ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – Atlanta’s mayor is ready to put an end to the “Occupy” protests.

Amid rising costs to keep law enforcement present in and around Woodruff Park, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed has urged an end to the “Occupy Atlanta” movement, a demonstration that began more than three weeks ago in response to “Occupy Wall Street.”

In a press conference Monday, Reed cited the additional $100,000 in beefed-up police presence for Saturday alone, as officers worked overtime in 12-hour shifts to ensure safety for the protesters — the same protesters he connected to a hip-hop concert in the park that same day. Reed called the behavior of some of the “Occupy Atlanta” the kind of actions that “puts them on a path to escalation,” he said.

“It drains important police resources from people who pay taxes in the city of Atlanta,” Reed said.

Some community leaders in support of “Occupy Atlanta,” however, are against the mayor’s stance.

“I’m very disappointed about his position,” State Sen. Vincent Fort told CBS Atlanta. “I think it’s unfortunate and wrong.”

Since Reed’s press conference Monday, the number of people demonstrating at Woodruff Park has increased significantly, Fort said.

Several hundred protesters took part in the demonstration when Fort was there Monday night. Fort told CBS Atlanta that he was proud to support “Occupy Atlanta,” continuing to liken it to the civil rights demonstrations.

Shortly after Reed’s stance against the future of “Occupy Atlanta,” the group released a statement, saying that it stands firmly in solidarity with “Occupy Wall Street” and the other protests worldwide.

“The corruption of our political system by modern-day robber barons is the real clear and present danger,” the group said in a statement. “People are literally dying in the streets while the Mayor’s primary concern seems to be trying to end our attempt to shine a light on these problems.”

Though it isn’t clear what the immediate future is for “Occupy Atlanta” in the wake of Reed saying the movement is draining taxpayer money, Fort believes the protests aren’t likely to go away.

“If he wants to be like Bull Connor, then so be it,” Fort said.

“Occupy Atlanta” officials are expected to hold a press conference this afternoon. Emails sent by CBS Atlanta to “Occupy Atlanta” officials were not immediately returned.

The mayor’s office said it was going to release data related to Reed’s stance, but no data has been released to this point.

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  1. mobildata says:

    Keep up the good work! Drain their resources dry. Government in the United States hasn’t served the People in a long time. Today it only serves the interests of corporations that pay to put their boys in Office. Meanwhile, the TSA sets up unconstitutional internal checkpoints in Tennesee and treats every peace loving American as if guilty until proven innocent. We’ve had enough already!

    1. Joel says:

      Yeah, let’s ‘drain their resources’ – odd, I thought this movement wasn’t an anarchist far left anti us/authority protest and solely about the ‘99%’. What a load.

      At least you guys are finally showing your true colors. Keep up the ‘good work’ – I can’t keep track of all the jobs you have created with this ‘brave’ movement ‘for the people’.

      1. mobildata says:

        Its about aboloish the privaly owned Federal Reserve Bank corporation. The creation of the Federal Reserve radically changed the character of government in the United States. Prior to the private Federal Reserve it was the the primary functino of our Federal government to protect the natural Human Rights of teh People. Since then, its governments primary function to extract ever increasing amounts of wealth and productivity in ordder to service a perpual ever-increasing debt.

      2. Raynor says:

        @mobildata “it was the primary functino of our Federal government to protect the natural Human Rights of teh People”

        That is a lie! First off, our natural rights come from God, and all governments will eventually fail in protecting their own versions of “rights”. Secondly, and because of the first point, our rights are guaranteed in the CONSTITUTION, not the government which the Constitution creates!

        “It’s governments primary function to extract ever-increasing amounts of wealth and productivity”

        That isn’t government’s role, either! Did you not JUST get done telling us in broken english that government was supposed to “protect rights”? The truth is, It is our governments duty to safeguard us from threats, foreign and domestic, equip only those roles necessary to this effort (spelled out in the Constitution) and NOTHING MORE!

        These protesters are only good for molesting themselves, handing out drugs, swearing at and attacking the police sent to protect them, and sucking like leeches off government welfare.

      3. mobildata says:

        @Raynor get a grip dude maybe you should read again what I said, more slowly next time taking particular note that I used the word “protect” not “create” Sorry ’bout the typos. I shall take this opportunity to post it again this time typing more slowly:

        Its about “abolish the privaly owned Federal Reserve Bank corporation!”

        The creation of the Federal Reserve radically changed the character of government in the United States. Prior to the private Federal Reserve it was the the primary function of our Federal government to protect the natural Human Rights of the People. Since then, its governments primary function to extract ever increasing amounts of wealth and productivity in ordder to service a perpual ever-increasing debt.

      4. Antonio Binggot Talisic says:

        They never represented 99% , just the 5 % that feel entitled to mooch of the working people

    2. Phid says:

      “‘Today it only serves the interests of corporations that pay to put their boys in Office.”

      Let’s look at your statement for a moment. What kind of computer are you using? One made by a corporation? If so, then your initial statement is disproven, since corporations are serving the interests of you, mobildata.

      1. mobildata says:

        Gee that all sounds so swell… but only if I pretend that government and corporate power do not collude. Beginning with the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank corporation that lends money to govt and thereby obligates govt to extract wealth and productivity from its population in ever increasing sums.

        That was an essential change in the character of govt. that ended Freedom as it was established by by the Founders. No, by defintion government does not serve the people and has not for nearly 100 years.

        The result is what we have all around us in the world today.

        Kudos to the protestors I implore you all fight for Freedom! Don’t be misled back into more of the same that brought you there in the first place!

    3. mobildatafighter says:


      1. walteregoe says:

        You’ll hafta do better than that.

        CBS is censoring comments on this website.

    4. godhelpus says:

      All the media have gotten some money from the stimulus and bailout schemes and are deep in doo doo with the government crooks.
      The Federal , State and Local public “Servants” have been bought off by the Banks and NWO and gladly follow orders from the evil Elite illumanati. People don’t be physically violent with these crazy slave masters cause they gonna hurt you. Go home clean up and get ready for the train rides to the FEMA camps. It’s gonna get nasty any way you approach all these bull headed criminal entities.

      1. mobildata says:

        I wonder how much of the money Bush and Obama robbed from us went to CBS?

      2. Antonio Binggot Talisic says:

        I think Barney Frank was the crook in chief. Talk about addicted to the trough

    5. Black Sabbath says:

      mobildata, you moron! The resources you’re draining ARE PAID FOR BY THE 99%!
      When are you stupid Leftists going to wake up to reality?

      1. mobildata says:

        Eliminate the foreign owned Federal Reserve Bank corporation and there would be no 99% and no protest.

      2. Dave says:

        Don’t hold your breath. It’s been 40 years since we saw this miscreants the last time and they bred and passed on their lunacy and post LSD brain damage to their children and grandchildren.

      3. mobildata says:

        You know this first-hand, Dave?

    6. Sgt. Schultz says:

      yeah, good point…exactly how many jobs have these morons created?

      Other than for themselves selling drugs, and overtime pay for police to come out and keep an eye on them.

