for black people to you? Anna is probably white so this is a hate crime which the media swept under the carpet. If it were two whites waterboarding a black, then it would be nationwide news for the next couple months.

  68. Chili Boots says:

    Torturing an old Lady is a bad thing, that
    should never be done. Got it, now, you
    insane wankers?

  69. greg says:

    Confirmed Hate Crime! The 89 year old victim is white. Jermeller and Cicely are both black who tortured a white woman using waterboarding. This story is so hideous that the author neglected to not include race to avoid public outcry. Dailymail website has same article with picture of the two black women charged.

  70. Incredulous says:

    Idiots arguing over whether water boarding is drowning or simulated drowning…ARE YOU ALL RETARTED? The story is the fact that again the elderly are being abused. Ya bunch of mooks.

    **This is not to those who have empathy toward the woman. **

  71. binc says:

    So, in closing, the two subhumans aren’t currently working in an elder care facility. Whew!, that’s a relief!

    1. TMay says:

      The article said “Neither Steed nor Reed currently work at the elderly care facility.” The article did not say what you said it said. They were not working at that elder care facility.That does not mean that they were not working at another elder care facility. Given that businesses cannot give an honest appraisal of a former employee for fear of being sued for depriving them of an income they could have gotten jobs in another elder care or child care establishment based on their experience at this facility. What was happening for three years between the assault and them being charged with a crime? Why the delay?.

  72. Will says:

    WHERE THE HE%$ IS THE ICE CREAM? It better not be in your pants again.
    Some one bring me the hose.

  73. Joe Lucido says:

    Anyone who would do this to an 89 year old woman with dementia, seriously needs to have their right to breath fresh reexamined.

    This is nothing short of terrorism. And they need to be charged like a terrorist, and if found guilty, to be punished like a terrorist.

    This is insanity.

  74. Post American says:

    How much you wanna bet these doods were Republicans?

    1. Rightwingconspirator says:

      Jermeller is definitely a Republican name…lol

      1. The Bobster says:

        Definite O bon go voters.

  75. rob says:

    I cannot believe how many sick tickets there are on just this story and board. Imagine they can vote too. Oh my God, what a nightmare!

  76. steve says:

    So… Did they get the information they were after or what?

  77. RichardGA says:

    I would love to be able to file this poor woman’s lawsuit. Hopefully these perps are going to be put through the ringer for years. Hopefully their torture will be a slow methodical punishment meeted out over years of depositions, bond hearings, license revocation hearings and a nice healthy prison term.

    Oh and we should dunk the heads of terrorists in a clogged and used toilet while holding a tasing them if it saves one American or allied life. But honestly I’ve heard that the most effective technique is to mention handing the terrorist over to the Iraqi Police, Saudi Military, etc.

  78. stanleycustom says:

    A poor headline. The victim was not waterboarded, she was held down and water was poured on her face. Waterboarding simulates drowning. A poorly weitten article.

  79. Rightwingconspirator says:

    I laugh at all the silly libs who defended Clinton when he was molesting young girls and lying under oath, saying this would have no effect on society as a whole. Of course, their illogical and pea brains have no problem formulating a dubious connection between Bush’s policy with regards to terrorist interrogations and the black thugs here waterboarding mentally handicapped seniors. They have no problem defending the hip hop culture as a means of artistic expression, yet somehow fail to make the connection to the disease rampant in black America that glorifies the subhuman – violence, death, drugs, prositution…the list is endless. The comments here are another display of the cancer of liberalism. Lost on the loony and diseased left is the fact that two mindless thugs decided to “waterboard” a demented senior over ice cream. This is a heinous crime that reveals an evil lurking in our society. How many other “caregivers” are doing this and other things to the old and infirm? The stories are myriad, yet I hear nothing from this do nothing leftist government about investigating these institutions as a whole to ensure nothing like this is happening elsewhere. Oh – and I love the comments by some here about “brown people”, as if Arabs look upon blacks as brothers. Read up morons – check out the Arab Slave trade to see what Arabs really think of blacks…note: not much….

