Our first night out in London! It’s clubbing time!

Tonight a group of us went out for a night on the British town. Here, pubs are very popular all afternoon and evening, but they usually close before 12am. After that is when the real partying starts! Before getting ready, our group made sure to look up all the maps for the tube and the night buses in London in order to ensure us a safe, effective, and most importantly FREE ride to and from the club. (I love public transportation that enables everyone to have a good time!) Once that was settled, 10 of us got ready to go out. We ended up using the night bus there and back. Those are the infamous double-decker red buses and I love sitting on the top floor.

Just outside the club, we were immediately approached by a young guy who claimed, “Are you guys on the guest list? Because if not, I can get you a deal and get you in for 15 pounds.” Well, all you people out there who think I am naive and lack street smarts let me tell you how proud you should be of me. I did my research and knew ahead of time that there was only a cover charge of 5 pounds. So NO, I was not taken advantage of and I laughed at the guy. My friends and I blew past him and succeeded in getting into the club on the 5 pound cover charge as planned. I found it funny that the guy was trying to scam all of us but we did not believe any of his BS.

The club was cool, and just what I figured. It was a little small but there was a DJ, lights, and loud techno music. It was great. However girls, apparently the boys here have taken to the Jersey Shore craze. A lot of hair gel and deep v-neck tees were in sight. Also, the guys seemed to be scared of us. I guess there is something intimidating about a group of American girls all dancing in the middle of the dance floor.

I really enjoy the music here. There is a lot of techno and I can fist pump like a champ after watching Jersey Shore. I only do it in jest though. I am not into juice heads quite like Snooki is. I even took a try at the DJ tables! The DJ let me put on his headphones and everything. It was very exciting.

We left the club a few hours later and got home safely on the buses. All ten girls had a fun night together.


Georgia Girl


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