<a ATLANTA (WAOK)-Atlanta police made quick work of recovering a stolen SUV less than 24 hours after a woman reported that two men attacked her at gunpoint and took it.

Police say Karmen Crawford was unloading groceries in front of her Morgan Street apartment in the Old Fourth Ward at about 8 p.m. Tuesday when she was carjacked.

Crawford told police two men approached with guns drawn and took the SUV nearly running over neighbors who were crossing the street.

Police arrested three men in the SUV only a few blocks away at a gas station on North and Boulevard less than 24 hours after the theft.

Atlanta Police Detective PJ Roberson says getting the word out quickly to all police units is key to solving crimes like this. 

Crawford now says she is thinking about whether she wants to stay in the neighborhood.

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  1. Sarah says:

    More victims who will be helping out the economy with their free labor in the prison industrial complex..What the hell is wrong with these youths? I could see, maybe if you stole a bag of groceries because you’re hungry and homeless and you need food, but to steal a vehicle with a weapon to joy ride is plain dumb and stupid..Go sit you a** in prison and get some damn sense…

    1. The Black Falcon says:


      I would be not call the people who carjacked this vehicle “victims”. The only victim in this incident is the woman who owned the vehicle. The carjackers CHOSE to steal this vehicle.

      I bet a dollar to a wooden nickel that the suspects are all young black males between the ages of 15-25. I know..I know it is the White mans fault. I get that. I hear it enough on WAOK. Trust me, I get it.

      1. Kallan says:

        @The Black Falcon,
        I agree with not calling the carjackers “VICTIMS”, the only victimin this case is the woman. If you don’t like what you hear on WAOK, you should stop listening to the station. It just stupid to listen to a station you hate.

  2. The Black Falcon says:

    Please read my comments for what they are. Do not imply or infer anything other than what was written. No where in my comment did I say that I hate listening to WAOK. A person need only be able to read to discern that. My comment is posted above, please feel free to re-read it for clarity. You will not find “I hate listening to WAOK” in any of my comments.

    Granted, I may not agree with the comments of some of the callers, but that is true of any radio talk show I listen to. Everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion. And, while I may not always agree with them, I respect your right to make it.

    Wake-up people. Stop the hate, spread the love..

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