ATLANTA (WAOK)-You would think if a person was going to rob a gas station convenience store they would scan the area and make sure that the local law enforcement authority is no where around.

A Gwinnett County man lapparently forgot that lesson earlier this month when he tried to rob the Quick Trip station on Scenic Highway in Snellville.


21 year old Stephen Daniel walked up to the clerk and announced, “Yo! Give me all the money in the (expletive) register! Right now!”

Unknown to Daniel, Snellville police Lt. B.W. Brown had just walked up behind him. The officer waited, watching and listening, as the clerk stuffed cash into a paper bag and handed it to the bandit.

Daniel had to wonder why the clerk was smiling.

As soon as Daniel turned around, Brown said, “I got a hold of him by the shoulder and placed him under arrest for robbery.” By now everyone in the store is laughing.  The officer said, “In 34 years, I have never had one happen the way this one did.”

Daniel,  who was not armed, was charged with robbery and was taken to the Gwinnett County Detention Center.

stephen daniel dumb robber You Know You Are a Dumb Robber When...

  1. Moni says:

    LOL – time to buy more stock in the prison system –

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