  80. The Bobster says:

    When I’m old and helpless, I hope I don’t have n iqq er sav ages like this taking care of me.

    Oh yeah, under Obo ngocare, I’ll be forced to.

  81. rockey says:

    don’t touch my rocky road.

  82. Kenwood17 says:

    If a story is accurate, hold on to it for the “right time” to fit the mission.
    If you don’t have the story you need when you need it, go find something that can be altered to benefit the mission.
    Since the news media is no longer in the news business we all know why the media would run story 3 years after it incident.
    Those blinded to the media’s mission is tearing the people of America apart.
    Americans and the news media are both being used.
    Sad that so many will be rightfully shocked and disgusted by this story yet not realize the difference of waterboarding an innocent helpless person that did nothing deserving of it and one who’s actions have called for it.
    A soldier In a declaired war is not innocent until proven guilty by any countries military. Bush did declare war on terriorist and did so for good reason at a time Americans stood almost 100% in agreement with him. How soon we forget.

  83. Joe Bidenn says:

    How many times has CBS waterboarded Republican canidates. Most people believe it is acceptable interrogation technique for terrorists. Unlike liberal techniques, ‘ you have the right to remain silent and blame us for your terrorism’

  84. Paige Cohen says:

    And the point of this report was not to emphasize the elder abuse occurring in America but to give us another view of an interrogation tactic that Obama has ceased.

  85. Yaspar says:

    “Jermeller” and “Cicely?” No pics? Hateful cruel behavior? They be’s your Holder people.

  86. Kelly says:

    This wasn’t waterboarding. They flooded water over of her face, they may as well have held her head under the water. What kind of animals were these people to do that to a defenseless elder with dementia??

  87. nifty says:

    Water boarding places the body at an incline so the head is below the lungs, drowning needs the lungs to fill with water, instead the sinus cavity and nose fills with water but not the lungs. It leaves no scars or visible signs of abuse which is why it has been used to extract information from high profile captives and by these folks who do not want the signs of their abuse of this lady to be discovered. I love the fact that so many are concerned with hurting the sensitivities of an enemy that relishes beheading their enemies…and believe somehow that this perception could in some way lessen or increase the tactics used in our current battles. The only argument in my mind is whether we as a nation pay a price for treating our enemy combatants in such a way, whether it brings those abuses closer to being used against our own citizens, but having met these radicals personally- I can assure anyone that is not of their exact faith…they would kill you, your children, and feel they were compelled to do so by their faith so stop worrying about offending them.

  88. Farmer Bob says:

    Do the fans of water-boarding wish to assert that an 89-year-old woman held down flat while water is sprayed in her face could *not* drown from it? Would you also like to assert that she could not get water in her lungs and just plain old die from pneumonia? Don’t be so touchy about defending one of your favorite sadistic pursuits. There’s a much bigger issue here.

  89. Ar Amytas says:

    Well.. maybe these two were sick & freakin tired of the old bags whining and stupid actions. Payback ARE a btch!!

    1. getagrip says:

      You must be black.

  90. Mike Alright says:

    Lies, lies! Americans are a PEACE loving people.

  91. Bill Jones says:

    Who stole the strawberries?

    1. nosmo king says:

      congrats bill
      i thought of making a caine referance but thought no one would get it
      you made my day

  92. Montford John Greenwood says:

    The representatives in Washington said that water boarding isn’t torture though.

  93. JReader says:

    While the majority of you go on and on arguing about the meaning of waterboarding you miss the real point here. This is ONCE AGAIN an example of black crimes of violence committed against White people. Had the situation been reversed (which is almost never is) the media would be screaming at the top of their lungs about this “hate crime.” But since it is black against white (as usual) nothing is said. White people need to arm themselves, learn to shoot, get carry permits and don’t be afraid to take down these animals in defence of your lives. And never, EVER hire a black person as a caregiver—EVER.

  94. Kurt says:

    How do we know she wasn’t a terrorist? She could have had a IED attached to her walker, or a vest under her nightgown. The Health workers should be water boarded themselves.

