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  1. Sarah says:

    Derrick you were too funny with the stop clock on Stephen, I love my Bro Stephen, but he has got to know that he’ll not get you to co-sign onto any of his programs, as you have always said you do you and let me do me…I still say that Karen Greer and Monica Pearson ambushed Dr Hall while she was on her vacation…This woman was not going to say anything without her attorney present, so this was futile on their part trying to get this interview…Karen you’re my Soror, but you were wrong and should not have allowed yourself to be used by the power’s that be…Jihad was very much on point about why these seasoned reporters did not go to DC to get an interview from Nathan Deal when he was ran out of congress…These are all allegations against APS abd Dr Hall, no one was convicted and found guilty of any crimes, so lets temper all this outrage with mercy….

  2. The Black Falcon says:

    Most know the quote,”Evil exists because good men do nothing.”

    Which is more evil, the evil men that exist in the world or the good men that sit idly by and watch ?

    Or the men that make excuses for the evil that exist in the world.

    APS is in the “mess” that it is in because too many people (parent, educators, administrators) chose to do nothing in the face of wrong doing. Whether or not anyone is or will be convicted is just an aside. The fact of the matter is the some of the students at APS were not sufficient enough to meet grade level requirements on the CRCT, and that is a grave injustice.

    Now, some folks will blame Nathan Deal, Sunny Purdue, or any other white person they can think of. The FACTS are, Atlanta has been run by Black folk for a generation or longer. In that I maen the mayors, majority of the city council, majority of the school board, school chief(s), DA, police chiefs, have all been BLACK. What Black people of Atlanta and all around the country do not realize is just because you have Black elected officials, that does not mean your best interests will be served, especially if you are of the lower socio-economic status ilk. More times than not, Black officials will treat poor Blacks as bad if not worse than White officials. However, Black officials count on two things two occur: 1) Black folk will not hold them accountable because they are Black officials. It is far too easy for Black folk to blame whites. 2) Black folk will have reactionary “Moments” based solely on emotions and not “Movements” based on well thought out logic and reasoning.

    Since I do not believe in spouting out empty rhetoric, here is an example of what I am talking about. Remember the changes to the HOPE scholarship that everybody was so upset about. It was the talk of the town for about a week or so. Mostly Black students, especilly those of lower income, would be impacted by the changes. Sure, there were reactionary “moments” but nothing long-term. The threat of a boycott of the lottery was futile because most people know that the majority of Black folk wouldn’t stop playing the lottery if thier life depended on it.

    So this is where we are at as Black folk, and the reasosns I cited above are why we will remain where we are at. If history is best qualified to reward all research, I know that we can do better, the question is will we?

    1. Atlanta is like a plantation says:

      Some people enjoy being slaves Black Falcon. When people stop enjoying playing the victim then perhaps there will be a change.

    2. porsha says:

      Great post! And so very true, this is so very accurate on how we as a group act. Its as if we are stuck on “react” instead of just “act”. Once i noticed this same behaviour pattern within my own self, i made up in my mind that i would consciously act- physically MOVE to make change within my means. You dont have to have Bill Gates money to make a positive impact on someone elses life. We have to be the change that we seek in the world.

  3. SHAKKA says:

    @ Sarah and Black Falcon…

    enjoyed your comments…

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