      This is an organized distraction, straight from the White House.

      1. Shadowfax says:

        Let them protest! Let the Tea Party protest! You can sit home but if somebody doesn’t stand up for America we will all be eating Chinese food and remembering how thing use to be.

    7. lynda says:

      Money donated to protesters by SEIU, Nat’l Socialist of America,, invest in the very banks they protest by making deposits into banks. Why don’t these “caring” idiots just hand out the money amongst themselves? Well, it is because they are greedy. These people are useful idiots to the Socialists, marxists, anarchists.
      I hope every single mayor across America grows some balls and kick these lemmings off a cliff.
      So far though NYC and Philly Mayors coddle the protesters rights while the taxpaying citizens foot the bill to protect these idiots.

    8. Dudeseldorf says:

      mobildata is not a leftist, morons. Mobildata is arguing for strict interpretation of the constitution and arguing AGAINST the redistribution of risk that the current fractional reserve banking system has created. He’s advocating a free market with no special treatment for bankers, a market where a banker doesn’t hedge his losses on the backs of the American people. mobildata is arguing against a system that undermines our Republic by allowing a private cartel of bankers (The Federal Reserve) to continue taxation without representation in the form of the “invisible tax”, inflation.

      You can argue with mobildata on his/her points, but you can’t just plug your ears and close your eyes and yell “commie” hoping the truth will go away. Yes the movement is being co-opted by the left in the same way that the Tea Party was co-opted by the Republican establishment, but that doesn’t mean that real people aren’t out there with real complains and real ideas. Don’t shut of your brains just because the media is telling you these are stinky, hippy, commies with no goals down there protesting. Read between the lines, don’t get pulled in by disinformation.

      1. Tdog says:

        You aare a fool. the Tea Patry is not being co-opted by the Publicans. The Tea Party will vote their sorry arses out as well if they don’t cut spending, enforce the laws as written, seal the borders, and adhere to the Constitution. Look at the “protesters” they are a bunch of sheeple…..useless tools to give the MSM something to distract the real 99% from the thievery occurring by this administration and it’s cohorts in crime. These “protesters” support socialism/communism and are stinking parasites. Hopefully we’ll get an early freeze.

      2. George Burdell says:

        The Republican establishment is desperately trying to co-opt the Tea Party, but instead the Tea Party is reforming and taking over the Republican party. It’s going to take a little more time, though. 2010 was just the beginning. More big government RINOs are leaving in 2012.

      3. Kevin Pearson says:

        Let;s see. Must of the Republican Establishment has not warmed up to the Tea Party. John McCain faced opposition in the primaries from a Tea Party supported candidate. Bob Bennet was part of the Republican establishment, The Establighment was not support of Sharon Engel or Christine O’Donnell nor Rand Paul. Rand and Marco Rubio won IN SPITE of Republican Establishment opposition.

        That’s why the media is able to convince people that the Tea Parties have lost influence BECAUSE the establishment is ignore them again like they did 2 years ago. Media are trying to say that the Tea Party is losing influence because they are not raising much money for re-election, but they didn’t need much money to be elected in the first place.

    9. RHO says:

      The NY protesters are opening bank accounts, filing tax paperwork, fighting over money. They will probably appoint a CEO and a Board of Directors soon. They are exactly what they are demonstrating against, greedy jerks. Wave some money in their face and watch them kill each other to get it.

    10. USNVet says:

      Mobildata I see that you are anti-corperation. What is your view on Unions?

  2. SpySmasher says:

    How DARE they enforce the law!

    1. mobildata says:

      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances”

      Is that the law you’re talking about?

      1. Johnf says:

        Ok .. remove all the police then. If they want to occupy, let them occupy. Let them live in their filth and waste. No government support at all. If they need security, let them pay for it like ALL OTHER GROUPS DO. If someone gets hurt, they can call 911 and wait for a cop or ambulance to eventually show up.


      3. Tim Holt says:

        Yes, that is the law. Now show me where it says these demonstrators have the right to break the law? Every one of the occupy properties either has a curfew or laws stating that you can’t sleep on public property. They can peacefully protest daily from opening to close and then the pukes have to go home. Let’s hear the liberal bilge on why you don’t have to follow the law?

      4. JC says:

        You left out the part where the Constitution protects defecating on police cars. Surely its in there somewhere, right? Actually, it is ironic to see a leftie quoting the constitution since your Dear Leader is doing everything in His power to destroy it.

      5. Patricia Parke says:

        Sorry, mobildata, but constitutional rights are not absolute. The US Supreme Court has ruled that the government may place time and place restrictions on “free speech”. That is why it is constitutional to require permits for marches and the use of public parks.

      6. WeHeardYou says:

        Yes, that’s precisely the law .Could you explain to us how freedom of speech or assembly equates to camping out indefinitely on shared public land and taking away other’s freedom to use parks, local business..not to mention peace from neighbors? When will the dis-assembly be? Not until they get their way? Isn’t that what elections are for?
        America heard their message, time to go home and vote in the next election.
        OWS is on the verge of becoming the “neighbor who wouldn’t leave”, “the guy who keeps hounding the uninterested girl”, etc. Why are they so right that they get to infringe on others? Why are they so right that they feel they will just stay until they force change on everyone else without fair process? What about those people’s rights?
        Again, we heard you. Organize, put together people running for office, be constructive. If OWS was as popular and as resonating as they think they are, there would have been many other marches..versus thousands. These thousands are not going to force us all to bend to their ideology by “occupying” our land. This is a democracy. We heard them..many agree..but they have turned the corner and are souring people to the message by acting like spoiled children who won’t budge until they get their way, and not respecting the rights of others in a democratic society.

      7. mobildata says:

        @PATRICIA PARKE- The SCOTUS also once ruled that black people are not human did that make it so? When SCOTUS rules that you and I need to be marched into a gas chamber will you go first?

        Our Natural Human Rights identified in the Declaration Of Independance and given substance by the Constitution Of The United States Of America, the supreme law of the land are INVIOLABLE!

        Our unalienable Human Rights come from the Creator. They are indeed Absolute! It doesn’t get any more absolute than that.

      8. mobildata says:

        @WEHEARDYOU: When you can find in the first Amendment where it places geographic and time limits on the Peoples “unabridged” Right to “Peacably Assemble,” I will be happy to discuss those limits.

      9. mobildata says:

        @Tim Holt: A legality such as a Civil or Penal Code is not lawful when it stands in violation of the Constitution Of The United States Of America.

        A genuine Peace Officer should understand that it is his sworn duty to uphold and defend the unalieable Human Rights of those protestors. No matter how many City bureaucrats and politicians are discomfitted by the sight the Peace Officers’ duty is not to them.

        A Peace Officers ultimate duty is to the People and the protection of their unalienable rights as declared by the supreme law of the land.

      10. mobildata says:

        One more thought… I certainly don’t envy the sworn officers who will, now inevitably, find themselves faced with the choice between acting as nothing more than fascist enforcers or to remain true to the oaths you swore to uphold and defend the Constitution.

        Some of you have no conscience. God bless you, the rest.