    1. TMay says:

      That’s government policy. if a person is 90 years old and sick and is getting on a plane she has to be strip searched by the TSA and have the contents of her diaper examined, and then they have to strip search her daughter who gets upset and emotional..

  95. tim lowe says:

    and this is why very few people who are Liberal watch any thing from CBS, especially the NEws, always with a Liberal slant.

  96. LADY CON says:

    Test the technique on Steed and Reed to see if they can be drowned – show your work – do not give up until you have positive results either way – to have fewer variables in this experiment, let an 89-year-old familiar with this story pour the water

  97. Leatherneck says:

    I asked my Great Uncle while he stayed at a nursing home if anyone there was mistreating him. He said no, and he was 92.

    There is no doubt in my mind that day if he had said yes, and pointed out the arse hole, I would have beaten the living dog s### out of the POS. Where is the grandson of this poor lady? Where is her nephew?

  98. Charlie Adams says:

    I think we should avoid water-boarding the elderly unless absolutely necessary. I’m curious what the 89 year old woman had done to anger her attackers. We need more information before we convict these two caregivers.

  99. Rechercar says:

    Good god, this is getting really asinine. I’m pretty damn sure there’s a few things that most of us can agree on:

    1) The two caregivers who did this should be beaten senseless by an angry prison inmate who loves her grandma.

    2) Everything else being debated is irrelevant, insofar as this was a pretty damn disgusting thing to do.

    As for the irrelevant debates, we can probably clear a few things up:

    1) Technically speaking, waterboarding doesn’t drown you; it simulates drowning. This point is true, but kind of stupid, in that it misses the point – waterboarding, done too long, can still kill you via suffocation. It’s only “drowning” if the dead have water in their lungs which blocked oxygen to the brain. Waterboarding can still block oxygen to the brain, and will kill or maim if done for too long.

    2) Whether or not this was technically “waterboarding” depends on what definition you adhere to, and there are a few to choose from. The CIA’s technique is very different, although it should be noted that you would likely not be able to tell the difference were you subjected to this version or the CIA’s. Debating about whether or not it was, in fact, “waterboarding” is useless.

    3) Waterboarding may be torture; it may not be. It’s the same damn technique either way, and is either cruel or benign no matter what people call it. The “torture” debate is just a way to ignore the bigger question: should we do it, and does it work?

    4) Last and final point – we don’t know if waterboarding works well. We wouldn’t give the same medical treatment to over 200 people and expect the same result from each person; why the hell would we assume we can use the same interrogation techniques on over 200 prisoners at Gitmo and assume we’ll get good results? Any even cursory history of torture will tell you that the results are always mixed – sometimes you get good information, sometimes you’re led down the rabbit hole, and sometimes nothing happens at all.

    And in the case of Khaled Sheikh Mohammed, at least half the valuable information he gave us was given during standard interrogation, not during waterboarding. Any claim that he’s some kind of “proof” for one side or the other is total BS.

    Also, I’m kind of curious how the 89-year-old is doing.

  100. shoppegirl says:

    I was doing dishes in my sink today, got splashed in the face! Would this liberal journalist think I was waterboarded?

    Just to remind all of you, the dear old lady was not waterboarded… Not waterboarded..

    More people die from snowboarding than waterboarding anyway.

    1. truther says:

      so you think that even our govt which is constantly lies to us discusses in great detail with ANYONE statistics from torture, enjoy the kool aid, much less the countries who blatantly admit in public the geneve convention can go blow itself… so you again have NO IDEA what your talking about. no she wasn’t water-boarded but according to the geneva convention she WAS tortured, so have it either way…

  101. Brad says:

    It is clear by the comments on this page and the actions of these people, that we lowered the bar of American standards. We are a petty, sad, sadistic people. Sneaky, Angry, cowardly people that want to hurt others as much as possible. Both physically, and emotionally. Misery loves company and our government seeded this great idea.
    The joy that some people get by taking part and or reading/hearing about such things is a testament to my point. I wish i was wrong.

