ATLANTA (WAOK)-Election day is Tuesday Nov. 8 – with the anticipated ballot containing the alcohol referendum. The measure gives voters the ability to decide whether to permit the retail sale of alcoholic beverages in convenience stores and supermarkets on Sunday.

According to The Georgia Food Industry Association (GFIA) 100 Cities and counties throughout Georgia are set to have the question of Sunday sales referendum on the ballot on Tuesday.

The areas are said to represent relatively 2.5 million Georgians living in all parts of the state. GFIA President, Kathy Kuzava, commended the city and county leaders for giving “the people the right to choose what’s best for their communities”… and effort Kuzava stated “has always been about [the] industry’s desire to serve [their] customers.”

Earlier this year, the Georgia legislature voted to give local communities the option of allowing the sale of alcohol on Sunday. In April Governor Nathan Deal signed Senate Bill 10 which allows cities and counties to vote yes or no “to permit and regulate package sales by retailers of malt beverages, wine, and distilled Spirits on Sundays between the hours of 12:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.”

Georgia had been one of just three states that prohibited Sunday retail alcohol sales.

Macon, Warner Robins, Centerville, Perry, Vienna, Oglethorpe, Forsyth, Fort Valley and Eatonton are among the cities that are allowing residents to vote early.

For more information and a complete map of the areas with the elections

click here


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