On today’s Powertalk w/ Lorraine Jacques White, we were honored to have had a guest that shows just how powerful the reach of Powertalk actually is!

Valerie B. Jarrett, who is the Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama and the Chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls, stopped by to chat with Lorraine on her service to the POTUS, the country and what’s in the plans for re-igniting the economy through the American Jobs Act, which promises to benefit African Americans! Take a listen to their conversation below!

  1. Jason says:

    Maloney: Free pltciuiby is free pltciuiby, therefore the drug addled pig man closet nazi will make an appearance. His show has not shown any growth in 2 years BTW, as all talk radio, the ratings are not expanding.why do “liberals”hate the GOP, who spends a lot of money comparable to “liberals” you might ask? Good question BrianThe GOP spends the money on things the “Libeals’ would not approve of. Pay raises for politicans, more red tape and expanded government departments not bringing any proven results and un-audited as well, perfect example faith based initiaves,over a billion last year dumped into a program that has not been proven to bring any results, nor is it monitored for results or spending. “Liberals’ would try to spend on more important ideas, health care, actual education programs that work, unlike Bush’s “no child”, clearly not working as evidenced by the lowest SAT scores in the history of the test itself. The GOP pours money into marketing thier party, subverting the media, un-monitored contracts with big business (Halliburton,Black Water, CACI), basically a lot of crony capitalism and red tape. “liberals” would prefer money spent on important social programs. The concept of where the money goes is what makes the 2 parties different. The money should be spent to benefit society, not the selected few cronies of the administration and un-monitored bottomless pits Bush calls “social programs’.

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