Ok, this rant I’m about to go on is based on personal opinion, questioning, and fact-based analysis but I just have one question; Why does the University of Georgia Football Team get so much hype?  I’m originally not from Georgia, so I’m not as deeply rooted in the mystique of UGA Football but as I walk the streets, listen to local shows, and have discussions with people of Metro Atlanta, I cannot help but wonder what year it is for them.  I’m convinced that they are stuck in 1980, the last year that they won a National Championship.  I’m convinced that they think Herschel Walker is about to rush for a 150 yards and a couple of touchdowns.  I’m just not sure what the fuss is over UGA.

I just witnessed the Bulldogs get beat handily by a quality Boise State Team, in the Georgia Dome by the score of 35-21.  I saw them get outcoached in every facet of the game and saw the players get out hustled and outsmarted in every part of the game.  But earlier in the week all the talk was about Georgia’s Dream Team, Southeastern Conference Speed, and Georgia’s size.  None of that was a factor in the game for Georgia and furthermore it conveys that there is no need in believing the hype.

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That’s right….hype!!

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Consistently UGA ranks in the top 10 in recruiting but have not scratched National Championship contention since 2008.  It almost reminds me of the hype that surrounds Notre Dame, except they have actually won a National Championship since 1980.  I guess if you are from this region that you are either a UGA fan or Georgia Tech fan.  It is the same way where I’m originally from in North Carolina where you are either a Tar Heel Fan or a Duke Fan for college basketball, but the difference is that at least both of those teams have “sniffed” a championship in the last few years versus UGA trying to become relevant again.

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