This is one of the saddest stories ever in the world of sports, PERIOD!

Sometimes you get a feeling about a person that you can’t let go for example the day that Coach Joe Paterno was set to break former Grambling State University head coach Eddie Robinson’s record for most victories I said live on the air that as I looked at him I just didn’t feel like something was right about the moment nor do I feel as if he was the “True Leader Of Men” that Coach Robinson was.

A couple weeks later and what do you know?

Coach Joe Paterno is caught up in one of the biggest scandals in sports, a scandal that looks as if it’s going to force him out of his long time coaching position at Penn State University. According to Sports Illustrated columnist Michael Rosenberg, Coach Joe Paterno will be forced out by the end of this season if not sooner all because he protected his former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky who is now accused of sexually abusing up to 20 kids through Sandusky’s charitable organization gear towards young boys from the 1990’s – 2009.

The past few years I’ve been watching PSU wondering how long they were going to let Joe Pa continue coaching the football team and it often crossed my mind whether or not they were giving Paterno the opportunity to pass Eddie Robinson’s all-time record for victories…

At this point I honestly think that was the case and if Joe Paterno actually knew about these allegations going back to the 1990’s I think that it’s only right that college football do the right thing and give Coach Rob his record back or put an asterisk by Joe’s coaching record just like MLB did to Barry Bonds. I know it sounds kind of farfetched but there is no way he should just be able to resign from his job and continue to live a normal life when the kids that were affect by Coach Sandusky’s actions continue to live with the everyday struggle of what happened.

It’s about protecting the youth!

The same youth that Coach Robinson not only protected but nurtured, educated, and taught to be responsible men for 57 years at the same institution where he also groomed 200 athletes that went to the NFL and had a 85% graduation rate.

A True Leader of Men…

I’m just say~RC

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