      11. cowboyfan091971 says:

        i think they were talking about the peaceably assemble part. stoop.

      12. Pensieve says:

        Read it again – Congress shall MAKE NO LAW – is that what YOU’RE talking about? Is the mayor asking Congres to “make a law”? We have all sorts of laws that have been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court regulating aspects of free speech. You can’t slander a person – that’s a law that “regulates free speech.” In many states, you have to stand a certain amount of feet away from abortion mills when you want to hold signs, pass out pamphlets, or talk to women. That “regulates free speech.” In some areas, you cannot picket in front of a person’s house – for instance, to protest a judge, an abortionist, etc.

        When there are security issues, it is legal for the police to move you to a place that they feel is safer for your protest. There are many regulations about free speech, so get a clue.

        Interestingly, here in Florida, the town parks wanted to put a hefty fee on having a Tea Party demonstration for cleanup and police presence. You know, for those nice people who speak respectfully and clean up after themselves. Don’t remember you championing their freedom of speech at that time.

        You could care less about the people who have to pony up so you can have your fun. Why aren’t you guys digging deep into your pockets to pay for the police presence and clean up your junket is requiring?

      13. MorganGray says:

        Yup. That’s the one.
        That’s the one which Congress chose to violate when they passed the F.A.C.E Act, which took away the Constitutional rights of one group of citizens to protest at a specific type of location, because the location was politically correct, and the protests were not.

        That’s the one which is regularly violated with regard to the Free Exercise Clause, when students are told they cannot exercise their religious freedoms on school grounds.

        The government selectively enforces that law all the time. You’re just peeved because it is now *YOUR* ox getting gored.

        Welcome to the other side of the coin, bubba.

      14. hps says:

        I agree remove the police but ARM the citizens who live in the area.. I have relatives who live in the Alanta area.. they work (even when undergoing cancer treatments), pay taxes, go to church .. help others and DON’T deserve to have a lessor degree of police protection in their neighborhood.. NOR do any of the other people who are paying for such..see this IS NOT A PROTEST.. PROTESTERS go HOME at night.. THESE are SQUATTERS.. and are NOT address the GOVERNMENT with their grievances the GOVERNMENT is in D.C. they are HARASSING the public..and business owners.. Glad I don’t live in the area.. I would be out with a paint ball gun BRANDING the trash..

      15. hps says:

        I agree remove the police but ARM the citizens who live in the area.. I have relatives who live in the Alanta area.. they work (even when undergoing cancer treatments), pay taxes, go to church .. help others and DON’T deserve to have a lessor degree of police protection in their neighborhood.. NOR do any of the other people who are paying for such..see this IS NOT A PROTEST.. PROTESTERS go HOME at night.. THESE are SQUATTERS.. and are NOT address the GOVERNMENT with their grievances the GOVERNMENT is in D.C. they are HARASSING the public..and business owners.. Glad I don’t live in the area.. I would be out with a paint ball gun BRANDING the trash..

      16. MorganGray says:

        @mobildata, you said:

        “@WEHEARDYOU: When you can find in the first Amendment where it places geographic and time limits on the Peoples “unabridged” Right to “Peacably Assemble,” I will be happy to discuss those limits.

        Look Up the F.A.C.E. Act. It isn’t in the First Amendment, but Congress placed a geographic limit on speech and assembly — politically incorrect speech and assembly.

      17. InigoMontoya says:

        mobildata… you keep using the word peaceably… I do not think it means what you think it means

      18. Larry Killen says:

        On their own property and at their own expense.

      19. Larry Killen says:

        Can all the protesters carry guns as part of the “un”alienable rights?

      20. Nate says:

        Ever heard of time/place/manner restrictions? No? Because THAT’S the law.

      21. Kevin Pearson says:

        Assuming that you can read – which is doubtful – the only rights stated in the Declaration of Independence that are granted by the Creator as “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” The right to peaceably assemble are in the First Amendment the Constitution, which means that they are granted by the Government, not the Creator.

        Since you are such the legal scholar, it may be a surprise to you to learn (l;earn? That’s a laugh, like I liberal would have the mental capacity to learn anything) that the :”freedom of speech” DOES NOT include the freedom to yell “FIRE!!!” in a crowded theater.

        And the caveat of human rights is this: Every time that someone exercises their “human rights”, they infringe on someone else’s human rights. The freedom of Speech is irrelevant if everyone is speaking at the same time. Human rights should be treated as if they are gold,but the Left act as if they are manure.

    2. Freedom Fighter says:

      Don’t blame the polititions they’re just corporate employees doing what there bosses tell them to do. It’s time we the people take our country back from big business that have run this country into the ground with their neverending greed

      1. not sure says:

        Don’t you have a spell checker? Nor a fact checker either as it seems. Illiteracy, ignorance and bad grammar, that’s just a perfect way to get your message across.

  3. Jim Gallagher says:

    Found this public service announcement; it’s seems to be a guaranteed way to send them running back to their basements…

    1. Notasocialist says:

      Your awesome.

    2. Kevin Pearson says:

      I have a better idea. Do what they did to Noriega who was “occupying” some foreign embassy. Fight fire with fire, use our own Human Rights to combat their Human rights. Set up boomboxes all around the “Occupied” zones in all the location throughout the country, and using the human right of freedom of expression, play Hank Williams Jr, at full blast.

      That’ll make ;em scatter like the rats that they are.

  4. Stopgovtwaste says:

    Of course State Senator Fort would not find it a problem to drain the tax payers money. He is ignorant of the fact that the city is in financial difficulties. I do not have any hope that he will ever understand simple economics.

  5. Hank Warren says:

    Endless bailouts, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  6. lanny davis says:

    A Chicken in Every Pothead!

  7. mobildata says:

    Comments about the nature of our economic system are being censured on this website.

  8. Sau Sage Fingerz says:

    sounds like someone’s spoiling for a fight!? I support those who stand in support of Freedom of Speech…as opposed to the politicians who view public dissent as a threat to their power. You are not being very patriotic Kasim.

  9. rip300rog says:

    Yet another Democrat Mayor has seen the light. Time to flush these lawbreakers from our parks and into the sewers where they belong.

    1. Sau Sage Fingerz says:

      Practicing Free Speech and Freedom of Assembly is now “lawbreaking”? I suggest you pick up a copy of the Bill of Rights and educate yourself..oh, and your red neck is showing.

      1. Devo says:

        that’s a racist thing to say, you racist.

      2. walteregoe says:

        Bet he hates Bambi too.

        Ask him if he roots for Tweey or Sylvester? That’ll expose his true colors for sure!

      3. hattmann says:

        Actually, it says freedom of speech, not freedom to be a squatter anywhere you want

      4. SSFclueless says:

        We are familiar with the Bill of Rights, but please, do tell us how freedom of speech and assembly equates to taking control of public land indefinitely? Please show us where it OK’s to break laws and local ordinances if you think you are right? What about other people’s rights? Why are these protesters, who actually number far fewer than many other protests who don’t take over public assets, feel they get to “occupy” public land until they get their way? We eagerly await your learned interpretation of the Bill of Rights as to these points.

