According to the AJC, after Reginald Fisher shot an unarmed man, the Atlanta Police Department suspended him and the Fulton County district attorney indicted him. On Thursday, a jury acquitted him. This acquittal not only sparked outrage but set off many familiar emotions. To hear the conversation click the audio links…

fisher 1069740c Too Much Truth Recap: No Justice For Tramaine Miller

Reginal Fisher was working as an off-duty security guard when he shot Tramaine Miller in the face.





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  1. carl shepherd says:




  2. Sarah says:

    The psychology of of law enforcement is they are trained to qualify with their weapons to keep their shoots in the black; any shots that fall outside the black circle into the white area of the target, will disqualify you from qualifying with that weapon..The target to hit is a black silhouette, which is the criminal with the bandana across his face; officer “friendly” is the white man that you should not hit or you will be disqualified..This is why you will never hear of a black officer killing someone white or white people killing a white person..Those three white criminal brothers and sisters pulled an AK-47 on FBI and chamber a round, but the white female was shot in the leg, she was not made into swiss cheess. like what would have happened to a black sister or brother doing the same thing..

    1. The Black Falcon says:

      What I fail to understand is why these types of situations continue to surprise Black folk. America is a capitalist nation that values only one thing; MONEY. Black folk (as a whole) in this country has very little money. This is why we are treated as disposable goods. We see this played out over and over again. We get all emotional and blame the police, the judicial system, the schools or whatever institution has perpetrated the wrong. This is a strategy that will lead to failure, as it has, time and time again.

      Then there are Black folk who will blame racism for all the ills that plague the Black community. Maybe. But I contend the bigger issue is because Black folk have no economic leverage we can be marginalize and discriminated against. Not ALL Black folk are subject to this type of treatment mind you. The Black celebri-gods (the sports stars, politicians, entertainers, etc.) are not subjected to the same type of treatment as the average Black person. This is why I say it our treatment has more to do with economics that our skin color. Until we as Black folk become an economic for to be reckoned with (much like the Jewish community) we will always be treated as third-class citizens. We always have been and always will be. When we keep this in mind, incidents such as this one will not be a surprise, shock or anything else but validation of the economic reality facing Black folk in America.

  3. Observer says:

    It’s not about race. It’s about commone sense. When the police command you to stop, STOP. When they say raise your hands, RAISE YOUR HANDS. Doing anything other, like trying to run from the police, is a very unwise thing to do. It sets into motion an entirely new sequence of events that happen quickly and raise the danger levels for all concerned. Unless you sat through the whole trial, heard all of the evidence and know the truth about the kind of person the “victim” is and the kind of person the “officer/defendant” is, you aren’t really qualified to assert that you have any idea what this pasrticular case is REALLY about.

  4. SHAKKA says:

    @ Observer…what a ridiculous rant…

    i’m so glad the police have taken to killing unarmed white people…like the boy in california…

    maybe when they kill about a hundred more…you’ll understand…

    i’m praying that they catch-up quickly…

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