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OK guys, I have seriously found the coolest place in the world: VENICE

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I always wondered what “The Floating City” looked like, and boy, it definitely did not disappoint. Just imagine a beautiful city filled with history and amazing architecture…. and it’s all on the water! In order to travel from one street to another you can either find a bridge to walk over…OR GET ON A BOAT!

There are water taxis that take you from stop to stop just like a bus. And yes, the boats were crowded and sticky in the heat just like a bus… but you have beautiful scenery all around you AND the wind whipping through your hair. What more could a girl ask for? …other than the gondolier looking like Ian Somerhalder. BTW… I can’t wait for the new The Vampire Diaries season to premiere.

Back to Venice… At night, my friend and I walked around the Piazza San Marco which is kind of like the downtown Atlanta… except for less graffiti, fewer panhandlers and way more historic. Actually, comparing it to a dirty city (I still heart ATL) doesn’t do it justice at all. This section is the top tourist destination with St. Mark’s Basilica and many other museums.

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We arrived and the square was packed with people. Ugh, I was not in the mood for crowds. However, guess why the square was packed??? STING WAS IN CONCERT! Now, I know Sting is kind of old… and I only really know about 5 songs by him… my mother played them constantly. However, this was an outdoor concert in FREAKING VENICE and IT WAS SO COOL. What are the chances that my mom’s favorite singer would be across the world on the same island as me? Totally crazy. If only the crowd would learn the lyrics of “Don’t Stand So Close to Me.”

Now, among all of Venice’s wonderful, beautiful, and unique qualities, there is one problem I have, and there’s a bone I need to pick with Italian men. First, let me say Italian men are quite handsome and make for some good eye candy to enjoy. BUT, someone needs to teach them that a “popped collar” is NOT IN STYLE. I’m sorry but that is sooooo 2003. I half expected them to bust out an LFO CD. Please, please, please fold that thing down because that collar makes you appear 5 points lower on the hotness scale and also signifies that you are a tool. Not something that gets the girls all hot and bothered. I guess they all can’t be Ian Somerhalder. That being said, I realize I am not European and maybe Italian girls are into that sort of thing.

I’m off to Rome where hopefully the collars are down and there are more fun things to explore.

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