      5. mobildata says:

        @SSF: “…or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

        Because the Bill of Rights says so. Apparently those who wrote the Bill Of Rights believed Peoples Human Right to have ideas and be heard by government, far outweighs governments right to shut them up.

      6. HPS says:

        Why is it the trash suddenly remembers the CONSTITUTION when it’s in their favor?? Bet they find GOD when they are about to die to.. NOW educate yourself.. I am all for PROTESTING.. EVERY AMERICAN is .. HOWEVER.. SQUATTING/OCCUPYING is NOT PROTESTING..
        PROTEST is an expression of objection, by words or by actions, to particular events, policies or situations. take possession and control of (a place), invasion.

      7. Brad says:

        mobildata, you believe the 1st amendment is absolute? Do you also believe the 2nd amendment is absolute? Oh, you don’t? You mean you cherry pick the Constitution? You only like the cute parts you agree with? Wow, ya don’t say…

      8. Pensieve says:

        Okay, you hide behind your sweeping generalization “free speech and assembly.” Let’s talk about particulars, Brad. That will be tough for you because it requires some thought. Do you SPECIFICALLY mean you think the Constitution gives you the right to take over a park, become a weeks-long nuisance to the local citizens, and run up the taxpayers’ bills for added police enforcement, cleanup, etc., to your heart’s content?

        Do you believe “freedom of speech” allows you to sing and bang a drum near enough to residents to keep them awake all night?

        Do you feel “free speech” entitles you to taxpayer supplied and maintained port-a-potties?

        Specifically, Brad – are ANY regulations pertaining to free speech and assembly acceptable? Should abortion protesters be able to go right up to a woman approaching a clinic, or should they be made to stand behind a line as the Supreme Court has ruled is legal to make them do?

        Specifically: Have you protested the “behind the line” rule for abortion opponents? If not, why not?

        I’ve been a teacher. Should I be allowed to teach third-graders in a public school that blacks are inferior? Why not? Would you fight for the right of a public schol teacher to do that? Why not?

        Should state meteorologists have been FIRED as they were because they don’t believe global warming is man-made? Have you protested their firiings, o free speech defender? If not, why not? That’s a REAL, not made up, infringement of free speech. You didn’t do a thing about it, did you? Your buddy, Al Gore, thinks that was just dandy.

        The liberal mantra: Free speech for me, but not for thee.

        So let’s talk specifics, Brad … you talk about the color of my neck – let’s see if you have any gray matter between your ears. Don’t hide behind a phrase, even a Constitutional sentence or two. Specifically address these points if you are able. I await.

      9. Pensieve says:

        Brad, my apologies for mixing you up with a leftist jerk!

  10. Daniel Cline says:

    AS history has proved time and again. We need you southern Folks to send in the police, troops and fire hoses to really get this party started. Bring it!! Please!
    your’re actions of force will only bring change faster.
    take a lesson from NY city Mayor,.. but you won’t,.. and we thank you for it really we do.
    wecolme to the beginning of real change.

    1. Sau Sage Fingerz says:

      Southern man
      Better keep your head
      Don’t forget
      What your good book said
      Southern change
      Gonna come at last
      Now your crosses
      Are burning fast
      Southern man

      1. Tom says:

        Go smoke another bowll. Loser.

      2. JohnRalph says:

        Herman Cain, regardless if he’s elected president is an American we can be proud of, who happens too be black.

        Mein Führer Obama is half American hillbilly gutter trash and half black African Muslim Jihadist.

      3. lem says:

        Well I heard mister Young sing about her
        Well, I heard ole Neil put her down
        Well, I hope Neil Young will remember
        A Southern man don’t need him around anyhow

      4. Pensieve says:

        Oooh – like, arguing with song lyrics, so cool, right? Brings me back to those good times, good times, man …

        When the moon is in the seventh house
        And Jupiter aligns with Mars,
        Then peace will guide the planets
        And Love will steer the stars.

        So true, eh? But, hey, man, like what’s with these grouchy people not wanting to foot the bill for all your fun, what’s up with that?

        As like Neil Young- and he is the man, eh? – says, don’t let it get you down, it’s only castles burning.

        Sometimes there’s nothing to do but lay down your candle in the rain and let your white bird smile up at the ones who stand and frown.

    2. phil says:

      Mr. Cline: Southerners don’t care how you do it up North. Mayor Bloomberg allowed this situation to get out of control by not enforcing the law. (No sleeping in the public parks.) He is a Republican, NOT a Conservative. Funny how former, very successful, NY Mayor Rudy G., cleaned up the cesspool of crime in NYC…and in short order, it’s back to garbage in the streets and lawbreakers in charge,
      We thank YOU, for showing us how NOT to run a city.

    3. JC says:

      Hey Big Dan, lookie up north, all the way to Chicago Land, the home of your tin god Obama, at what Rhambo Emmanuel s doing to your fellow Juvenile Delinquents. I’ll give you a hint- he stopped them. How does that fit into your moronic rant about the south? And are you suggesting that a black mayor with an ethnic name has somehow turned redneck? And what, pray tell, is the supposed “civil right” you idiots are fighting for? The right to drop a deuce on a sidewalk? You smear true civil rights heroes by comparing your petty grievances to the real problems they faced. Do yourself a favor and give your dad his laptop back before you further make yourself look like a fool.

      1. HPS says:

        YES is it not funny those that are ANTI big business and corporations SUPPORT them well with their iPod and computers ..internet services AND not to mention the wall street hedge fund billionaire SORO’S who feeds them through his funding of places like MOVE ON .ORG.. CODE PINK.. etc and the UNIONS who are STEALING money from their members.. they are truly a bunch of USEFUL IDIOTS.. and REALLY BAD poets ..

    4. RoBoTech says:

      What a joke you are, Socialist.
      Of course YOU won’t be in front when they do send in some serious headbreakers, I guarantee that, yet you call for violence?
      you are on stupid individual.

    5. Dave says:

      Really? What CHANGE did you get in the 60’s or early 70’s that’s made a difference today IF things are so bad now?

      Idiots. Complaining just to hear your own voices. Baseless egomaniacs trying to impose your judgement on the rest of the world.

      Go away, quietly or with water cannons again, no matter.

    6. Kevin Pearson says:

      Just round up the copperheads in the Hotlanta area and just release them in whatever park Occupiers are in. These city slickers will be running scared.

  11. Sau Sage Fingerz says:

    Mohammed Kasim Reed has been given his marching orders by the union busting puppet masters. I suppose the “occupy” movement is here to stay. Fighting it only lends more credibility to the cause.

    1. SSFClueless2 says:

      Now it’s the “cause”? LOLOLOL!! More people gather for the Macy day parade than all the OWS protests combined. My, someone is disconnected to reality.
      I know, I know…you’ve only had 6 weeks to make your point, they need more time.

      1. Dave says:

        More people go for the podunk missouri parade than the ows “protests” combined.

        This isn’t news, the media’s giving it a hundred times more credibility than it warrants.

        Like any spoiled child, ignore it and it will change.

