On today’s Powertalk w/ Lorraine Jacques White, the debate was heavy regarding the outcome of the debt ceiling debacle. Tensions were high as right wing and left wing perspectives took to the phones to voice their opinions. On hand to help us dissect the facts were the Sisters In Law – Attys. Janice & Daveda Mathis. Hear our conversations below:

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PART 2 –

PART 3 –

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  1. porsha says:

    EVERYONE PLEASE GO AND PURCHASE THE AUGUST ISSUE of EBONY entitled, WEALTH, issue w/ Tyler Perry on the cover!!!!!!!

    It covers everything from investting, step by step plans at every age, plus tips from some of the wealthiest blacks in the country.

    Whether you are upper, middle, lower class, it does not matter- get this issue and get busy NOW.

    whether you are a professional or a blue collar worker, it does not matter, if your finances are not in order, get this issue and get busy- NOW

  2. Sarah says:

    When white people commit genocide, the mass white media always like to paint them as being insane, but if this man was Arab or Black, he would be called a mass murderer, criminal minded and all the usual names like Islamic terrorist, etc
    Rickey has issues and need to learn to listen and not over talk…Sometimes I wonder if he ever pauses for breath at the rate he goes with his republican talking points..Janice is right on point, these people are making money from the selling of their products to consumers who buy them so these corporation can meet their shareholders requirements, of maximized profits…I keep saying we will have to bankrupt a few of these corporations to get their attentions…These Corps will move overseas to exploit another group of consumers if we don’t stop them…

    1. The Black Falcon says:

      “…I keep saying we will have to bankrupt a few of these corporations to get their attentions…These Corps will move overseas to exploit another group of consumers if we don’t stop them…”


      That sounds good in theory but in reality that will never happen. Black folk wouldn’t stop playing the lottery to boycott the draconian changes made to the HOPE scholarship so what chance do we have at boycotting a major corp?

      Rhetoric is nice but reality is a pain in the …

  3. porsha says:

    Sarah and Black Falcon, I agree with the both of you. Here is a fact and why i say that we as black folk need to GET INTO THE GAME rather than flat out protest because in my eyes it would take 3 or more decades to take back over the monopolies that we have allowed…….

    Case in point, if anyone knows anything about Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffets Company, if you go into the grocery store- more than 85 percent of everything that is on the shelf is literally owned by Berkshire Hathaway! So i propose blacks to form investment groups amoung trusted friends and family to purchase this stock and get into the game!!!!!

    The only way to go up against a Monopoly is to become apart of one, then get the money and go out and start your own- this is was the late Reginald Williams of Beatrice Holdings did. So it can be done with a strategic well thought out and put together plan…….. this is just my opinion.

  4. porsha says:

    Correction: Reginald Lewis was his name……………… he was also the author of Why Should White Guys Have All the Fun.

    Sarah let me share something with you, I became a Cosmetologist in 1992. When i began working in a very popular black owned salon that had 3 salons and barbershops spread throughout the city. I also manged these salons and their retail. In the early 1980’s is when other groups came in with beauty supply stores. Now when i was a stylist there were as many black owned beauty supply stores as there were salons, but over the years you began to see the black owned supply stores close and more and more of the other s in place of those that closed. I can say the same about black owned nail salons. It took this group 30 years to successfully form a monopoly over the black community that has even penetrated the black hair care maufacturing market as well. Now you have blacks that were their own bosses working for someone that came in and learned their craft, learned their spending habits, knew their “willie lynch” mental state of minds, and totally used it against them. While we were sleeping and boo hooing, they were and still are laughing straight to the bank and their nonblack neighborhood.

    I would be rich for everytime i have heard a black person complain about these non black people treating them like dirt, yet on any given day, you can find blacks financially supporting their beauty supply, their liquor, their hot wings, nail shops, soul food restaraunts , clothing stores ,grocery stores,etc……. so then the question for me is how can we accept this treatment for over 30 years and continue to patronize them over and over, but let one black person tick another black person off in a black owned business and the black business owner will NEVER see that black person again?

    Monopolies in the black community would not exist if willie lynch was truly dead. He is still alive and kicking in most of us. Its sad but true………

    soul food resturants, clothing stores, beauty salons

    1. porsha says:

      Correction, I left the Cosmetology industry in 1992 and started in 1986.

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