Barcelona, Spain

Mood: Nauseous

We went on a scavenger hunt for an internet cafe and eventually found one. TECHNOLOGY! YAY! Everyone checked their emails and breathed a deep sigh of relief. The world was not ending (YAY!). More importantly, I finally know everyone’s updated Facebook status back in the States.

Then, we went to a grocery store and found liter boxes of wine (you know it must be classy when it comes in a box) for only 55 cents! Insane. Those wine boxes were tricky to open, however I guess 55 cents means they can’t include an “easy open pouch” like the juice boxes I enjoyed as an 8 year old.

That night, we went on a catamaran tour of the Barcelona coast. I have never done a boat tour like this before. It was enjoyable, but it was a bit windy. It was a great experience to see Spain from a view that didn’t require me to walk my butt off. However, I would like to give you a little tip. Small boats and waves mixed with cheap wine is not the best combination. It might lead to a bit of unexpected sea sickness that cannot be quickly overcome. There is a small chance I ended up learning that the hard way. At least the fish were fed.

Before we left we made sure to have a night out in Barcelona. We dressed up (which is no easy feat when 9 girls must share one bathroom – do the math) and headed out to a club called Mojito. It was a salsa club that was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Warning: Spaniards get a little touchy-feely on the dance floor. Firm boundaries must be set, because they will try and dance a little too closely. After a few hours of socializing and sweaty dancing we headed back to our sweaty apartment. Salsa dancing was a good decision. It is not something that one can easily come by in Georgia.

Now that we are all back in London I can safely announce some good news: We were all extremely conscious tourists. Not one of us was pick-pocketed! Go us!

Georgia Girl


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