ATLANTA (WAOK)-Monday morning, Georgia Department of Transportation crews finally finished cleaning up the mounds of steel railing that fell from the 17th Street bridge Saturday night. More than 170 feet of steel railing became dislodged and fell onto the northbound lanes of 75/85. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Now the question remains, “What caused the railing to fall off the bridge.” Georgia DOT officials point to the possibility of a defective bolt that started the “zipper effect” that took out the railing.

Pedestrians are now concerned that with the fencing removed, the bridge may not be safe to walk on since there is no barrier set up to keep someone from falling or jumping off the bridge into traffic.

DOT officials say they plan to replace the fencing soon.

dscn0122 Georgia D.O.T. Says 17th Street Bridge is Safe After Part of Railing Falls Off

This is how the bridge looks on a portion that was not effected on Saturday.  Now pedestrians feel like they have no protection from traffic below.

  1. Sarah says:

    This is part of the infrastructure that needs to be fixed all over the nation, that bailout money should have been used for; instead it wasted on banks that caused the problems in the first place..We’re head for a similar situation as what happened to the I-35 bridge that collapsed killing all those people, then everyone will situp for a few days, then get back to the usual nothing..

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