Atlanta (WAOK)-The past three weeks have been a test of wills for Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and members of  Occupy Atlanta. Many people have been divided in their opinion of how the mayor has handled the occupation of Woodruff Park. One civil rights leader has been very vocal about his displeasure with the mayor’s decisions. Read more in this story from the Redding News Review

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See what others had to say about the way the mayor handled Occupy Atlanta here

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  1. sircharles19 says:

    Mayor Reed forgot the reasons why “Occupy Atlanta” people was there. He fail on what it said and then move to order these people out…now, the man with the AK-47 presented no threat to anyone; just walking around, all of those police offer made the Mayor look bad because, the man with the AK-47 was not even approached or seeked out by an law enforcement. In fact, he was the bigger threat then those people in the park. So now we all see how mischievous Mayor Reed was and tryed to be slick about putting these people out of the park. If he was so concerned about the safety of the people, he should have gotten the man with the AK-47 first. All of that was just a big lie and a ploy to move those folks. He made a big mistake; that will cause him his policial career. If he was sincere, he should let those people stay! He might not know then, but he most certainly know it now that, Occupy Atlanta might turn things around for the betterment of us all!

  2. Train Wreck Coming says:


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