ATLANTA (WAOK)-It is HOT outside and Fulton County has opened four cooling centers to help its residents, especially seniors, beat the heat! Temperatures are expected to remain in the 90’s throughout the week, reaching a predicted maximum temperature of 98 degrees between 4:00pm and 5:00pm. Authorities have opened the cooling stations to provide a cool and safe environment for seniors.

Fulton County Health Services offer the following tips for extreme heat exposure:

Know the signs for heat exhaustion: heavy sweating; paleness; muscle cramps; tiredness; weakness; dizziness; headache; nausea or vomiting; fainting; skin may be cool and moist; pulse rate fast and weak; breathing fast and shallow.  Heat stroke:  extremely high body temperature (above 103°F); red, hot, and dry skin (no sweating); rapid strong pulse; throbbing headache; dizziness and nausea.  Should these symptoms occur after exposure to heat, seek medical attention.

Authorities are urging people to call 770-993-1906 if they know of a North Fulton senior in need of transportation to one of the centers. For more information regarding center locations and services provided visit

The cooling service facilities are located at:

–          H.J.C. Bowden Senior Facility,2885 Church Street, East Point

–          Dorothy C. Benson Senior Complex,6500 Vernon Woods  Drive, Sandy Springs

–          Harriet G. Darnell Senior Facility,677 Fairburn Rd NW, Northwest Atlanta

–         Helene S. Mills Senior Center, 515 John Wesley Dobbs Avenue, Northeast Atlanta


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