ATLANTA (WAOK)-He served on the Atlanta Board of Education for seven years. At one time he even spoke on the possible cheating scandal before a year long investigation proved his suspicions correct.  Khaatim Sherrer El, one time Chairman of the Atlanta School Board handed in his resignation from the board Monday night. El, who represented District 2, was elected to the Atlanta Board of Education in 2003 becoming the youngest member to serve in the city’s history.  One year ago, El led a coup of the board to sound an alarm all was not right within APS. His concerns were fueled by what he called the blind loyalty to former School Superintendent Beverly Hall by some on the board. In a tearful farewell speech to fellow board members Monday night, Khaatim El announced his resignation and read from the following letter his thoughts on the end of a career of service to Atlanta Public Schools.

Dear neighbor and friend,

I struggled tonight at the Board meeting to find the words to express how I feel. I take no solace in knowing that my beliefs have been confirmed by the recent report issues by the State of Georgia. But in the end, whether right or wrong, the conclusion is the same –

I for one don’t want to see this Board go back to the so-called 2009 “Board of Excellence” because that Board failed to protect children who were cheated by this school district. That Board was told to stop asking questions and to stop visiting schools. In the end, that Board fell for a”micromanaging” ruse perpetrated upon it. Ultimately, it took civil disobedience to challenge the status quo and to get to this very uncomfortable, but necessary, day. With that said, I’m confident that this Board under Brenda Muhammad’s leadership and its new Superintendent Erroll Davis will coalesce and do what’s best for children.

It remains to be seen, however, whether the soul of Atlanta has been truly stirred – Atlanta is facing a genuine crisis of character, character that is decaying because of fear, intimidation and retaliation.

I believe three questions should haunt Atlanta for the foreseeable future:
Why was the cheating scandal so exclusively pronounced for some children and not for others (splitting sharply along racial lines) and yet equal in its mistreatment of the poor and disenfranchised? Why were these children – mostly low income and African-American – so cavalierly denied access to America’s promise?
How did we – the elected officials, business leaders, and the system itself – become complicit in, through our actions and in our silence, a deal with the Devil that sold out a generation of children for the sake of the city’s image and the district’s “perception of success?”
Who, in the end, benefited from this collusion?  Why did powerful people use their positions to punish those who dared to     speak out? Why was legislation created to expressly limit the voice of the electorate, the people? What was behind the decision to place into law a provision to “restrict the powers of the Board” as outlined in the APS Charter?

If Atlanta is lucky, these questions will force the community to confront a long overdue and difficult conversation about race, class and power. And while some people will proclaim that we must move forward now to put this episode behind us, for the sake of the kindergarten classes that starts next year and the year after that, Atlanta will have to be uncomfortable for a while before we can truly claim victory.

It has been said that “A man should be able to find an education by taking the broad highway. He should not have to take by-roads through the woods and follow winding trails through sharp thickets, in constant tension because of the pitfalls and traps, and after years of effort, perhaps obtain the threshold of his goal when he is past caring about it.” A parent right here in this auditorium demanded such; I just hope she was heard.

To my colleagues and for the courageous acts of Brenda Muhammad, Courtney English, Nancy Meister, and Yolanda Johnson you have demonstrated that against all odds, you will hold steadfast to your oath of office and act boldly when it comes to the welfare of children entrusted in your care. It is on your shoulders that this challenge now rests.

To my neighbors, friends and supporters, thank you. You gave me the voice to speakout, even when it was unpopular to do so. You demanded that I stand when others suggested I sit. Thank you, for the chance to serve, to grow, to learn, and the opportunity to do what’s right.

What I wasn’t able to do for children in Atlanta, I hope to accomplish in the city of Newark where I’ve been asked to help lead Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s contribution of $100M to turn around that city’s schools.

With that, I am announcing my resignation as a member of the Atlanta Board of Education, effective immediately at the adjournment of this meeting. The general counsel is prepared to brief the Board on the process for naming my successor to serve until the November municipal election.

Warmest regards,

Khaatim S. El

khaatim with kids160 pedspic Former Atlanta School Board Chair Khaatim El Resigns

El added upon parting that he was a victim like many others who sounded the alarm that “something was not right” with the APS.

El leaves his post with many supporters including Patrick Crabtree, an APS elementary school teacher and longtime advocate who lives in the southwest Atlanta district represented by El on the board who told AJC the “The board should have listened,” Crabtree said. “Khaatim S. El took a stand and the ‘powers to be’ came after him. This and previous boards should be ashamed for giving so much power and not monitoring [former Superintendent Beverly] Hall. An old saying comes to mind, ‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely.'”

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  1. Sarah says:

    This resignation was a moot point since Khaatim El had already accepted a position in New Jersey, so this over dramatization resignation gave a bad image to strong black men everywhere…If you did not do anything, why behave like a big crybaby? I see this as disgraceful behavior by a black man…We have the new APS interim superintendent going before predominantly white Atlanta Rotary Club, throwing APS under the bus and saying he will do massa’s bidding to get the negros back in line, Monica Pearson chasing down Dr Hall on vacation in Hawaii for an interview, this is just a bad minstrel show being played out at black children’s expense…

  2. sirwinston1941 says:

    Mr. El knew more than what he actually admit and was making such a grave touching statement. Because he did not do anything and never did until it was time for him to step down; making it seem like he was hurt. Dr. Hall herself have not been honest in the amount of payments she has been receiving since 1999-2009; and the monies is accounted for on papers and perhaps in her account. The payments she got extra including her annual payments is just overtaking! It move from 33,660 all the way to 2008-2009 to 78,115.82 All of these are bonuses. She has enough to afford the best lawyers and the best defense she can buy (or her money can buy). The patteran of what made these teachers cheat or was told to follow the lead is beyond reproach and any body knows that when you have a mass of 178 individuals involved; someone from the top knows what is happening and did not stop it; when a teacher brought this to the attention of the proper people, everything should have stoped and someone should from the top started an investigation. Rather, this mess went o for years until 2011; this is such a grave reflection on Dr. Hall and her staff for not getting out on the groud and seeing what those schools was actually doing; but if money was involved; the money took center stage rather than the education and walfare of the children in these schools. I keep reading the report and it is massive what these teacher are saying about how they were told what to do. It is a complete mess and it very disturbing. Dr. Hall and everyone involved should come to the table with all concerned and correct this mess; we are looking at thousands of children being hurt all because they was used to make “target”, instead of being educated in the right ways. This whle thing has to be huring on those involved hearts, if not, it should! We are now in a period where we have stained all public school and parent now are looking at private schools because there is not trust left in the Public School System here in Georgia. Is this a factor for all of the United States of America ‘s Public Schools?

    1. sirwinston1941 says:

      Please omit errors. Thanks

  3. HooDatIS? says:

    this is terrible those kids in atlanta deserve better

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