Coach Bill Curry of Georgia State Football said when interviewed on the Sports Kings Show a few weeks ago that when you are referring to the National Collegiate Athletic Association, better known as the NCAA, they are in fact are speaking of themselves, collegiate presidents and administrators charged to police athletics within academic institutions.  It would be the equivalent of the internal affairs division of a police department investigating a police shooting.  They may be of a different division, but they are still of the police.  This makes me wonder then……who is investigating the NCAA?

ncaa detective The Sports Kings: JDubs Journal (Who’s Investigating Them??)The latest scandal involving the University of Miami (FL) Athletic Program is just one in a long line of programs that continue to deal with players, coaches, and oh yes….ADMINSTRATOR improprieties.  If you are a logical thinker are you not perplexed in how the NCAA, with the make- up of individuals of the same mold could investigate thoroughly, without bias or create policy that is practical in nature?  Self-governing for the NCAA is not working, self-policing is not working; you have “scrap” the old system and start anew.

I sincerely feel that you cannot have someone that has never experienced what it is like to be a collegiate player to govern and create policy.  This is why you need to have former players, coaches, and athletic directors have a greater role in the creation of NCAA Policy that is seeking fundamental change in philosophy.  You also need to have independent investigation of allegations of impropriety in collegiate athletic programs.  This investigative body needs to consist totally of actual law enforcement personnel instead of someone involved in the governing body.  This way you have more of a checks and balances system in dealing with allegations.

The NCAA is broken right now and they cannot objectively fix itself.

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