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It’s gift-giving time again, but you’re feeling like you’ve spent one too many holidays in the gift card section at Walgreens. Why not mix things up this year?

If you’re still on the fence about what to get the writer, the incense-burning bohemian, the aspiring photographer or the designer in training, look no further.

We’ve gathered a few really unique items to fit their tastes and your budget, no matter what they happen to be.

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It’s The Thought (Under $25)

For the perfect shot, these camera lens shot glasses from Photojojo at $18 are just what your budding photog needs. Modeled after the Canon EF 24-105mm zoom lens, and just as detailed, right down to the raised switches, they come in sets of three. They can also be used as tiny planters or storage for memory cards.

For the truly crafty, Mark Montano, designer for the TV show “While You Were Out,” recently released “The Big-Ass Book of Crafts 2.” This sequel to the wildly popular 2008 edition is the ultimate in creative inspiration, covering everything from decking out your living space to making your own all-natural body products. Find the 384-page gem on Amazon for just $13.17.

The Ticket Stub Diary lets those sentimental scrapbookers save tickets from museums, concerts and movies and jot down their thoughts. Maybe this will inspire them to finally dismantle that shrine to Lady Gaga. The diary retails for $10.09 at goHastings. The “Q & A a day” 5-year journal, available at Overstock, prompts the writer to answer a new question everyday. This will help your favorite creative track their progression, both as an artist and a person. If they have commitment issues, opt for something a little less intimidating. The “One Sketch a Day” visual journal from Chronicle Books for $15.95 is a charming little keepsake with spaces to draw for one year.

Camera Lens Shot Glasses – Photojojo ($18)

The Big-Ass Book of Crafts 2 – Amazon ($13.17)

Ticket Stub Diary – goHastings ($10.09)

“Q & A a Day” 5-Year Journal – Overstock ($11.43)

“One Sketch a Day” Visual Journal – Chronicle Books ($15.95)

Photo Credit: Bernard James

Spend A Little More (Under $100)

Your budding style maven friends know that accessories can make or break an outfit. While many creatives opt for fancy Nikon neck gear, these fashion-forward men and women would much rather be in front of the camera or styling for an upcoming photo shoot. Handmade accessories are the way to go.

For the well-dressed sophisticated gentleman, Bernard James’ Wilson Beaded Lava Bracelet ($100) is a great choice. Composed of black beaded lava rocks, onyx and sterling silver, this piece is a crowd favorite from the designer’s Hunt & Gather Project. For the whimsical woman on your list, we suggest Erica Weiner’s vintage YSL zipper pull earrings at $40. Made from actual 1970s YSL zipper pulls and equipped with 14k gold posts, they’re sure to turn a few heads.

While your creative peeps might already have a Netflix or Blockbuster membership, there are plenty of film gems they probably don’t know about yet. With Film Movement‘s DVD of the Month Club, a brand new, award-winning indie film is mailed to them each month, before the general public can get it. And there’s no need to send anything back! A three-month subscription is $45.99.

Wilson Beaded Lava Bracelet – Bernard James ($100)

Vintage YSL Zipper Pull Earrings – Erica Weiner ($40)

DVD of the Month Club – Film Movement ($45.99)

Photo Credit: Biegert & Funk

The Sky’s The Limit (Over $100)

For the lucky few, money is no object. Bernard James’ Cameron Double Wrap Bracelet ($120) and Erica Weiner’s Gold Nugget Earrings ($140) are great options if you have a few more dollars in your wallet.

If you’re feeling super generous this year, keep the QlockTwo Touch ($599) in mind. This super sleek digital alarm clock by Biegert & Funk takes a more artistically simple approach to displaying time. It illuminates words instead of numbers. A more compact version of its much larger and slightly more expensive older sibling, the QlockTwo Touch measures 13.5 x 13.5 x 1.8 cm. It’s ideal for tabletops and nightstands and comes in an array of colors, including vanilla sugar (white), frozen blackberry (purple) and dark chocolate brown.

The creative types on your holiday list spend countless hours hovering over computer screens, running between fabric shops and lugging around bestselling novels and photo equipment. Since they probably fall asleep three feet away from their actual beds anyway, why not get them something they’ll be comfortable in? The mc710 massage chair by Inner Balance Wellness ($699) reclines and features a four-zone massage with three intensity levels, a heated back and a simple modern design. This will get their creative juices flowing again.

Cameron Double Wrap Bracelet – Bernard James ($120)

Gold Nugget Earrings – Erica Weiner ($140)

QlockTwo Touch – Biegert & Funk ($599)

mc710 Massage Chair – Inner Balance Wellness ($699)

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