Friend to the show, Dr. Steve Perry, called in to Powertalk today to promote his new book “Push Has Come To Shove: Getting Our Kids the Education They Deserve – Even If It Means Picking A Fight”… and picking a fight he did!

Dr. Perry made a comment that teachers are more responsible than parents when it comes to educating kids, and… well… there was a lot to say! Listen in and see where YOU stand on the debate:





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  1. porsha says:

    Well, well, well, as usual Dr. Perry was putting it down. Coming from a big family of educators we have always had debates on this issue, and my stance has always been, i dont care if i was a no good street walker of a parent- if i send my child to school each and everyday of their lives- they should be learning something.

    when i was a child myself, i could think of a million things that were wrong within my household with two parents, BUT i managed to learn despite of them because the teachers were passionate about educating black children back then. We all were poor but did not know it, and APS was a force to be reckoned with. My dad worked the night shift and my mom worked from home, and neither visited the school often except for May Day, Honors Banquets, and when one of us cut up, one of my parents would show up, knock us into next week then leave. Yet 5 out of 7 of their children went on to get formal educations and are now educators…..

  2. Fred says:

    Dr. Steve Perry is a real man like Derrick Boazman and Rev. R.L. White. No constant excuse making and point the finger.

    The real unspoken other scandal of APS is that you have children whose parents are not intelligent or interested enough in their learning. How does a mother and father who claims to love their children explain how they do not know their child’s reading or mathematical ability?

    It all starts in the home. Poor people have no business creating children they cannot afford to love, nurture and teach the gift of learning.

    A truly loving mother and father will be the first to recognize if their child is not progressing or learning. I highly doubt many of these parents with ignorant children actually know or help them with their homework assignments. If you are not educated, financially secure and happily married you really have no business popping out a kid who will simply milk the system.

    1. porsha says:

      Fred where have you been, did you not hear the show and what Dr. Perry said, and its just his perspective.

      My parents- the two of them were very loving parents, that earned stable incomes to provide for their children, without milking the system, and they didnt show up to the school but ever so often- they sent us to school to be taught and recieve the education that they payed their taxes into to ensure that we recieve that education.

      And dont be too quick to assume that it is only poor uneducated parents that do not get involved in their childrens educations, 5 of my siblings are educators and they have issues with educated 2 parent households that do not even want them as teachers to send home homework because of their so called busy schedules.

      So stop prejudging people, as you usually do consistantly. This blame game that you so often like to play can go all across the board, all across race, all across class and status, no one can be ruled out as being guilty probably not even yourself.


    I am still waiting for steve perry to debate Diane Ravitch.In fact you should get her on you her what she wrote in the saturday evening post.American Schools in Crisis
    By Diane Ravitch

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