Atlanta (WAOK)-Many of you have had questions about the “mysterious” man who appeared at the Occupy Atlanta protest with an AK-47 on Tuesday. From what the media has reported, the man known as “Porch” showed up with his weapon clearly visible saying he was there to support the efforts of the Occupy Movement. Here is what Porch had to say

Who is Porch?

Why was he at the Occupy Atlanta protest?

“Porch,” a 29-year-old accountant from East Point, said he supported the demonstrators’ right to assemble and was making a point about both the First and Second amendments.



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  1. Sarah says:

    This man was a paid republican provocateur i’m 100% sure, who was trying to start something for a crackdown on this occupy movement… I heard people saying that Wayne La Pierre the head of NRA, was sending out talking points about the Obama administration wanting to take away your 2nd amendment rights to bear arms and to be able to purchase it, this is why you will see nut jobs like this dude showing up at occupy movements to get a crackdown and will lead to possible violence…

    1. Hetz says:

      “This man was a paid republican provocateur i’m 100% sure”

      Really? By this example, anything you are 100% sure of needs to be taken with a grain of salt, as I am 99% sure you know nothing beyond the scant details reported in this story.

      Or maybe you are projecting, in remembrance of all the leftist plants at Tea Party rallies.

      Recall the famous picture of a guy with a rifle at Tea Party rally that was used by MSNBC to try to paint the Tea Party as racist? To do this , they had to crop the photo so that you couldn’t tell he was a black guy.

      My bet is that this picture gets a lot less press.

      The OWS is pure astroturf, funded by Obama allies Soros, SEIU, and ACORN and directed from the White House. Pure politcal theater that is disgusting to the majority of Americans.

  2. brian says:

    The conservatives got to carry guns when they protested Obama, and when people complained about that, they screamed “2nd amendment rights”. Now, when one liberal carries a gun, it’s a threat. hmmm. double standard.

    1. Rodney Harrison says:

      I don’t think this guy is a liberal. I think that he is a plant from the right. I say that, because up until now the Occupy Movements have been quite peaceful and the 2nd Amendment Rights didn’t seem like it was one of the issues that the movement is concerned about. IJS.

  3. David says:

    Those of us in the Georgia gun rights community know who he is. He did choose to do this on his own, on a whim. He has been very straightforward about his position. He was very candid to the media as to the points he was trying to make. 1) Even people who disagree with the Occupy movement support their right to assemble and protest. 2) Guns and violence are 2 distinct things, people who carry them are perfectly able to assemble with people they disagree with and remain peaceful. There’s nothing inherently violent about having a firearm. 3) If you’re going to claim you’re the 99%, then you can’t claim you’re excluding the Tea Party and the values that they represent.

    1. Rodney says:

      The funny part of your last statement, “If you’re going to claim you’re the 99%, then you can’t claim you’re excluding the Tea Party and values that they represent”, is that they can claim that, if their values and agenda do not match. The thing is, is that you do not have to include yourself with the 99%. The Tea Party claims to represent everybody, but everyone doesn’t represent or agree with the Tea Party Movement. To be honest, I don’t really don’t see any difference except for what’s on the signs.

  4. Joe says:

    You can walk around downtown Atlanta with an AK? Wow!!!!!!

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