  12. ronmadden says:

    But Sen. Vincent Fort (D-District 39), Bull Connor was a good and loyal Democrat!

  13. walteregoe says:

    Another comment about the Federal Reserve Bank was just cesored here by CBS

  14. walteregoe says:

    Why is CBS censoring comments about the FED?

  15. walter12 says:

    If it is not the black and Mexican criminals and gang members in Atlanta, it is now the deadbeat and communist white protesters. I am going to stay out of Atlanta.

  16. walteregoe says:

    Only spoonfed ideas permitted. Rail on! Call each other idiots and denegrate Freedom loving People who exercise their God-given natural Human Rights. But DO NOT say anything here about the true nature of the Federal Reserve it will be censored.

    CBS = establishment cronies

    1. walteregoe says:

      Propagandists of the highest order.

    2. walteregoe says:

      They must have read Chomskys book.

    3. Sau Sage Fingerz says:

      END THE FED! educate yourself about the dangers of fractional reserve banking!

      1. mobildata says:

        they just censored another one I tried to post.

  17. walteregoe says:

    People are only permitted to know what the corporate media feeds you.

  18. Willey says:

    Occupiers, stop being dupes of the Democratic Party! Turn on the politicians!

    1. Sau Sage Fingerz says:

      The Tea Baggers would like you to believe that they play for the “other team”. Educate yourself and visit a protest. The 99% have no allegiance to ANY political party.

      1. Mark says:

        They may not have an allegiance to the democrat party and certainly not to the republican party, but they are comprised some of and supported by:
        The Communist Party USA
        The Working Family Party (more commies and an offshoot of ACORN)
        Islamists and other anti Semites
        The Nazi Party
        David Duke
        and various other elements of the dregs of society.

        They are the lunatic fringe of society and far from any supposed 99% and you are delusional.

      2. mobildata says:

        The lunatics are those people who keep voting for the same Republican and Democrat politicians expecting a different result but getting only increasing amounts of the same result every time.

      3. mobildata says:

        The lunatics are those people who keep voting for the same Republican and Democrat politicians expecting a different result but getting only increasing amounts of the same result every time..

      4. USNVet says:

        Mobildata I see that you are Anti-Corperation. What are you views on Unions?

      5. Darth Lib says:

        follow your own advice and educate yourself. The Tea Party has no allegiance either, but you swallow what the leftwing media has spoon fed you. When is the last time you visited a Tea Party protest yourself? Probably never.

      6. SouthernMan says:

        They have no allegiance to ANY political party

        –They also have nothing resembling a unified message. When asked most of the people attending these occupy events can’t say what they want to come of the protests. And if they can make a statement it’s usually a vague or misguided answer. The best answer is when someone is occupying wall street because they are a bunch of crooks while chanting ” Reelect Obama 2012″…..but who pays the vast majority of Obama’s campaign contributions?
        The Occupy “movement” is nothing but mental masturbation by a bunch of disillusioned freeloaders that can’t manage to get a job.

      7. sothatsit says:

        They are putting faces on the carnage being caused by our governments ideological stalemate. They want the government to see that real peoople are really hurting. They want the governement to do their job and fix the economy. They dont care who or how its done, but the lack of action and posturing must end. That is their message.

      8. libertyfirst1776 says:

        Do the really? Involved in the solution to “fix” our economy is massively cutting back entiitlement spending, taxes and expensive government regulations (i.e. EPA). It seems like these lefties are stuck on the class-warfare argument espoused by their Progressive leader Obama. They keep telling us the problem is The Man, and The Man must be punished with higher taxes. That doesn’t sound like they are interested in a solution to me.

        Why don’t these malcontents put their energy into starting one of these evil businesses and hire their malcontent friiends to work at “living” wages with comfortable, middle-class benefits? If The Man is the problem, do it yourself, or quit complaining. If you need The Man to provide you a job, you better focus on providing an environment in which it is conducive for him to do so. Get it?

      9. Devo says:

        Tea baggers? that’s a derogatory name to be calling people who are exercising their freedom of speech. you sound like a hypocrit to me with a warped sense of reality. Why aren’t you protesting the biggest corporate shill in America…Obama?

  19. jim says:

    Very few black faces in those crowds so they will be gone soon.

  20. Jenny Taleya says:

    It’s the FED that prints money out of nothing and then lends it back to the country at interest that is the only issue. END THE FED – STUPID

  21. Jenny Taleya says:

    —->It’s the FED that prints money out of nothing and then lends it back to the country at interest that is the only issue. END THE FED – STUPID

  22. David Huser says:

    According to the Daily Rash, Occupy Antarctica has one lone protester battling -50 temperatures in his fight against greed.

  23. mobildata says:

    The government is there because corporations paid to put their boys in office. Giving more money to government in taxes changes nothing. The system will not change on and a lot of naive, duped people will go on with their lives making believe something was fixed.

  24. Denise says:

    Oh, it will escalate, all right. All that’s needed for this rabble to begin the violence is a signal from their masters. Watch and see.

  25. The_Thumper says:

    Yes sir, fat fingers, the 99% (maybe, in reality, 1%) have no allegiance to anybody but themselves. Poor lil’ Flea Baggers …

  26. Kim Yedlosky says:

    throw bars of soap at them they will ran away

  27. Toby says:

    They want to protest and “Occupy” then let them pay the cost of additional security just like any other large gathering, parade or private function!

    1. mobildata says:

      In the Once-Free United States it was a primary function of government to to protect our unalienable right to have and express ideas, especially, in protest of government! Now, here in the land of the fee and home of the slave, you are protest and free speech is something for government to stamp out?

      What is it with people who belive its okay to spend triillion$ to destroy entire nations killing innocent peaceful others in the process, who believe its okay to spend triillion$ more just given away to giant monopolies and cartels but nay not a dime to defend the natural Human Rights of even one American citizen. What puts such ideas into peoples minds?


      1. mobildatahasnolegtostandon says:

        You are such a simple, lower functioning individual! We (America) work on a “majority rules” basis. You are so in the minority it’s a laugh. Do us a favor, stop pretending you stand for something (so far the Occupy whatever has no stated goals or platform), get a shower, put on your big girl panties and get a job so you can be a productive citizen. I DO NOT want to pay for you to live, so work or die, I don’t care which, but the Constitution never gave anyone a guarentee that another citizen would pay thier way in life. Time for you to get into the game and stop sucking others dry.

  28. ivanthedestroyer77 says:

    The Mayor needs to get an education. Nowhere in the First Amendment does it allow for government to interfere with every person’s (citizens inalienable) right to Speech, Assemble and Protest. He is out of his jurisdiction and if he tries it, the city will pay 10x in constitutional (damages) violations (per) to the citizens of OWS. They have lawyers on Retainer and the ACLU is backing the protests.

    The Mayor should scale back on his own corruption, because the people are not going to take it anymore.

    “*Any Illegal move against protestors rights will be met with Hack-Attacks, and the Perpetrators of Said Attacks on Protestors, will have no peace or privacy anywhere in the world.” -Hacker Group, Anonymous.

    *I read this above WARNING posted by the group.

