ATLANTA (WAOK/FOX 5)-Lawyers for three of the five men who sued Bishop Eddie Long for sexual misconduct have decided to drop their clients. According to FOX 5 News, the attorneys main concern is a potential conflict of interest. Bishop Long’s attorneys have now filed a demand to recover damages in the case because the three young men have violated their confidentiality clause of the lawsuit.

Attorney BJ Bernstein and her co-counsel Jay Sadd have informed their clients they have a potential conflict of interest and are withdrawing from the case.

FOX 5 reports sources familiar with the case say Bishop Long’s attorneys notified the American Arbitration Association that they were seeking to recover “not less than $900,000,” an “injunction” and a finding of “contempt of court” against Jamal Paris, Spencer LaGrande, and Centino Kemp for violating their settlement agreement with Bishop Long.

All three men have spoken to various media outlets since the settlement.

Two other men who filed charges against Bishop Long and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, Anthony Flagg and Maurice Robinson have not spoken to the media.

Although Parris, LeGrande and Kemp have spoken to members of the media they have not disclosed any details regarding the settlement they received.

More in this report from FOX 5

Comments (2)
  1. Ken says:

    Woodwork creaks, and out come the freaks. The faucets been turned on.

  2. Sarah says:

    They violated their confidentiality agreement even thought these young men know that coming forward and talking to the media was going to result in them having nothing..This is what lack of discipline and bad parenting will do for you, result in you being back to square one, victimized and with nothing for that victimization..When even the lawyer who was representing you in this case refuse to defend you, you know you’re up a creek in a boat without a paddle…

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