On today’s Powertalk w/ Lorraine Jacques White, it was a busy day with many visitors who stopped by to chat with Lorraine and the audience.

First, we heard from an Atlanta mother, Ms. Tina Starks, who is fighting the 20-year sentence of her son, a 15 (now 17) year old boy who was charged in beating a 94 year old war veteran. Hear what she had to say and why she’s a MAD BLACK WOMAN:



Secondly, we waited and waited and FINALLY HE CAME! Mayor Kasim Reed stopped by the Powertalk studio to catch us up on his thoughts and initiatives regarding the APS scandal, the non-certified police officers and other matters YOU felt were important. Hear his comments below:

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  1. sirwinston says:

    Sister Lorraine White at times do not demonstrate the real truth about Bishop Eddie Long…and she someitmes try to play-down Long’s real involvement; he has not been at all honesty. Long has fail God, his congregation and all of us as a people as well. Mr. Parrish perhaps is really hurt, and being honest in his quest to bring Long to justice. Money, as the question was asked this morning, what will you do with it…well, opinions are accepted and I don’t really care; but the facts remain is, Long has lied, lied again and again. He never did say or tell any of us about the 5th person and yet, he knew one more was in the mix. Anyone trying to defend a guilty person is just as guilty. Frank Ski, also stood back further than he has before once Long paid all four of those young men and then shortly after that, he paid the 5th person. Actually, the 5th person was smart. he sit back and let the game begun and did not say anything, and yet, got paid! Long has tarnished the ministry in more ways then one and, he also tryed to make this whole thing go away where the focus could be truned on somebody else. Long has not face the truth; but that is forthcoming. I do know that this is not the end; more is coming, I am staying tune.

  2. Kisha says:

    Mario was correct about Lorraine’s bias about the Eddie Long scandal. it is very unsettling. Notice they only have the Mayor Reed’s quick segment & the mother of one of the buys charged with beating that old white man. Guess the Long segment
    disappeared. I listen less and less to WAOK. Today, a lot of people were complaining some were legitimate and some not. For example, Brother Muhammed is disrespectful. He is a joke and a woman hater. Lorraine needs to ban his angry ass from her show. He NEVER disrespect Boazman. Muhammed is one of the reasons why we in our office stopped turning to your show each day.

  3. Bruce says:

    Ms. White I think you might be a “Closet Republican”. Plus, you seem to get off on Black Male Bashing.. “What’s up ?”

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