    Legion IS HERE … Your End is here.

    1. Kevin Pearson says:

      It’s amazing how ignorant the libturds are.

      The Freedom of Speech DOES NOT give someone the right to yell “FIRE” ina crowded theater. Therefore THERE ARE LIMITATIONS TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

      Granted the limitations to freedom of speech are far less than the limitations of your intelligent and education, but they do exist.

      The only inalienable rights are “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”, however, oddly enough with its support of abortion, the Left has no interest in the right to life.

  29. Fourleaf Tayback says:

    For over 60 years the Democrat Party has been slowly making it alright for people in this country to accept charity and hand outs. They have created a new socio-economic status in this country called “government assisted citizens” but we all know that really means “charity cases”. It’s not called welfare anymore, they are not called food stamps anymore but we all know what it is. The Democrats have worked hard to remove your shame for accepting hand outs. The cost has been the removal of your Pride. WITHOUT SHAME THERE IS NO PRIDE! I say shame on you for taking the charity and shame on these wall street protesters for asking for hand outs. SHAME.

  30. ivanthedestroyer77 says:

    Hey, four leaf …

    When you see God, remember, YOU DON’T GET A HAND OUT. Your words will stand against you, for it validates the Greed in your Heart.

  31. S Von Smith says:

    Occupy the Planet, Hack the World!

  32. Josh says:

    “I’m very disappointed about his position,” State Sen. Vincent Fort told CBS Atlanta. “I think it’s unfortunate and wrong.”

    I would venture to guess, based on that map, not too many of Vincent Fort’s constituents have to worry about troublesome things like taxes.

  33. Fourleaf Tayback says:

    Hey Ivan,

    I know people like you, like to think that you can pass judgement as if you are god. I don’t mind giving charity. In fact I do it all of the time. I just want you to know that when I am giving it I know it and when you’re taking it you should know to. You can take it but when you need my help to survive and get by just say thanks…and I know that I am better than you and you know it to. Too bad you just can’t make it on your own steam.

  34. will says:

    abolish the fed? pffft.

    abolosih capitalism.

    1. mobildata says:

      The Fed did that 97 years ago. If they had abolished propaganda at the same you would realize that. But, instead they rely on the propaganda.

      1. Pensieve says:

        What:? “Abolished propaganda”??? But like, what about all that free speech, man?

  35. JR says:

    I love the smell of roosting chickens in the morning. let these liberal enclaves reap the reward of their fictitious utopia.

  36. Dennis says:

    The message from the Allanta protestors is that “people are literally dying in the streets” Where is this happening, pray tell?

    1. Mary says:

      Well said Dennis! The speaker must be a recent college graduate — he/she doesn’t know what the word “literally” means.

  37. JR says:

    Come gather round people come and join your hands
    we’re taking Wall Street and we’re making demands
    and we’re heeding the call and we’re crying for help
    only 1% of us have wealth

    but first we need posters we need to make signs
    but to do so it seems that we need some supplies

    We need poster board I can’t make it myself
    but it’s 10 cents a sheet at the store it’s on sale
    an example of economies of scale
    it’s so evil

  38. GinniaC says:

    Protestors should be charged for the additional costs to the city for trash clean-up, police protection, and sanitary facilities.

    1. mobildata says:

      Absolutely! This is Land Of The Fee Home Of the Slave where we love legalities and regulations that government can enforce upon the People and where we despise the lawful Constitutional authority that would have shackled and restrained government from perpetrating this tyranny that runs rampant across the globe today!

      1. George Burdell says:

        Your statements about the 1st Amendment have already made it clear that you have no idea what “lawful” actually means. The 1st Amendment is not absolute. And camping on public land is not an expression of free speech. It’s vagrancy.

  39. JR says:

    now there’s fountains on streets from which clean water pours
    Four dollar generics at all big box stores
    a sultan and student both have iPhone 4s
    it’s not fair

    Come gather young people come on everyone
    and I’ll tell you a tale of a fortunate son

    He’s born in a country and given vaccine
    and rendered immune to all kinds of disease
    the Kardashians are on all his TVs
    it’s not perfect

  40. JEC says:

    What would say in his desire was to control the world. OF course he would be in favor of government controlling the populist money. Anyone wishing to be dictator would. Today we in the US have a independent Federal Reserve Central Banks that is the source of the money supply. As much as possible it is free of political interference and functions as non profit and any profits paid to the US Treasury. However they are many here that would favor abolishing the Fed or have it taken over by the Government in which case it would become a part of the Treasury. Right now if the Fed were abolished Tim Geithner as the Secretary of Treasury appointed by Obama would would control America’s Central Bank. Eliminating the fed would not get rid of Fiat currency or lending to other banks who would continue or become member banks. I would suggest that before constantly calling for the elimination of independent CB that one should review the economics and prosperity of Countries that function with a independent CB and the Countries that function with a Government political controlled CB. You might want to start with a few nonindependent Government CB’s as North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, China, and Zimbabwe and discover how great it is when government decides what the money supply should be to run your economy.

    Never forget that every politician that desires power would love to control the money supply as dictated by his Government policies. Some are even obsessed with that cause.

    I will never understand the desire of many to abolish the Fed and depend on government to determine how much money they need, Yet on every political blog all one can see are pleas to abolish the Fed.

  41. eyesopen says:

    The “right to free speech” does not mean you have the right to take over public land and start your own community on it. Or would you be OK if a large group from the Tea Party planted themselves inside your camp, raised the American flag up, and called it “Liberty Town”? Oh, wait, you mean, you are not OK with just anyone joining your commune? But I thought you were the 99%? Hmm….

    1. Fred54 says:

      Well yes it does if you wish to peacefully assemble and petition the government
      for redress of your grievances. Read the 1st amendment. What I find amusing
      is that the mayor thinks it’s his call. It isn’t

      1. eyesopen says:

        No, the right to “peacefully assemble and petition the government
        for redress of your grievances” does NOT include claiming public lands as your own, taking them over, and making your own rules and laws there. Was there a vote taken by all Atlanta citizens giving your group permission to take over a portion of the city? No, there was not. You are trampling upon the rights of others with your so-called “peaceful assembly.”

  42. Amazed says:

    What?!? Comparing the African American mayor to Bull Connor?!?!

    Just how stupid ARE these “occupy” idiots?!?

    1. George Burdell says:

      Vincent Fort.

      ’nuff said.

  43. craig eliot says:

    … uh … isn’t the whole point to “escalate” the issue of the greed-heads controlling the Democrats and Republicans and destroying America? !!!! Gimme a break, you moron!

  44. David G. says:

    Those protesters can march, chant and hold hands all they want, but at the end of the day go home like “decent” people……. OH WAIT…. My bad I used the word “decent”, I shouldn’t compare them to Tea Party Patriots…..My apologies to any Tea Party rally participants…..

  45. luckydog says:

    Hey ocufools bring your azz to the country, we are not rich and we aint wall streeters, but we will not tolerate your wasting our tax dollars! Come and see!

  46. James Woods says:

    Hopefully the protesters stand their ground.

