What’s Your Number?


Source: 20th Century Fox

Anna Faris (The House Bunny, Scary Movie 4) stars as a woman who decides that her true love is one of the men in her past, but the question is, which one? Chris Evans (Captain America: The First Avenger) plays her neighbor, who is enlisted to help with the quest. What’s Your Number website

What to Watch For: Will this be the film that makes Anna Faris a star? Following in the Bridesmaids success, this is another R rated film targeted at women.

Word on the Street: Chris Evans is said to show comedic talent, which should help him get off the comic book hero trail.   



Source: Sony Pictures

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception) plays a radio producer who is suddenly diagnosed with Cancer. He now must not only cope with the Cancer, but also how people in his life treat him. He looks for help from his best friend (Seth Rogen) and his therapist (Anna Kendrick). 50/50 website

What to Watch For: This film has a great cast: Seth Rogan, Bryce Dallas Howard (hot off her role in The Help), Anjelica Huston and Matt Frewer.

Word on the Street: Screenwriter Will Reiser based the movie on his real life battle with Cancer.  Seth Rogan, who produced the film, is one of Reiser’s closest friends and helped Reiser deal with the Cancer, just as he does with Gordon-Levitt’s character in the movie.

Dream House

Dreamhouse Poster

Source: NBC Universal

Daniel Craig (Cowboys & Aliens) stars as Will Atenton, a man who quits his successful job in New York as a publisher and moves his wife (Rachel Weisz) and two little girls to a small town in New England. He soon discovers that the house they moved into has a dark past – a mother and her children were murdered in the home.  There could be darker times ahead. Dream House website

What to Watch For: Craig and Weisz married this past summer, so it will be interesting to see if that real life chemistry translates to the screen.

Word on the Street: Will audiences turn out for an old-school thriller?  Did the trailer give away too much of the plot?


1 PM

A Man Apart (2003) Vin Diesel plays an undercover DEA agent who works to stop a drug lord along the California/Mexico border. After his wife is killed by the drug cartel, Diesel vows to bring down the men that murdered her.

3 PM

The Line (2009) In one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Ray Liotta plays Mark Shields, an assassin hired to kill a drug lord (Esai Morales). But things go wrong.  Shields is forced to fight for his life, and he doesn’t know whom he can trust.


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