  102. Connie says:

    Apart from the ridiculous addition of the Obama Administration’s posture on waterboarding – which brings the typical media political bent into every story they publish – my question is where has this story been? This occurred in 2008? That was three years ago. The facility should be shut down. Clearly, there is inadequate supervision/oversight of the staff working there. No ifs, ands, or buts. Close it down, fine the owners and keep them permanently out of business. Enough. I can think of nothing lower than abusing the elderly, particularly those who are incapable of defending themselves. And these two morons who abused her? The rest of their lives in prison. No parole. There’s my two cents.

  103. Steve Riley says:

    Was the victim white or black? If ahe’s anything other than black then hate crime charges should be brought against these two ghetto trash poor examples of human beings.

  104. Candy says:

    So, what about the ice cream?

  105. Mel says:

    WOW. How embarrassing. It is unbelievable that an article about straight up elder abuse turns into a forum for political debate. One of the most vulnerable individuals in our community is subjected to extreme abuse at the hands of the people she depends on to care for her. The treatment of this person who no longer has the ability to care for herself, let alone defend herself against violence is abhorrent. This victim could be your mother, sister, grandmother, daughter, or YOU. But instead of expressing outrage and intolerance, well, read below. I have strong political views too, but there’s a time and a place. WhoTF are you people? And we wonder why the rest of the world laughs at us….

  106. Gordon Campbell says:

    Hey AZZNOZZLES ! This isn’t about YOU or WATER BOARDING or TORTURE DEFINITIONS. It is about a little old lady who was ABUSED.Get over yourselves and GROW T F U !a

    1. Mel says:

      Thank you! No wonder our country is in trouble. I truly hope that the comments on this article are reflective of only a miniscule number of insensitive, short-sighted idiots. Perhaps a dumping ground for brain fodder escreted from human fodder. As I said in my previous comment, embarrassing.

  107. Eric in Atlanta says:

    I’ll tell you what’s torture: having read this comment thread.

  108. Tuscaneer says:

    Well, they tortured her. If somebody pins you down and sprays water in your face and you can’t breathe right and you have no idea how far your tormenters are going to take this, that’s torture. If you saw somebody doing that to a squirrel you’d say, “Hey stop torturing that squirrel.” Does it have to fit into a particular ideologically approved paradigm? Who the f*** cares if it’s “water boarding” or not. It’s flat out torture.

  109. PowerPC says:

    This was a woman in her upper 80’s being abused physically and mentally abused. All the debate on the waterboarding being deadly or not is completely irrelevant. It is a form of torture which should be reserved only for terrorists or other POW’s that may hold information that could save lives and are unwilling to talk. This woman did neither and deserved the respect and dignity she deserved. Some people are totally sick and the two “caregivers” Jermeller Steed and Cicely Reed should be imprisoned for attempted murder if she did not die as a result and 1st degree murder is she died within 48 hours of receiveing the waterboarding. Since the article is extremely lacking any facts about what lead up to the incident and what happened afterwards. All I can say is that I hope they receive what they deserve. If it were my elderly relative they would be lucky to be in prison instead of a box 6 feet under.

  110. Jill says:

    Such unconscionable behavior!

  111. AeroJack7 says:

    I almost drowned boogie-boarding. Much more dangerous than water-boarding.

  112. politcaljules says:

    “Neither Steed nor Reed currently work at the elderly care facility.”

    You mean to tell me they are not in jail for willingly trying to kill this woman?? The CBS news reporter calls it water-boarding and glosses over the fact that this was not water-boarding, this was attempted murder!!!

    If you go back and read the article you can plainly see the manipulation:

    The [police] said the two men, “allegedly held down Foley in a locked shower room, flooding her face with the hand-hold shower nozzle in 2008.”

    Again, that is attempted murder, not waterboarding.


    The lame stream media strikes again. And just in time when waterboarding just so happened to be in the news.

    Jeeze. It is so easy to spot the media manipulation these days.

    CBS is doing really shoddy journalism. They have actually taken an attempted murder case and turned it into a media circus with a political agenda.