    There is nothing in the constitution that says any different.

    The people are unhappy; we are a country that appears to bow to even the smallest percentage of people in it (gays, hispanics, etc…) so let these groups thrive.

    I might not agree with their messages 100% but they are entitled to do what they are doing.

    Let the system go belly-up trying to protect itself from itself.

    1. eyesopen says:

      They are not “entitled” and the rest of the public has a right to reclaim public lands from “occupiers.”

  47. Black Sabbath says:

    Guess which President has raked in the most Wall Street bucks in a generation? If you guessed Obama you’d be right. It’s like a financial circle-jerk. Wall Street gives Obama money, Obama gets elected, Obama gives Wall Street stimulus money, Wall Street donates to Obama, Wall Street Hopes Obama gets elected and pays off like a slot-machine so they can start the cycle again with the next candidate. Can you say money laundering fast three times?

    1. George Burdell says:

      I think so.. here goes:

      AIG IMF “FASB 157”

      How did I do?

  48. Black Sabbath says:

    The top 20 Stars supporting Occupy Wall Street have a combined net worth of $1,685,500,000.
    Time to occupy Beverly Hills.

  49. mixitup says:

    Mayor Reed you are/were a coward. You could have stopped this early on – but – you, Obama and your democrat cronies thought you could use this stupid event to your political advantage. Now you look foolish and weak. Serves you right. It is blowing up in your face. You reep what you sow.

  50. Judith says:

    City cannot ban protests because of police costs; federal courts ruled that long ago – as it would overturn the First Amendment.

    1. NowYouKnow says:

      So, the police should definitely pull out and let them have their “Lord of the Flies” moment. Let them dial 911 when they need a cop and wait for hours like the rest of us. Problem solved.

  51. Gordon Campbell says:

    Go back and re-occupy your parents’ basement.If they were smart they will have moved and not left a forwarding address.

  52. Notasocialist says:

    Go home losers

  53. sothatsit says:

    This is the 3rd horseman riding, 1 and 2 have already done there job. The fourth horsemen is checking his saddle. 75% flat tax on the top 1%, reinstate glass-steagall, enforce monopoly laws against all imported products. There is still time to avoid the full effect of the 3rd and 4th horsemen. Time is running out.

  54. Coffeecan says:

    I didn’t know that kindergardeners could spell, write, and almost talk like adults until I started reading the comments here and watching the interviews on tv.
    Maybe some of them are only pre-k folks. Gosh and they certainly are big to be only four or five years old though. What do they eat to grow so fast that they outgrew their brains? Maybe they should go occupy the Atlanta zoo. They might fit well there.

  55. Furious says:

    How DARE they compare themselves to the Civil Rights movement.


  56. Steve Bennett says:

    maybe the mayor needs to stop spending so much money overdoing it with police coverage?

    honestly how many cops have to be there? how about one, and then he calls for assistance when things get unlawfully out of hand? What are a bunch of unarmed, confused tools going to do really? The mayor has nobody but himself to blame for overspending on what isn’t necessary (surprise! hes a democrat).

    On the bright side, a broke city will bring an end to the Democrats ponzi scheme that much sooner. sweet!

    1. George Burdell says:

      The police are there to protect these coddled kids from the normal fauna of nighttime Atlanta.

  57. sothatsit says:

    So you dont like fellow americans invoking their right to free assembly and protest? Interesting. You must like the central planning model of governing then. Our politicians have failed us. All of them. They are all stuck in their own ideological points of view. When democracy fails, our country fails. Welcome to the end. Dont begrudge people taking to the streets. The end is near. The 3rd horsemen is riding. The 4th horsemen is readying his saddle. These people are expressing there frustration with our government the only way left. Im certain you too have frustrations. Feel free to join them and maybe are government will become enlightened. The next election will not matter if the current problems arent addressed now.

    1. eyesopen says:

      The right of free assembly is NOT the same thing as putting roots down, taking over land and starting your own commune anywhere you damn well please!

    2. Kevin Pearson says:

      Bring it on. Better that the world end than allowing Obama to be re-elected.

  58. EPC says:

    DISGUSTING. Sex, drugs, violence, racism, filth, more expense to our country, blocking small businesses and causing them to lose business, public urination and worse, pooping on a cop car, children being served liquor and offered drugs, rape and much more. Good message! (NOT) Hey protestors, your message is skewed and not being embraced by anyone but the likes of our failing President, as well as those who don’t want to work and think bigger government is better and that YOU are entitled to things you don’t work for. Go home. Take a freaking shower. Get a job, and shut up.

    1. sothatsit says:

      All your grievances are occurring everyday in every city in our country. Do you think maybe our government needs to maybe stop the ideological stalemate and do their jobs that they were elected to do? Maybe then these fellow citizens will take there bad habits back into the bars and back allys of our citys.

  59. Kevin Creel says:

    Had enough of the oligarchy? End the Fed… end of story.

    1. mobildata says:

      ’nuff said

  60. Dennis K says:

    People like mobildata are examples of the failure of Govt schools, He/She should be angry at the schools that indocrinated him/her with such mental ignorance. He/she has the same comprehension of economic as Obama, that is ZERO. . Drain the resources the same resources from taxpayers that could go to provide jobs, give a raise to his/ her daddy and mommy. Invested in new business, or make those evil profits for those evil stock holders, that coudl be spent to buy cars, buy homes, buy a dress and ” really stimulate the real economy”. . This is the people of occupy wall street, everyone. Reed messed up big time as did bloomberg et all. If they had cracked down the first day they would not have enabled this mess, now they have no way out but the violence that will sadly inevitably occur and the lost man power hours to our police that will put us deeper in debt and keep them from crime prevention and crime resolution. Mobildata you are a modern day fool.

    1. Kevin Creel says:

      You have to understand the brilliance of the scheme known as our economy. We willing give up our labor for their worthless pieces of paper they create out of thin air. Your labor is finite, their printing press infinite. Are there a bunch of spoiled, robin hood types protesting? Absolutely. But there are some people that rightfully understand that we now live in a fascist country where industry and government have become one.

      1. sshadowfax says:

        Let them protest! Let the Tea Party protest! You can sit home but if somebody doesn’t stand up for America we will all be eating Chinese food and remembering how thing use to be. Well said Kevin Creel

      2. mobildata says:

        We have actually been a fascist nation for many decades. But nobody seemed to notice for so long as appearances were kept, propagandists like thses at CBS kept telling us this is Freedom and life stayed just comfortable enough.

        Now the jig is up.

    2. mobildata says:

      @DENNIS I guarantee you that government schools did not “indoctrinate” me to understand and decry the fraud that government has been perpetrating on the American People for almost 100 years now.

    3. Daphni says:

      Too bad you don’t understand what he said. It sounds like your school system failed you. Or maybe you have never read sarcasm before. Read about the Federal Reserve from all views and how the money is under the control of a non government agency favoring bankers. Read about who proposed it, who was responsible for implementing it and maybe your eyes will be opened. I was a lot dumber than you for many years.

