… but who’s to blame?

On today’s Powertalk w/ Lorraine Jacques White, we mourned the execution of Troy Davis and tried to tackle the nuts and bolts of injustices surrounding this case.

Our audience presented varying perspectives; some for, some against, but overall, a definitive outcry for integrity and accountability in the judicial system. But whose opinion weighed more, or made more sense? One student, Steven Green from Morehouse College, called in to give his account of rallying in Jackson, GA to display his support for saving Troy Davis’ life. Even though Davis’ life was still taken, Steven still had a lot to say… take a listen:


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  1. porsha says:

    Doctor White, my heart is very heavy today as it was on yesterday, but i will find peace in knowing that Troy is on his way to being born again, i am not a church goer but i do believe that we become something bigger and brighter when we leave this earth. Those who are guilty in the murder of this man will be judged accordingly!

    Thankyou Dr. White for all you do for the black community. Yourself along with Derrick Boazman challenge me for the better as well as others………………….
    I hope this serves as a huge wake up call to all my brothers and sisters out there to get busy TCB, now!!!! If this devalulization of a black life, even with some blacks being the perpretrators- does not propel us to do better to help each other, nothing else will.

  2. Uncle Tom Bill says:

    Debunking the Myths Surrounding The Murder of Officer Mark MacPhail Sr. and the Conviction of Troy Anthony Davis

    Myth # 1
    Seven of the nine non-police witnesses against Davis have recanted their testimony or contradicted the story they told in court.

    Truth #1
    None of the recantations listed by Davis supporters state that Davis did not murder Officer MacPhail.

    All but one of the “recants” state that the statements they gave at the time of the murder were typed up by the investigating officers after and during their interviews and that they signed them without reading them.

    What they fail to mention is that TWO YEARS later they testified in court that their statements were true.

    It has only happened several years after the conviction that they have spoken to members of Davis’ legal team, family and supporters that they NOW claim to have given false statements. It is transparently clear that the convicted murder’s supporters have manipulated these witnesses into saying they did not understand what they were saying during the investigation OR during the trial.

    Two of the original witnesses HAVE NOT RECANTED their testimony that named Troy Davis as the murderer. This has so angered Davis’ supporters that they are trying to name one of these witnesses (Coles) as the shooter.

    Coles was standing behind Officer MacPhail when MacPhail ran by chasing Davis. Davis turned and shot Officer from the front.

    Coles came back to the scene of the shooting with a female after police arrived.

    Davis changed clothes (even asking Coles for a shirt later) and fled to Atlanta with his sister.

    Myth #2
    There was never any physical evidence tying Davis to the murder for which he was convicted and sentenced to death.

    Truth #2
    A bullet that was removed from the jaw of a man who was shot by Troy Davis earlier in the day was compared to a bullet removed from Officer MacPhail. The ballistics matched!

    During the latest Pardons and Parole Board hearing a Georgia Bureau of Investigation ballistics expert was present to testify about this evidence.

    Bloody “spotted” clothing was removed from Davis’ house after he was named as a suspect. Because of the way Troy was standing above Officer MacPhail when he executed the officer he would have received a faint splatter of blood (because Officer MacPhail was on the ground most of the splatter would have been dispersed out along the ground and not upward).

    A DNA test was performed on this evidence several years after the shooting because this technology did not exist at the time of the murder. The blood was so degraded (due to time) and the spots so small that the test “consumed” the sample without results. The Prosecutors NOT Troy Davis asked for this test.

    Myth #3
    The verdict was an example of the racist court system in Chatham County Georgia.

    Truth #3
    The jury that found Davis guilty was majority/minority.

    Myth #4
    Most convicted criminals on Georgia’s Death Row as of January 2008 were minorities.

    Truth #4
    The majority of those convicted persons on Georgia’s Death Row are white males. The lone female on Georgia’s Death Row is white.

    Myth #5
    The support Davis is receiving from celebrities and human rights groups must mean there is doubt about his innocence.

    Truth #5
    The celebrities and human rights groups that are asking for clemency for Davis are doing so because they oppose the death penalty NOT because he is innocent. He IS GULITY!

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