    I hope people are seeing the fallacy.

    mic check mic check mic check
    Occupy cbs

  113. politcaljules says:

    Not to mention this is a WordPress blog. I am perplexed why CBS atlanta would use a wordpress blog site to run their news business?

    Unless someone is putting bogus news out on the web and disguising it as journalism. That would explain why the article is so biased and questionable with the reporting.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm. The only link in this post is not even related to the case in question.

    hmmmmmmm. well if it is on the internet it MUST be true.

  114. DivideByZero says:

    Excellent, ObamaCare is working.

    1. President Obama says:

      You’re a Moron

      1. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

        If DivideByZero is an Obama supporter, yes:

        He is a ‘Moron”.

      2. David Maxwell says:

        Evidently, you need to accompany sarcasm with a picture. I rest my case in the matter of the public “school” system. Yikes!!

  115. Ralloh says:

    Ok all you genetically defective liberals out there. Of course this was a horrible thing to do to that poor lady and the creeps who did it should have the book thrown at them. Unfortunately the article lost it’s impact with the statement that waterboarding slowly drowns the person, and, adding that your idol, THE OBAMA, banned it’s use in interrogations, thus stripping us of a vital, non-torture, technique. Lot’s of commentors have pointed this out and all you do is ridicule. Oh well, nothing new. It’s what liberals do best.

  116. AryanDan says:

    When the President does it openly, others think they can do the same thing.
    And, it might not be too far off that the police will adopt this practice as well.
    America is not about torturing people in principal or practice.
    And those that support it are adding water to the slippy slop of human decency.

  117. TonyTonyTony says:

    Allow me to break it down for you:
    Victim was an elderly white woman. Perps were two blacks of low employment skills, low intellect, and low moral fortitude. Enter Barack Hussen Obama, MMM MMM, MMM. Social justice to the rescue. The writers of this article equivocate (logical fallacy) the abuse of an elderly woman in 2008 (prior to Obama being elected to the presidency) with his stance against waterboarding terrorist suspects of high intelligence value. I’m sure that crimes against our elderly will never happen again now that “The One” has deemed the practice of waterboarding unfit. Jermeller Steed and Cicely Reed get it now. No drowning old white ladies if they start squawking about ice cream! Use the pillow or the rubber hose instead. As for these two pieces of work, they are, as the progressives like to say, “Guilty as Hell and free as a bird”. Dagnabbit, I can’t quite remember why I don’t tune into CBS any more. Oh, I just remembered. Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder.

  118. Charles says:

    Attemped murder charge should be brought against these 2-women if what has been reported happened.

  119. JoeAstroturf says:

    This will be a common occurrence with Barack Hussien leading the country. She had ice cream and they thought it should be communally shared.God help us all. I’m glad they didn’t have any of his Fast and Furious guns or other people would have gotten hurt. Usually it’s an innocent Mexican or an American Hero like Brian Terry (Semper Fi Brian them bean bags they made you fight with were no match against Obama’s Fast and Furious guns and bullets ) that gets killed by them . The father should be put in jail. If not Obama will give him a job in his administration

    Check out song called :teapartiers I can’t hear you” on Youtube

    Here’s a verse

    Townhallers I still can’t hear you
    She should put a botox needle in that flabby neck
    presently she looks like something from StarTrek
    If something goes wrong she can blame it on the Teapartiers Rush or Beck

  120. rev.sharptone says:

    If this old lady is white then these two black caregivers also need to be charged with a hate crime. I would bet that she probably is white.

  121. SFC229 says:

    Some people are alive simply because it is illegal to kill them.

    And who-be think-a-be? Day-be color phoke an shee!

  122. JOe Dutra says:

    This was not water-boarding. It was squirting-a-shower-nozzle-in-the-facing.
    It does not simulate drowning. It does simulate children playing with a garden hose.

  123. truther says:

    funny a huge problem when an individual does it but our country is currently doing this to people right now. where is the outrage for them. almost everyone in our govt in the past 50-60 years is a WAR CRIMINAL. and should be put to death as a result we can’t allow these grave injustices to continue

  124. truther says:

    it is VERY easy to kill someone using any and all forms of torture, including waterboarding, there is a very fine line between torture and death because THATS THE ENTIRE POINT. to make them think they are dying. almost any form of torture is nothing but a waste of time because the info given will be anything to make the pain stop and its been proven hundreds of times throughout history.