  61. Maggie in Georgia says:

    Since I volunterily moved to the Atlanta area 12 years ago, let me say I’ve never regretted anything so much! I thought I was moving to a cosmopolitan area. I have fouind that I am a white woman in a sea of discriminisation! this is not what I expected. If this is what Atlanta wants, so be it. However, I will not go downtown nor take their MARA because I value my life. I wish I could sell out and moved elsewhere!

  62. Alice Polarbear says:

    Keep it up, Flea-baggers! The silent majority of tax paying job-holding citizens will remember you in November 2012!

  63. Garry says:

    The tea party wants government to spend less of our tax money, the leech party wants government to spend less……on corporate welfare and more on them. The only people you represent are the 99% that get welfare, student loans, grants, food stamps, unemployment, ssi, taxpayer funded health care, hud housing, and the pile of useless people that get a taxpayer funded paycheck for pushing papers to support the behometh that is our government. Collectivism always fails….ALWAYS.

  64. Philip Warburton says:

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances, unless it costs too much for police.

    1. George Burdell says:

      Street vs New York (1969)
      Adderly vs Florida (1966)
      Cox vs Lousiana (1965)

      A mind is a terrible thing to waste. The rule of law is to be cherished, as civilization itself requires it.

  65. Jerry Frey says:


    The lunatics are those people who keep voting for the same Republican and Democrat politicians expecting a different result but getting only increasing amounts of the same result every time.

    Get the $oney out of politics. Campaign contributions are the nexus of corruption in the capitol. Reduce the amount of money involved in re-election, which really is the name of the game, by promulgating free air time during elections. Keep the current system for primaries.

    Lobbyists infest Washington like locusts in a cornfield. Robert Kaiser described the details of this self-serving system in his book:

  66. Joe Palooka says:

    Papa Obama has taken the socialist tool of “2 Minute Hate” and turned it into a 24/7 cycle of Hate by having only the most faithful progressive advocates occupy Wall-street (OWS).
    Papa Obama has taken this to a level that even George Orwell could never have imagined.

  67. Ione says:

    There have always been limits to “freedom of Speech”. You can’t lie about someone else = libel. You can’t ‘cry fire’ in a theater. Your rights only extend until they interfere with mine. If I can’t walk down the street of Atlanta safely without being hurt, if business owner’s property is damaged in any way, you have violated that person’s rights. You are not the only one to have rights. Just becaue you scream the loudest doesn’t give you more rights.
    By the way, incase you haven’t heard, they shut down the Oakland protest. I don’t think Oakland is in the South.

  68. Ric says:

    I have a better question–why does anybody care what these people do? They are not a “movement”. They have no coherent agenda. They can’t espouse their views. They are uninformed. They think they are the reincarnation of the 60s counter-culture.

    In reality, all they are is a bunch of people wanting attention.

  69. Craig Eliot says:

    Isn’t the whole point to “escalate” the matter? But these very confused people ought to be protesting in front of the WHITE HOUSE and CONGRESS who are corrupted by corporate and banking interests.

  70. Melvin says:

    The city of Atlanta needs to back-charge the George Soros organizations for providing security for this event.Everyone knows these events are Soros sanctioned except the local government.

  71. opiesysco says:

    I bet if the protesters were black, the mayor would have no problems with them.

  72. Jimmer says:

    They should just shoot these commie dogs. Worthless, stinky and wasting tax money …

  73. mpk says:

    Leave them be and let them become violent.

    This is the Dems Waterloo. They now know it, and that is why they are keeping their distance. But the public knows they are behind it all.

    Once again they started something without understanding the consequences., nor the ability to retract it. So goes the Dems. .

  74. Drew says:

    OWS is a fake protest. It’s no more anti-wall street than the war protests against Bush were really about the war. Where have the war protesters been over the last 3 years? Where are the marches to close Gitmo? Why aren’t these people protesting the politicians like Obama who have been bought and paid for? Because these people like Obama! And they want him reelected. This fake protest is really just a pro-Obama “tax the rich” party designed to deflect from the real problem: Obama’s wealth redistribution policies that have prolonged the recession.

  75. libertyfirst1776 says:

    OWS / Occupy Atlanta lost credibility when it became willingly co-opted by all the freaks, druggies, Communist Party USA, Socialist Workers Party, the Progressives and the Obama administration. They now are just doing the bidding of the hard left. Any legitimate beef with our system has been diluted by a sea of maltcontents and an incomprehensible purpose.

  76. cntrlfrk says:

    These people need to ask themselves if Obama is worth dying for, because he will continue to spread hatred and division until there is more violence and blood in the streets.

    Is he worth it???


  77. libertyfirst1776 says:

    OWS / Occupy Atlanta lost credibility when it became willingly co-opted by all the freaks, druggies, Communist Party USA, Socialist Workers Party, the Progressives and the Obama administration. They now are just doing the bidding of the hard left. Any legitimate beef with our system has been diluted by a sea of maltcontents with an incomprehensible message.

  78. cowboyfan091971 says:

    i support anyones right to protest. the problem is the message is stupid. its a bunch of people who dont know the value of a hard days work. they would rather have others work hard and pay their way. this is what entitlements in this country has led to. a nation of lazy turds with their hand out thinking they are deserving of the fruits of others labors. this nation is in big trouble. rome collapsed and so will the united states. we have bred this kind of mentality through our sociallistic policies and entitlement programs through the years.

  79. Tea Party Patriot says:

    You dumb fuchers allowed this to happen by letting then stay over night the 1st time. And now WEEKS later you complain? IDIOTS!

  80. Libby Watson says:

    Build a cage around them, throw in some raw meat every few days and let come what may.

  81. JerryMan says:

    the POINT is escalation…. stoopid

  82. John Galt says:

    Another democrat supporting lawbreakers. Wait was that redundant to mention the two in the same sentence????

  83. Brad says:

    For the libs, socialists, marxists on here who are in love with this OWS bowel movement: You believe the 1st amendment is absolute? What about the rest of the Bill of Rights? Do you believe the 2nd amendment is absolute? Oh, you don’t? You mean you cherry pick The Constitution and only like the cute parts you agree with? Wow…ya don’t say.

  84. Marilyn says:

    CANADIAN base group “Adbusters Media Foundation” proposed Occupation of Wall St. to protest corporate influences on democracy characterized by some as anti-capitalist opposed to capitalism.

    Why are the American people following a Canadian group who opposes capitalism and what business does this Canadian group have intruding in the affairs of the US?….Occupy is a stepping stone to socialism, marxism and communism…

  85. Travis Bourne says:

    By draining police resources, you people are eventually taking protection away from those people that actually need it. Cities only plan for so much Police overtime per quarter or year, and if all is drained in a matter of a month by a bunch of individuals protesting, two things can happen. 1. Police lower their patrols through normal portions of the city, or 2. Police officers are forced to work without an overtime paycheck, due to the fact that they took an oath to protect a serve. Protesters are taking time away from these officers families as well. If you want to protest government, do so by voting, not by occupying. I am asking you all as a military member who defends the constitution, and your 1st amendment right, please find another way to change this instead of wasting valuable fiscal resources.

  86. como reconquistar says:

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