  125. GD says:

    This is not water boarding! What stupid media we have here in the USA.

  126. Marc M says:

    So, in other words they didn’t actually “waterboard” her… but you felt the need to put that word in the title.

    Good job CBS…

    Not excusing what they did at all, they should be fired (if their union doesn’t save their jobs and reward them with packages) and prosecuted and sent to jail.

    Report the news for what it is, not what you want it to be.

  127. RJ says:

    For those who think waterboarding is not torture, send me your address so I can demonstrate what it’s like. I believe I can change your mind in 2 minutes. Keep in mind I have to waterboard you as many times as needed to make me feel I have gotten what I need or you have nothing to offer. I figure 100 times would be necessary. Some suspects were waterboarded over 100 times. I’m waiting.

  128. PaulaP says:

    Jeremeller is looking very cool on Facebook. If I were her, I’d be deleting it for sure.

  129. Phyllis Boland says:

    Yet another case of abuse!
    Please sign my petition on I am trying to get a law passed to protect people who can’t fend for themselves. Thanks in advance!

  130. Cynic says:

    If by not being damaged by water boarding Dugan McKinlay means he condones water boarding of prisoners, then he is damaged, indeed.

  131. empathy says:

    Isn’t it just cute how a couple of sickos can practice being little tyrants in training, or as Mike Adams calls it “trickle down tyranny”, then the folks in the comments want to argue the technicalities of drowning vs not drowning. Just shows how most people in America are turning into sick psychopaths, just like their political leaders.

  132. nohope says:

    If you’re cutting off someone’s air, does it matter if it’s drowning or waterboarding? Coming to a story where you figure there couldn’t POSSIBLY be an “alternate” viewpoint reinforces just how divided we in the US really are. Wow…

  133. Grey says:

    @ Dugan McKinlay

    SERIOUSLY? Well, no harm, no foul then. That old gal is probably fit as a fiddle. Why are they even complaining? Gosh!

    Yeah, you make me even more ashamed of the US government and military than I already was.

  134. Alb says:

    Torture is still torture… It doesn’t save anyone’s life as some of you idiots think it does. The victims of such would say anything. America used to be a good place, a place in paradise. Now it is a place in Hell!! The stars on your flag must immediately be changed for skulls. Perfect flag for warmongers like you. Don’t forget to wear brown shirts while you at it. I can’t wait for Karma to catch you up and send you all to where you belong!

  135. an ameican says:


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  138. Willbur says:

    Reading this story really makes me think ‘What the hell is happening to the USA’.
    Reading some of the pro torture posts explains things a little.
    God Bless America, a great country once!

  139. Rosamond Privitera says:

    Hello dude! I quite agree with your opinion. Many thanks for blogging.

  140. pletchernmj says:

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  144. Helen says:

    My 90-year-old mother with severe dementia was subjected to extreme prolonged torture in a Warren Michigan “nursing” facility. She was an easy target because she would not speak or scream. Many of those hired in these places do not quality for employment elsewhere and can get away with the worst atrocities. I tried to report it to the ombudsman, but as soon as she heard the facility name she gushed “Oh, Teri, she’s great!” That would be the administrator from hell. The ombudsman (a soman) did not hear even one complaint but kept putting me on hold so I would be unable. The atrocities continued. It’s a very evil, corrupt system. My mother worked so hard and was so giving her entire life, never took a vacation, and her life savings funded her own torture in the Michigan NH elder torture system. They would bar me from seeing my own mother and heckle me as if it were a prison. The horrors can not be overstated when a patient can not speak and has dementia.

    1. Phyllis Boland says:

      Dear Helen,
      I am saddened and disgusted to hear this! Please sign my petition and pass it along to others.
      Although this may not solve the whole problem, it may at least help to protect most or some people.

  145. GeliaSusillix says:

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